Treason Lobby Triumphant: Speaker Pelosi Boards Gutierrez Amnesty Express

St Anthony`s

Catholic Church
in San Francisco`s Mission district
rang with chants of

"Si se puede"

Saturday evening, as

Rep. Luis Gutierrez`s Magical Amnesty Tour
through town,

illegal alien sob stories in an

open bid
to undermine American law and sovereignty.

I was there.

And a surprise guest showed up to join in the message
of "No more
… none other than Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

in her home district.

Apparently the #3 person in Washington values a

worker amnesty
enough to spend her valuable time
supporting foreign lawbreakers.

She hugged the
appealing kiddies
who told family

sob stories
, chanted along with
se puede
, and condemned immigration officers
doing their jobs.

The audience, which I estimated to be around 300,
about 90 percent


Spanish speaking
, was thrilled.

The kids were the opening act of the evening after
preliminary prayers in Spanish for the long-suffering
Little nine-year old Ivan Torres led off, saying that he
wanted to be an

FBI agent
when he grows up…so he could catch the

"real criminals."

That argument was a main theme—that the kids` parents
were not bad guys, but were hard-working and valuable
members of society. The topics of job thievery,

identity theft
and the astronomical

employment loss of citizens
did not come up.

Incidentally, Ivan`s father has

not actually been deported
. But the family
worries that its breadwinner, an office

, might be


Even an imaginary sob story counts big in today`s
victimology-crazed liberal talking points. Ivan
"lives in fear"
according to the press—but whose fault is that?

Rep. Gutierrez delivered his spiel (well
practiced on his 16-city tour
), promising to appeal
to President Obama about the
of mixed families, as if plopping out a couple of

anchor babies
should put

lawbreaking parents outside the bounds of immigration

That notion would surprise the many inmates of
prisons throughout the country, who have been separated
from their children because of criminal prosecutions.

There was little local reporting of the event.
Pelosi`s appearance earlier that day promoting a

few dozen green jobs

might come
from Washington stimulus money got more

Without workplace immigration enforcement, thousands
citizens and legal immigrants would be out of work
But honesty about the illegal influx is rare among local
journalists of the Left Coast. Remember that the San
Francisco government makes

city ID cards available
to foreigners, and a
supervisor (David
) brags on his official website about being an
illegal alien.

Last year, the city

advertised its official sanctuary status
, so that
more lawbreakers would be aware of the generous
taxpayer-funded benefits available to them.

But even given the ultra-liberal environment, isn`t
it news when the Speaker declares her disdain for the
laws and sovereignty she has sworn to protect?


more than 4 million jobs lost since December 07
, the
Speaker should reasonably be expected to support citizen
workers first and foremost. But she does not. Her
constituents and the rest of America have a right to
know why not.

The San Francisco Chronicle produced the
requisite puff piece about the event,

Pelosi: End raids splitting immigrant families
[By Kelly Zito, March 8, 2009]

"House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi joined hundreds of families Saturday
evening at a church in San Francisco`s Mission District
demanding an end to the immigration raids and
deportations that separate


across the United States.

“Pelosi, who
has said securing U.S. borders is a top priority, used
the forum to call for a comprehensive immigration
program that recognizes the broad contributions
immigrants have made to the fabric of the country.

“`Our future
is about our children,` Pelosi told a crowd of mostly
Latino families at St. Anthony`s Church.”

A more accurate description of what
Speaker Pelosi said would be far more incendiary than
the Chron`s
milquetoast account. She enthusiastically supported an
end to workplace immigration enforcement, despite the
millions of Americans who desperately need jobs. She
accepted illegal aliens` accounts of arrests as being
, rather than accepting enforcement
officers` professionalism. She apparently sees no
difference between legal immigrants and illegal aliens.
She stood onstage and cheerfully joined in chants of
se puede
—which in illegal alien gatherings is
normally understood to mean amnesty and maximum freebies
for all.

Below is a snip from a

transcript of Pelosi`s remarks
, as patiently
transcribed by

Rick Oltman
, the spokesman for
Californians for
Population Stabilization
. He also went undercover to
witness the Gutierrez road show and record the event,
now viewable on YouTube,

Part 1

Part 2

"Forgive me for not being able to speak to you in Spanish. I want to join
all of you in welcoming my colleague

Congressman Gutierrez
to San Francisco. As he…
[applause] As he said, he`s on a nationwide tour that
goes on and on across the country, lobbying for and
advocate for

comprehensive immigration policy

“And yes, a fair policy
for everyone to stop the raids. To stop the raids.

You are a

special people
. You`re here on a Saturday night to
take responsibility for our country`s future. That makes
you very, very patriotic. Because, our future is about
our children.

“When our country came
together, the very beginning of the country, they said
it was a new order for the ages, a forum for the ages.
And they knew that would be true because every
generation would take responsibility for the next
generation to make the country better. And that became
true because the American Dream drew people to our
shores and when they came and when your parents and
families came, whether it was yesterday or four
centuries ago, and when my

ancestors came from Italy
with their hopes and their
dreams and their aspirations and determination for a
better future for your family, that optimism, that hope,
that courage, that determination of immigrants of your
families when you arrived here, making America more

“You brought with you
your tradition of family values, of faith, of community,
of responsibility.

“How then could America
say it`s ok to send

parents of children away
? What value system is that?
I think it`s un-American. I think it`s un-American.

“I want to join Luis
Gutierrez in saluting the families for their courage,
for their generosity and spirit, of spirit, to share
their stories.

“Ivan, and Guadalupe and
Yvette, for sharing their stories about their families
…because no

politician`s speeches
will ever be as eloquent as
their personal testimony about what their family has

“Who in our country,
in our country, could not be

moved by their stories
? Who in our country
would not want to change a policy of kicking in doors in
the middle of the night and sending a parent away from
their families?

“It must be stopped. It must be stopped. "

You can watch a brief snippet of
Pelosi`s passionate presentation at the church on

this video clip
. She remarked to a reporter:
"We must stop the raids; they`re un-American. Just the idea that the
stories we heard of people kicking in doors in the
middle of the night, deporting fathers, separating them
from their children… it`s un-American."

As Rick Oltman remarked after the church performance:
"It was shocking to see the

third in line for the Presidency
telling illegal
aliens they were

for taking responsibility for our
country`s future."

Indeed, the whole evening was a disorienting trip
through the looking glass—where the normal assumptions
of American society were reversed.

In the Pelosi alternate universe, illegal aliens are
US patriots and the law enforcement officers who protect
our safety from Mexican cartel thugs are


Of course, if there`s no immigration enforcement,
then the Amnesty Express won`t need

Brenda Walker (email
her) lives in Northern California and publishes
two websites,
. Being among Speaker
Pelosi and her reprobate friends reminded her of the
Star Trek episode ("Mirror,
), in which a transporter malfunction
sends Captain Kirk and the Enterprise to a parallel
opposite reality where evil is openly embraced and the
crew meets their depraved counterparts. It was the
episode where

First Officer Spock had a goatee
—nearly everyone
remembers that part.