The Washington Snipers: A Revolutionary Wind Is Blowing

As the Washington Sniper case
reached its climax, we at VDARE.COM received volleys of
updating reader emails, virtually all of which said the
same thing:

Of course, THEY – the Conservative
Establishment Immigration Enthusiasts – would now send
this embarrassing development straight down the

Memory Hole
—as they did with the

Nebraska Bank Killers
, the

9/11 attacks



Right on cue, Opinion Journal`s

waddled in (October 25).


Columnist Michelle Malkin reports that John Lee Malvo,
Muhammad`s young acolyte, is

“`an illegal alien from Jamaica who jumped ship in Miami
in June 2001.` Border Patrol agents picked up Malvo and
his mother, Uma Sceon James, and James `admitted that
six months earlier, she and her son were passengers on a
cargo ship that was filled with illegal asians`
[sic]…The Border Patrol recommended that the Immigration
and Naturalization Service detain the pair pending

“That`s not what
happened. About a month after their arrest, Malvo and
his mother were set free by the Seattle district
INS–contrary to what the arresting Border Patrol
officers had determined should be done. And in clear
violation of federal law regarding the removal of
illegal alien stowaways.”

Malkin`s report is certainly damning about the INS.
Before the nativists on Pat Buchanan`s payroll go
berserk on us, however, we`d like to point out that
Muhammad, the senior member of the pair, is a U.S.
citizen, born in Louisiana.

“On Pat Buchanan`s payroll” is presumably a reference
to the Buchanan-backed

American Conservative
Magazine, which got under
Tarantoad`s warts in its first issue by publishing my

pointing out that his immigration enthusiasm
is directly responsible for the policies that have
allowed aliens to enter the U.S. and

murder citizens
, as searingly

in Michelle Malkin`s book


At the Wall Street Journal
Ed Page, of course, they are not motivated by anything
as capitalistic as payrolls. They are all religious
fanatics, political ideologues and/or agents of a
foreign power.

Still, the Tarantoad has to concede
gracelessly that 50% of the snipers were illegal
immigrants. Now let`s see how he processes this news:

“Kithlyn Nedd, 39, a
mechanic on Antigua who said he shared the house with
Muhammad, said in an interview today that Muhammad made
money by selling fraudulent documents to Caribbean
island citizens and others who wanted to enter the
United States.”

“`Antigua`s prime
minister, Lester B. Bird, and the island`s police
commissioner, Truehart Smith, said last week that
Muhammad and another man were under investigation there
but would not disclose why. In an interview today, Smith
acknowledged that the probe concerns possible
immigration fraud. `My men are investigating that
[Muhammad] allegedly engaged in that activity,` Smith

(“Sniper Suspect Indicted In Virginia,” by Cheryl W.
Thompson, Serge F. Kovaleski, and Josh White, The Washington

October 28, 2002

In other words, John Allen Muhammed
may have been an

illegal alien smuggler,
a trade that has developed
exactly because the

Wall Street Journal
and other immigration
enthusiasts in the

Treason Lobby
have demoralized

American public officials
to the point where they
are afraid to

enforce the law.

More than a week ago, VDARE.COM
received this from a reader, which we set up as a

Today`s Letter
but never actually posted. (This
happens a lot, alas.)

Paul Mendez

consider forwarding this email to any of your writers
who might like to do an "expose" on Montgomery County
Police Chief Charles Moose. I believe he is so
thoroughly PC—if not outright anti-white—that he is
botching the search for the sniper(s) that have killed 9
people. His PC attitude has probably cost several lives
by now—and who knows how many more in the coming days.

I live in the D.C.
suburbs. The first sniper attack took place 2 blocks
away from where I live. So I have been following this
tragedy closely.

I have been critical of Moose long before the sniper
attacks started.

you must realize that Moose was

for his non-whiteness. Montgomery County is
one of the richest counties in the country, but also has
a lot of Latino immigrants. The last police chief had
the audacity to actually crack down on crime which
was—surprise, surprise—committed largely by Latinos. So
the Latino community screamed "discrimination" and
muttered loudly about wouldn`t it be a shame if there
was a riot as a result of this disrespect. So the scared
white county leadership hired Moose to

smooth things over
. He`s a PR stunt, not a
police chief.

8, 2001 there was a town hall meeting in Rockville, MD
about the county`s response to 9-11. It was shown on
local cable (Channel 8, I believe). If one could find a
copy of that tape, one would hear…

1) Moose lecture the
audience that 9-11 wasn`t the first time Americans
suffered from terrorism. Before 9-11 the Klan blew up
little girls in Birmingham because it didn`t agree with
the US government`s positions. He seems to be gloating
that now it`s white peoples` turn to know how scared
blacks felt back in the

Jim Crow South.
Just like we defeated the Klan
without stigmatizing all white people, he says, so we
will defeat terrorism without stigmatizing all Muslims.

Moose bragging that the FIRST THING he did when he heard
about 9-11 was to "reach out to our Muslim community and
make sure they felt safe." He brags how he sent patrol
cars to the

and community centers to protect them. NEVER
does he mention doing ANYTHING to protect Americans
against additional

that might be out there. Clearly, in a
time of national crisis, Moose`s first instinct was to
protect the poor pitiful minorities against the
bigoted rednecks
of Montgomery County. (Not that we
have any more rednecks!)

3) When Yours Truly asks
his Congresswoman what—if anything—was going to be done
to identify and deport the millions of illegal aliens
already in the US, Moose jumps in to say that
immigration is a federal issue and his police

don`t inquire
about a person`s immigration status.
He has instructed his police to give the same level of
courteous service to all county RESIDENTS.

…there is plenty of
evidence that Moose deliberately overlooked the
potential threat of illegal aliens in our county for at
least a year, and failed to inform the population about
the race of the sniper(s) because of his distrust
(dislike? hatred?) of whites…

don`t know Mr. Mendez, although we owe him an apology
for our tardiness.

Nevertheless, whoever he is, his instincts were better
than the entire media establishment – including, of
course, the “conservative” Wall Street Journal.


Bob Dylan,
a Victorian poet, you don`t need to be a
weatherthing to see which way the wind is blowing—that
this is a revolutionary situation.

October 28, 2002