The Slaughter on the Southern Border

At a joint press conference with
Mexican President Felipe Calderon last year, President
Obama vowed to make ending border violence a
"top priority."

How`s that hope and change working

Drug-related crime
is out of control, the State
Department is warning spring-break vacationers to avoid
the Mexican states of Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua,
and the bloodshed has now reached the U.S. consulate`s

A young American consulate worker
and her unborn baby were

slain this weekend in Mexico,
along with her U.S.
detention officer husband and the Mexican husband of
another consulate worker. The wanton murders appear to
have been a coordinated drug cartel hit; the victims had
all just left a children`s birthday party in Juarez and
were headed across the border back into Texas. The
pregnant American official, Lesley Enriquez, is
reportedly the first consulate employee to die in
drug-related violence since 1985. Her 7-month-old
daughter, terrorized by the gunfire while strapped in
her car seat, was the lone survivor of the attack.

The State Department has now
authorized the evacuation of dependents of U.S.
personnel in six Mexican cities along its northern
border with the U.S. And the resort town of

saw at least

13 murdered over the past week
—including four
beheadings. The total death toll over the past three
years is nearing 20,000.

Mexican government officials have
been quite content to blame their neighbors for the
outbreaks; to play the race card; to demand blanket
amnesty for illegal aliens from their country trying to
flee the violence and misery; and to collect massive
infusions of U.S. aid that have fallen into the wrong

The question for this White House
is: How many more Americans will be targeted for
execution before we stop

rewarding such fatally arrogant behavior?

Reminder: With bipartisan support,
the Bush administration handed over $1.6 billion to help
Mexico control its border chaos in 2008. The
crime-fighting package known as the
funded helicopters, surveillance equipment, computer
infrastructure, the expansion of intelligence databases,
anti-corruption initiatives, human rights education and
training, and an anti-money laundering program for our
southern neighbors.

President Obama accelerated the
release of Merida Initiative cash to Mexico and tossed
even more taxpayer funding into the mix. All of this
while our own
border enforcement initiatives
have been
or completely abandoned.

Critics of the Merida Initiative

yours truly
) warned that lax oversight would lead to
inevitable plundering of the money by corrupt Mexican
government officials and more unabated bloodshed.
Calderon cried
and demanded that the aid be forked over
with no strings attached:

"Give it to me.
And give it to me without conditions,"
he told

Well, who`s watching over the
program now? Who`s measuring its success or failure?
Judging from the endless pile of corpses and horrific
headlines, the Merida Initiative has turned out to be a
boon and a boondoggle for the Mexican thugocracy. The
civilian police force is

notoriously under the thumb
of the drug networks
across the country. Infiltrators have penetrated at all

The Brookings Institution

two years ago:

"Multiple Federal agencies have earned a reputation for ineffectiveness
and corruption; among them, the Attorney General`s
Federal Investigative Agency, the Ministry of Public
Security`s Federal Preventive Police Force, the Ministry
of Government`s Center for Investigation and National
Security and the Ministry of Finance`s Customs
Administration. … State security agencies and the courts
have not protected the citizenry effectively. According
to surveys carried out by Transparencia Mexicana, the
police and justice system are perceived as having worse
problems of corruption and inefficiency than other
public agencies."
Merida Initiative: Time for a Healthy Public Debate
Brookings Institute, November 6, 2007]

Yet, Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton says the lesson of this weekend`s killing spree
is that the U.S. needs to work even closer with the
Calderon administration—and at least one
Democrat in Texas,
Henry Cuellar, is calling for a
second Merida Initiative package.

This is a recipe for an even
bloodier Mexican Drug Cartel Stimulus Package.

If you subsidize it, you`ll get
more of it.




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