The Naked Emperor: Immigration Cannot Save Social Security

Not the least of the problems that mass immigration
inflicts on the Americans whose nation the immigrants

is how it affects the creaking Social
Security system. The Open Borders lobby holds that
immigration will save the system – a claim peddled by

Wall Street Journal
and various professional

Open Borders

But, like most of claims of the Open Borders lobby,
this one isn`t true either.

A new study by economist

John Attarian
, a Ph.D. in economics from the
University of Michigan and a free-lance writer, takes
the untruth apart in a new monograph, "Immigration:
Wrong Answer for Social Security," available from

Americans for Immigration Control.

Anyone who thinks mass immigration will support us in
our old age needs to read it through.

One of the major myths comes from Open Borders activist

Stephen Moore
, formerly of the libertarian

Cato Institute
. In 1998 Mr. Moore came out with a
study that laid the basic building block of what would
soon become an entire pyramid of unexamined assumptions
and untested assertions.

The argument is that, since the American population is
aging and a smaller generation of taxpayers will be contributing
to the Social Security funds in the future, only vast
numbers of immigrants can save us from ruin.  Mr. Moore
argued that immigration was already "keeping Social
Security afloat"
and, as Dr. Attarian writes,
"that an increase of annual net immigration would raise
immigration`s revenue contribution to $2,148 billion.
Therefore, immigration would be crucial to any solution
to Social Security`s problems."

But, Dr. Attarian points out, Mr. Moore`s study is

It "rests on a confusion of three totally
unrelated concepts,"
"employs an unsound method"
that mixes up present-day monetary values with others
corrected for inflation, and – probably most important –
comes up with calculations that don`t even add up.

For the period 1998-2072, the Social Security deficit
is projected to be some $16 trillion, but "Increasing
annual immigration to one million
[as Mr. Moore
advocates] would increase revenue by 0.9 percent and
reduce the deficit by just 3.0 percent. The inescapable
conclusion is that immigrants are hardly `keeping Social
Security afloat,` and that massive increases in immigration
will not do much to save it."

Mr. Moore is not the only Open Borders advocate to claim
that immigration will save Social Security.

Ben Wattenberg
, long a boomer of virtually
bottomless immigration, has written that mass
immigration "is the easy solution to the Social
Security crisis"
because it increases the population
of working adults who pay taxes.

Mr. Wattenberg thinks that if we "doubled our
annual net immigration … it would reduce Social
Security`s deficit by 28 percent,"
a claim even more
extreme than the flawed projections of Mr. Moore.

Dr. Attarian pinpoints the arithmetic fallacies in Mr.
Wattenberg`s calculations but also points out that the
argument is "simplistic, because it assumes that
immigration has only one, positive effect on Social
Security`s outlook: immigrants take jobs and pay Social
Security benefits."  

In fact, mass immigration, at current levels and even
more so at the level Mr. Wattenberg wants, would
"affect things like labor productivity and wages,"

which are likely to decline. Since Social Security is
financed by taxes on labor incomes, its revenues would
decline as well.

"Furthermore," Dr. Attarian
writes, "the majority of immigrants have little
education and low skills, and work in menial,
poorly-paid jobs. Such immigrants are necessarily poor
Social Security taxpayers, which implies that adding
many more of them is unlikely to save the program."

The Wattenberg thesis, he reasons, is without merit.

"The case for increasing immigration to save Social
Dr. Attarian concludes, "is illusory,"
and the unexamined faith in mass immigration is in fact
a "naked emperor." 

Moreover, a "massive increase in America`s
like that the Open Borders pushers
demand "would calamitously overload our

and resources like water, land and

Aside form the social and cultural damage
that would ensue, the economy itself would be harmed and
potential revenues for Social Security diminished still

Of course, the Open Borders lobby cares

nothing for the environment
and it really cares
nothing for Social Security either.  The libertarians
and free marketeers pretending to fret about the future
of the program have typically advocated its abolition

What the Open Borders lobby really cares about
is immigration pure and simple — to bring in cheap
labor to

drive down
the wages of American workers, and

import a new electorate
that can be manipulated into
supporting its candidates.

The "saving Social Security" myth is simply
one more fairy tale invented by the advocates of mass
immigration to lull the rest of the country to sleep. 

If more Americans take a look at Dr.
Attarian`s impressive dissection of the fairy tale, they
may start waking up before they lose their country and
their future.



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