The Gangstas In My Neighborhood

The peaceful suburbs of Washington, D.C., are
beginning to look and feel like

East Los Angeles
. The violent illegal alien gang

Mara Salvatrucha
(or MS-13) has thoroughly
penetrated the region—and its murderous members continue
to be aided and abetted by reckless government officials
at every level who refuse to enforce our immigration

As I`ve reported
over the past year
, MS-13 is the most notorious
criminal alien gang enterprise on  the American
landscape. The Justice Department`s (belated) summer
crackdown on the crime racket has resulted in the arrest

515 MS-13 gang members
who will be prosecuted for
criminal cases and/or deported (many after having
re-entered the country illegally despite multiple
convictions and deportations).

At the local malls in Montgomery County, Md., where I
live, gang stabbings are increasingly common. Earlier
this summer, a


knifing attacks
involving reputed

MS-13 gangsters
took place at a nearby

Target store
. Yes,

—where the only fights that shoppers
should have to worry about are the tug-of-war spats
between soccer moms battling over Sonia Kashuk makeup
bags on sale in Aisle 2.

MS-13 thugs are packing weapons far more lethal than
blush brushes. The

El Salvador-based
syndicate has a

special love affair

. Last week, a jury convicted one MS-13
member for a machete attack at a Fairfax County, Va.,
movie theater. The brutal crime left a

rival gang member with three severed fingers
. If
MS-13 limited its violence to killing off its
competitors, maybe the rest of us could afford to shrug
off the illegal alien gang takeover of the mid-Atlantic
corridor. But innocents from


have been caught up in the violence and cops
are in the crosshairs as well.

Last year, area law enforcement officials issued a
warning that MS-13 was planning to ambush Montgomery
Count, Md., cops during service calls. In June, I
obtained leaked unclassified intelligence from the
Federal Bureau of Investigations-Norfolk, Va., division
reporting on a similar gang order issued in the
Tidewater, Va., area:

“Reporting by a reliable
Norfolk source indicates MS-13 members are planning to
randomly attack local law enforcement officers in the
Tidewater area. Threats of this nature have been termed
by gang members as “green light” notices. Green light
notices have continued to increase, prompting the
Virginia Gang Association to issue warnings to law
enforcement in Virginia and the surrounding states…

… Additional source
information indicates local MS-13 members are equipped
with weapons and ballistic vests.”

The gang is also infamous for “green lighting”
potential prosecution witnesses,

including Brenda Paz
—an MS-13 member stabbed to
death and dumped in the Shenandoah River in 2003 by
gangsters while under federal protection as she prepared
to testify against them.

Federal prosecutors earned praise last week for
dramatic raids and grand jury indictments against 19
alleged, suburban Washington-area MS-13 members accused
of participating in the beating death of a man at a
cemetery; a drive-by shooting that killed a boy; the
kidnapping of two girls, one of whom was murdered; a
daytime shooting at a high school; and stabbings and
fatal shootings of rival gang members, according to the

Washington Post
feds are using

racketeering laws
to target the criminals.

The Post editorial board lauded the move
a moment to soon
they opined), but using RICO
laws against MS-13 is a rather convoluted solution to
our underlying homeland security problems:

unguarded borders
, lack of

illegal alien detention space
, failure to track
criminal illegal aliens, and a

deportation system in shambles
. On these matters,

—like most

mainstream media heavyweights
and Beltway elites—has
little if anything to say.

And here, as elsewhere, while politicians pay lip
service to protecting the public, they look the other
way as illegal alien gang members get

driver`s licenses
,go to

(where they freely recruit new members), and
congregate at taxpayer-subsidized
illegal alien day labor centers
—where local police
are discouraged from

inquiring about immigration status

reporting suspected illegal aliens
to the

Department of Homeland Security

Immigration schizophrenia is lethal. It`s spreading.
And may be, soon enough, coming to a Target near you.

Michelle Malkin [email
her] is author of

Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists,
Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores

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