The Fulford File, By James Fulford

Happy Birthday, Constitution. What Was That About “Our Posterity”? Etc.

National Public Radio`s Garrison Keillor recently

V.Dare`s birthday
in his Writer`s Almanac. Now
(September 17) he reminds us that it`s the

birthday – the

216th anniversary
of its presentation in
Independence Hall in Philadelphia. (You can read
Keillor`s Writer`s Almanac piece

or listen to him recite the

 to the Constitution


But Keillor didn`t note what we noted in


“The preamble to the
U.S. Constitution says its purpose is “to form a more
perfect union…
[for] ourselves and our
– the
Founders` posterity
, not posterity in

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Linda Chavez`s Border Control Plan

Linda Chavez, quoting

Robert Frost`s
famous line about fences and
neighbors, has endorsed stern border control measures,
including the construction of a huge fence to keep out
illegal border crossers, who may be


Of course, the fence that Ms Chavez endorses is being
built in Israel, not on America`s southern border. [Keep
building the wall,
Linda Chavez,,
September 17, 2003]

She`s no doubt right about the Israeli fence. But is
she going to follow this up with a column endorsing

a similar fence
to prevent Mexicans invading, and

, the United States?

It doesn`t seem


Chavez has a further suggestion about

untrustworthy foreign labor:

And Israel would be
better off not depending on Palestinian labor in the
future. If Israel must import labor, why not do so from
countries like Mexico, or Guatemala, or El Salvador,
whose workers have already demonstrated their
willingness to take

enormous risks
and travel

great distances
in search of jobs?

And the Israelis wouldn`t even have to go to South
America to recruit workers: the US has more illegal


, and

than it knows what to do with. With a

from the INS, this would solve a couple
of major problems.

If Mexico suffered a labor shortage as a result, the
US would be able to help out by

sending them refugees
from, say, the

Gaza Strip.
Then everybody would be happy. 

Wouldn`t they?

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Another Important Border

President Bush`s Iraq reconstruction bill includes

$5 billion for security, including border guards,
customs and training a new army.”
Do you know
what $5 billion could do to guard the U.S. border?

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