The Death Of Bin Laden; The Death Of America

News outlets all
over America have repeatedly announced the government
story that Navy SEALS recently killed Al Qaeda terrorist
leader Osama bin Laden in a

palatial "safe
in Pakistan.
But, of course, government
photos of the dead bin Laden will not be released to the
public for fear of inciting animosity among bin Laden`s
militant Muslim followers–as if the announcement that he
had been killed wouldn`t be enough to enrage them! And,
furthermore, the body of bin Laden was quickly buried at
sea out of
for Muslim tradition that one has a speedy
burial. But no mention is made, of course, as to why his
body could not have been buried. Were all nearby
cemeteries filled? And the question,
"Why were the
rest of the dead bodies of the other Muslims who were
killed in the raid also not buried at sea?"
neither been asked nor answered. The media simply keeps
regurgitating the announcement that Navy SEALS killed
bin Laden. And, of course, the one thing a burial at sea
accomplishes is it circumvents any attempt by
independent sources to confirm the true identity of bin
Laden via a post burial examination.

Is Osama bin
Laden really dead? I don`t think there is any question
about it. In fact, bin Laden has been dead for several
years. If readers will recall, this is the latest of
several announcements by various government spokesmen
that Osama bin Laden left the land of the living. As
respected researcher Joel Skousen notes in his latest
World Affairs
no less than 9 public announcements of bin
Laden`s demise have been made spanning the years

For example, on
January 18, 2002, the Pakistani President declared,
"I think now,
frankly, he [bin Laden] is dead."

In October 2002,
Afghan President Hamid Karzai told CNN,
"I would come to
believe that [bin Laden] probably is dead."

In November of
2005, Senator Harry Reid revealed that he was told Osama
may have died in October of that year.

In September of
2006, French intelligence leaked a report suggesting
Osama had died in Pakistan.

In March of
2009, noted military and intelligence analyst Angelo
Codevilla stated,
"All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama
bin Laden."

And in May of
2009, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari said,
"I`ve said before
that he [bin Laden]–I don`t think he`s alive." He also
said the head of US intelligence told him they [the US]
hadn`t heard from Osama bin Laden in 7 years so they
presumed him dead."

Skousen also
points out the fact that it is unfathomable that bin
Laden could have remained alive and hiding out in caves
and primitive safe houses for an extended period of
time, because it was a well known fact that he suffered
from acute kidney disease that required almost daily
usage of a dialysis machine (which was NOT present in
the home where the US government claimed he was shot).
US intelligence personnel surely knew that bin Laden was
treated at the American Hospital in Dubai in July of
2001 by Dr. Terry Callaway, and that CIA station chief
Larry Mitchell met bin Laden in the hospital during the
time he was admitted. In fact, French television and the
Agence France Presse reported that bin Laden was
hospitalized between July 4th and 14th of that year.

See Joel
Skousen`s web site

I certainly do
not doubt that Navy SEALS killed someone during that
raid. In all likelihood, it was a bin Laden look-alike
who had outlived his usefulness. The official story of
the raid has changed so many times and has so many holes
in it, it is an embarrassment to the US national press
corps that they have carried the story
"as is" in
such a careless and unprofessional manner. But, then
again, the national press corps has been little more
than a national propaganda machine for the federal
government for decades, anyway. So, why should this
story be any different?

At this point, I
encourage readers to check out the
following report
that chronicles some of the more obvious discrepancies
and laughable explanations of the government`s official
story (or more appropriately, stories).

So, the obvious
question that needs to be asked is,
"What is to be
gained by the announcement of this raid in which Osama
bin Laden was supposedly killed?"

For one thing,
this is going to make it extremely difficult for
Republicans to beat President Barack Obama in the 2012
elections. Immediately following the raid`s
announcement, Obama`s approval rating soared by almost
25 percentage points. And with an extremely weak GOP
Presidential field (believe it or not, Republican
Congressman Ron Paul actually fares better head-to-head
against Obama than any other Republican candidate–but
the Powers That Be (PTB) within the propaganda media and
the GOP establishment will do everything in their power
to prevent Paul from gaining the nomination), the
"bin Laden
makes Obama almost unbeatable. As Skousen
astutely asked, how many terrorists have Gingrich, Palin,
or Huckabee killed?

However, the
thing that benefits the most from this raid is America`s
emerging police state, which is now strategically
positioned to take another giant leap forward.

With bin Laden
now declared
the US government will have to find another
excuse to continue the
"War On Terrorism." Will US forces now pull out of Afghanistan? Not
on your life! Literally! US forces are permanently
embedded in the Middle East. They are never coming home.
In fact, the US 2nd Marine Division is on alert for an
insertion into Libya, and US attacks against Syria are
soon to follow.

All the PTB need
now is another 9/11-style attack, and the architects
that are drawing up plans for America becoming a
Gestapo-style police state will be free to launch their
evil machinations almost at will. And revenge for the
death of bin Laden will be the reason provided to the
American public that will convince them to accept this
next round of attacks against the Bill of Rights and
America`s liberties.

While Americans
are rejoicing over the death of Osama bin Laden, they
need to be infuriated at the death of America, because
that is what this so-called
"War on Terror"
is accomplishing.

Dr. Chuck Baldwin recently left the Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola,
Florida to move to Montana. He hosts a

weekly radio show
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