The Bush Bust: We (Ahem!) Told You So!

The Bush Administration is currently imploding on
multiple fronts.

Well, either that or

make them all legal aliens
. Or something. The
details haven`t all been revealed yet. But, after all,
if you

can`t trust George W. Bush
to enforce the
immigration laws …

Having burned his base on

border security
for nearly five years—and for over
four years

since 9/11!
—nobody seems willing to give Bush any
more credence.

  • The President
    clearly wants to start a wag-the-dog war with


    over their


    control their borders
    (while desiring to reward
    Mexico for the same thing). But the public`s
    patience with Bush`s grand strategy of
    Invite-the-World-Invade-the-World is at an all time

Bush`s approval rating continues its

natural course downward
, now descending into deeply
negative territory.

  • Karl Rove, the

    alleged brains
    of the operation, and Scooter
    Libby, for

    15 years a lawyer
    for international conman

    Marc Rich
    and for the last five years
    chief-of-staff for Vice President Cheney, are
    sweating out the possibility of indictment.

  • Bush`s attempt to
    elevate his undistinguished

    former personal lawyer
    Harriet Miers to the
    Supreme Court has been greeted with derision even by
    many of his most sycophantic supporters at outlets

    National Review.

Here at we`d like to take this opportunity to

We told you so.

For years, since well before 9/11, we`ve been a rare
independent voice telling you that George W. Bush, Karl
Rove, and the whole gang were men of both poor character
and poor judgment.

knew that they were interested neither in what

was good for the American people
, nor

about what was what was good for the

Republican Party.

Because their immigration policy has always been

But the
mainstream media was too biased on the topic to notice.

Washington press corps wants

cheaper nannies,
pool guys, and

. And if the laws of the land have to be spit
upon and the American working class pauperized to get
them, well, that`s a sacrifice the media class is
willing to make.

Here at, we immediately pointed out that Bush`s

Open Borders
plan of

January 7, 2004
was not just an

amnesty for current illegal aliens,
but an
invitation to all six billion foreigners on Earth to
move to America if they could obtain a job offer at

$5.15 per hour
. (The minimum wage…for now.)

But the
rest of the media barely mentioned the most radical plan
to social engineering this nation ever proposed by a
United States President. 

Bush Administration has presided over an unprecedented
four consecutive years of increases in the poverty rate.
But you`ll almost never see the word "immigration"
appear in articles about the economy. Ed Rubenstein of has been alone in documenting that a

ridiculous fraction
of the all the

new jobs in the economy
have gone to

illegal immigrants.

just wait for Bush`s taxpayer-financed dollar rebuilding
of New Orleans by illegal immigrants. That iconic
American city will become a

permanent outpost of Mexico

don`t expect Bush to learn any lessons form his current
travails. Even if he is forced to kick Rove to the curb,
Bush`s personal obsession with Mexicanizing America will


AP reported Friday

"The consulting firm
jointly headed by one possible Rove replacement, GOP
strategist Ed Gillespie, has begun considering how
Gillespie`s clients might be reassigned if he were
tapped for a White House assignment and how to handle
the other ramifications of a White House move."

is one of the

chief bagmen
for the campaign Bush launched this
summer to shake down

big corporations
for up to

his open borders campaign.

The Bush family has long been on

terms of intimacy
with their counterparts in

corrupt power elite

Like many of us, they look to Latin America and see
America`s future.

Unlike the rest of us, the Bushes seem to like what they

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