The Anti-Defamation League And La Raza: Old Dogs, Old Tricks


Anti-Defamation League
just issued a new report

Extremists Declare
`Open Season` on Immigrants; Hispanics Target of
Incitement and Violence


According to ADL National Chairman Abraham H. Foxman


"It is time to

shine the spotlight
on those who have seized upon
the immigration debate as an opportunity to advance
their agenda of

, bigotry and white supremacy.”

Yep, the ADL says the

recent immigration debate
is causing an upsurge in
violence against Hispanics:

the public debate over immigration reform has taken
center-stage in American politics and public life, white
supremacists, neo-Nazis and other racists have declared
`open season` on immigrants…”

More to
the point:

a result, to a level unprecedented in recent years,

Latino immigrant population
has become the primary
focus of hateful and racist rhetoric and extreme
violence—aided, abetted and encouraged by America`s
white supremacist and racist haters.”

The ADL report included examples of

“racist rhetoric”

“extreme violence.”

(Once again, these are examples from the ADL report…i.e.
not necessarily accurate, if you know what I`m
saying. I`m not suggesting that these crimes did not
occur, I am only questioning whether the crime was
really motivated by racism.)

Here are a few,

starting with the most recent:

  • January 2006,
    California—Ryan Nicholas Newsome, a member of the
    Another Order
    white supremacist gang, pleaded no
    contest for assaulting a Hispanic man.

  • December 2005,
    Tennessee—Jacob Allen Reynolds and Thomas Matthew
    broke windows and a refrigerator, vandalized a car,
    and spray-painted Nazi symbols on a Mexican food

  • November 2005,
    Texas—Christopher Chubasco Wilkins, a

    prison escapee
    , killed two Hispanic men and one
    African-American man by gunshots to the head.

the police are examining a possible racial motive
in Wilkins case.)

  • November 2005,
    Tennessee—Former Klansman Daniel James Schertz was

    to 14 years in prison for selling pipe
    bombs to a person he

    would use them to kill Mexican and
    Haitian immigrants. 

  • September 2005,
    Utah—A white inmate

    tried to kill
    a Hispanic inmate.

  • July 2005,
    California—Four people, three men and one woman,
    were arrested in Riverside, California and charged
    with making terrorist threats with a hate crime
    enhancement.  They drove to the home of a Hispanic
    person and apparently challenged him to a fight.

  • May 2005,
    Arizona—White supremacist Steve Boggs was

    sentenced to death
    on May 13, 2005, for
    murdering three fast-food workers in Mesa, Arizona,
    in 2002 during a robbery.  According to the ADL,
    Boggs said he “rid the world of a few illegals.”

  • February 2003,
    Oregon—A Mexican landscaper in Beaverton was beaten
    with a baseball bat, robbed, and told to "go back
    home," by a man with a shaved head and a coat with "KKK"
    on it. 

Hmm…remember, the ADL report said
the public debate over

immigration reform
has taken center-stage in
American politics… America`s Latino immigrant population
has become the primary focus of hateful and

racist rhetoric
and extreme violence.”

But the
most recent example of a hate crime against a Hispanic
was last January…before that there were a handful
in 2005, 2004 and one in 2003.

Congressional debate didn`t even begin until December
2005—just six months ago.

So if
we include only the crimes committed since

the debate began in Congress
—you know, because the
ADL is citing this as the cause of increased violence
against Hispanics—there are only two (2).

two (2) incidents.

Would anybody consider that enough evidence to declare
Hispanics the
“primary focus of racist rhetoric and extreme violence”? 

I mean, anybody other than the ADL…

Or perhaps the ADL is admitting (unknowingly) that
racially-motivated crimes are actually few and far
these days.

Nah! Then how could they fund-raise?

Back to the report. According to the

press release
(scroll down), the ADL is not alone in
thinking this way.

face this emerging new threat, ADL leaders and Cecilia

Vice President for Public Policy
of the National
Council of La Raza, the largest national Latino civil
rights and advocacy organization in the U.S., stood
together in Washington, D.C. to outline a broad public
policy Action Agenda…”

is a joke, right? Follow me, folks:

According to the ADL,

racial supremacy

issues are to blame for the growing
anti-illegal immigration sentiment in America.

combat this, they formed an alliance (dare I say,
?) with a group called

La Raza…

or The Race.

that is so funny I almost want to write it twice…(Email
Cecilia Munoz)

Stipulations of the ADL/La Raza Plan (here)

  • Congress
    must reform our nation`s broken immigration system…the
    current system has created a vulnerable underclass of
    people living in our communities who lack meaningful
    rights…this situation creates

    for extremist groups.

  • Law
    enforcement officials
    must be prepared to vigorously
    investigate and, where appropriate, prosecute
    criminal threats of violence and
    incitement—including those transmitted over the

Side Note: Hey ADL, why don`t you start with those

midget-terrorist, pseudo-activists
over at

UC Santa Cruz

Michelle Malkin?  Oops, Michelle`s a

—I suppose she had it coming.]

Amnesty, censorship, open borders,


murder of the historic American nation.

Here`s the bottom line according to Bryanna:

Wartime makes strange bedfellows!

latest scam is nothing more than a pathetic attempt by
the ADL to

convince donors
that their shake-down, race-baiting
operation is still needed:

Ooh…look at the racism that`s running amok…give us money
and we`ll make it stop!

far as La Raza is concerned, they`ll take any allies
they can get.

all the anti-American,

Mexican flag-waving,
not-so-peaceful protest rallies

they helped to organize,
they can`t have many left.

Indeed, an opportunist match made in heaven!

Bryanna Bevens [email
her] is a political consultant and former chief of staff
for a member of the California State Assembly.