That Hillary Immigration Ploy

It`s beginning to dawn, even on
American politicians, that you cannot have something
like 34 million immigrants in the country and not expect
immigration to become a major political issue.

The latest politician in whose
brain this insight has blossomed is the junior senator
from New York and very possibly the next president of
the United States: Mrs.

William J. Clinton,
popularly known as "Hillary."

The Washington Times reports

"Hillary goes conservative on immigration,"

[by Charles Hurt, December 13, 2004] which means, in
case you`re the

kind of "conservative"
who thinks

mass immigration is a good thing,
that she is
opposed to immigration.

Or at least that is what the noises
she is making about the issue would suggest.

Mrs. Clinton, widely

of being the next Democratic presidential
nominee in a year when the incumbent Republican leaves
office, has a pretty good chance of being the next
president, and it`s interesting she`s making the noises
on immigration she is.

In 2002, Mrs. Clinton won the New
York Senate race with some 85 percent of the state`s

Hispanic vote.

That by itself would suggest that
Hispanics are a major constituency for her, at least in
the state and probably nationally, and that she really
doesn`t want to alienate them by being against more

Then again, maybe Mrs. Clinton is
just a little

than a good many of the Republicans who
adhere to the Open Borders lobby propaganda lines that

(a) all

Hispanics are necessarily for immigration

(b) being

against immigration or some of it
will lose you the

Hispanic vote.

In short, Mrs. Clinton, unlike

some Republicans,
might actually have looked at

this year`s election returns.

Maybe so, but even if she`s
thinking about making immigration control a major part
of her future

political strategy
, she seems to have a ways to go
before she figures out how to do it. Consider, for
example, some of what she`s been saying, as the Times
reports it.

Almost everything Mrs. Clinton has
said about the issue centers on illegal immigration.
That`s fine as far as it goes, but most experts and
political leaders who are serious about the issue
understand that illegal immigration is only part of the
problem. The even more

massive legal immigration
causes the same problems
as the

illegal kind.

In a recent interview on WABC
radio, the Times reports Mrs. Clinton as saying,
"I am, you know, adamantly against illegal

Yes, but you see, no knowledgeable
person who`s

against illegal immigration would say he`s
"against illegal immigrants."
It`s immigration, not
the immigrants, that`s objectionable. Being

is in fact a canard the

Open Borders lobby
uses to claim that supporters of
immigration control just dislike the immigrants

In the same interview, she also

we have to make some tough decisions as a country, and
one of them ought to be coming up with a much better
entry-and-exit system so that if we`re going to let
people in for the work that otherwise would not be done,
let`s have a system that keeps track of them."

Yes, well, that`s more or less what
President Bush claims he`s proposing in his

"guest worker"
program that is really

an amnesty for illegals
. The problem with the kind
of guest worker or "entry and exit" programs
they`re proposing is that they`re all

entry and no exit.
Once the immigrants come in, no
one will be able to

make them go back.

Mrs. Clinton may or may not be
serious about her

new noises against immigration
. Personally I hope
she is and that she learns more about it and thinks it
through a bit more than she seems to have done.

But what`s really significant about
her immigration control posturing is that it`s happening
at all.

"She`s not a dumb woman," a
spokesman for immigration control champion

Tom Tancredo
told the Times. "She`s got a
great liberal base, and she realizes there`s no better
way to draw in more conservative voters. She has really
come out to the forefront on that."

After years of trying to explain to
the leadership of the Republican Party that mass
immigration is not only a danger to our

national security

, conservatives may now be on the eve of
finding that the person who has really paid attention is
someone whom

most conservatives loathe.

In fact, that outcome was probably



badgered the Republicans into ignoring the
immigration issue totally, it was probably only a matter
of time before someone

not at all a conservative
perceived what the
immigration issue could gain him (or


If Mrs. Clinton lights her path
toward the White House with the issue of immigration
control in a serious way, the

Open Borders Republicans
may find they merely dug

own political graves.



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