So Weiner Went—Now Can We Please Talk About E-Verify?

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Patriots Divided Over Lamar Smith E-Verify Bill

Remember that

old song

from Guys and
with the


“I`ll tell you what`s in the Daily News, it`s a story about a guy”, etc.   Well, this
time a tale about several girls, a

pregnant high profile wife


a real Weiner

This story had the sort of meat which can enliven and
enrage, leaving no stone of sordid information
unturned, no talking head without a chance to
“inform” us poor benighted listeners about the fine points of the
miscreant.  Yes, including photos.

Ok, I rest my case exhausted.  At 2 PM on Thursday
June 16,

Congressman Weiner made his exit speech,

which promptly lost all prominence on CNN.  

My only point:  Will our MSM now give equal time to
E-verify—a most important step which could really begin
ending the continuing illegal immigration invasion?

Here`s just one more recent example of MSM obfuscation:
The Wall Street
`s page 6 June 16th story by

Miriam Jordan

“More `Silent Raids` Over Immigration”

made the

now-routine claim of increased enforcement under Obama:

“The Obama administration intensified a

crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants,

notifying another 1,000 companies in all 50 states
Wednesday the government plans to inspect their hiring


“Businesses across the U.S. that rely on low-skilled
labor are working to stave off Immigration and Customs
Enforcement audits, which can lead to the loss of large
numbers of employees, reduced productivity and legal


“Wednesday`s surge in so-called silent raids drew
criticism from both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and
immigrant advocates.”

Aaaaah, tough!

That the US Chamber complained is encouraging and
screams from the likes of

LuLAC, and La Raza

are pro-forma.

However, the WSJ`s
Jordan goes to great pains in her piece to offer all the
possible arguments for not doing the only essential next
step before briefly mentioning what it is in the next to
last paragraph.  Examples:

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the past has refrained
from making public comments about the audits. But on

Randy Johnson, a senior vice president
said: `We are concerned the audits are being based more
on a fishing expedition than firm facts.`


“He added, `Because these audits can cost millions of
dollars in lost productivity and attorneys` fees, the
government should move carefully and only when based on
solid foundation that there is in fact illegal
behavior.` ICE doesn`t reveal its criteria for deciding
who gets audited.”

Hey, perhaps obeying the law by only hiring legal
workers would be smarter?

But finally, we get to the obvious nub of my argument. 
The WSJ`s
Jordan really has no choice but to mention the best way
to begin solving our alien invasion problem.  But
not before quoting a partisan for Comprehensive
Immigration Reform (a.k.a. amnesty):


an attorney for

American Apparel,

called it "a senseless policy in the name of making a
down payment on comprehensive immigration policy."


“Foes of illegal immigration, such as House Judiciary
chairman Lamar Smith (R., Texas), say the audits are
ineffectual because they don`t result in deportations
and enable dismissed illegal workers to find other jobs
and displace Americans.


“Rep. Smith introduced legislation this week to make
mandatory the use of E-Verify, an electronic database
run by the government, which checks the work-eligibility
of hires.”

Then, of course, Jordan ends her piece with a slap at
E-Verify, which has proven so effective in allowing
employers to avoid the hassle of hiring illegal aliens:


]a business immigration attorney in Montgomery, Ala., said several of her
clients, in utilities and food production, had received
notices of inspection from ICE, and were surprised
because they have been participating in E-Verify. `The
fact you participate in E-Verify doesn`t mean you won`t
be audited,` she said.”

Agri-business may require a new bracero
program—but, again, not one where workers are escorted
by the

Mexican drug cartels

that now control

much of our southern border

Resistance to making E Verify permanent remains a Number
One priority for the

US Conference of Catholic Bishops,


US Chamber Of Commerce
and all those businesses who benefit from cheap labor

It is time for our benighted Congress to do the right
thing, the proven thing, the smart thing for our future
and enact E verify. 

Hey, no excuse left since the major distraction of
recent days, Mr. Weiner, has left. 

Go do it.

Donald A. Collins [email
him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.