Remember Wichita – One Year Later

One year ago this weekend, at two in the morning of
Saturday, December 15th, 2000, Jason Befort,
Heather Muller, Bradley Heyka and Aaron Sander were
shot to death in Wichita, Kansas. Muller was also
raped, along with one other woman who can`t be named,
because she miraculously survived.

“Bleeding from her wound, she ran naked through the
snow for a mile, miraculously reaching a house where she
got help. The suspects were arrested the next day.”

The victims were white. The suspects were black. I
say suspects, because although they were arrested a year
ago, they won`t come to trial until May of 2002.

It`s frequently the case that the minor detail of a
suspect`s race will not be mentioned even when it`s the
description of someone who`s still at large. If you are
one of the

70 million Americans
who get their news largely from
TV networks, you might not know that

most interracial violence
is committed by

As far as we can figure out, Scott McConnell was the
first national journalist to break the Wichita

in an article in the

Taki`s Top Drawer
of New York Press; we
posted it on VDARE.Com on January 10. Then it appeared`s “Politically
Correct Hate Crimes
” section. And subsequently the
“Wichita Horror” was reported in the

Washington Times
and elsewhere on the

But otherwise it was not mentioned by the national

As Richard Poe of noted:

Unfortunately, the
general public usually does not find out about crimes
such as the Wichita Horror. They are reported only in

local papers,
and often with the most horrifying
details edited out. When it first occurred, only the
Wichita Eagle
paid attention to the alleged crimes
of the Carr brothers. Our webzine,
discovered the story about a month later and published
it on the Internet, whereupon it rapidly became a
cause celebre
– but only on the Internet and in
conservative papers such as The Washington Times.
You will not see Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather or Peter
Jennings talking about this crime.

There are three points worth mentioning.

The media bias/dual
standard issue

This crime doesn`t even show up on the

hate crime
radar. Compare, for example, the national
coverage of given to the James Byrd murder. Large media
organizations just don`t want to report this stuff
because it doesn`t fit their template. As Scott
McConnell said:

The dual standard at once
weakens a force that could unite Americans of all races
and cultures (horror at crime) and threatens to
transform the criminal justice system into an arena for
exacerbating the country`s fault lines of race and

I suspect some promoting
the dual standard feel virtuous and progressive–that
they are advancing the multiculturalist cause by hyping
news of crime of one sort and suppressing another. Some
might see whites, and particularly the sort of straight,
normal heartland Middle American types, as obstacles to
desired social change and not deserving of very much
sympathy. Others simply adapt to prevailing newsroom
expectations, internalizing the double standards. Either
way it`s a shameful spectacle, which does no honor to
American journalism.

The non-resistance

I would like to think that this one died on September
11th, but I know there are still people who
think that if you give the robbers what they want,
they`ll go away without hurting you. Richard Poe wrote
about this just before the planes full of unarmed,
non-resisting victims hit the WTC, pointing out that the
five victims in Wichita were unarmed, and unable to
resist. Poe wrote:

According to University
of California, Berkeley criminologist Franklin Zimring,
the best way to survive a robbery is through "active
compliance." in other words, do exactly what the
criminal says, as quickly as possible.

Don`t believe it. Fight back.

We don`t want to judge the dead, but if you don`t
learn from the mistakes of others, you may die yourself.

You are less likely to be hurt if you fight
back with a gun. Even if you are forced to fight back

without one,
you have

more control
over your fate.

And there are worse things than dying.

Richard Poe

, with regard to the Wichita crime:

There is another reason
for people to think twice before engaging in "active
compliance." Victims who choose passivity risk far more
than mere injury or death.

On December 14, 2000, a
young schoolteacher – identified in the press only as "H.G."
– went to visit her boyfriend Jason Befort, 26, at his
townhouse in northeast Wichita, where he lived with two
other men. As Jason and H.G. lay in bed, the porch light
came on and they heard one of the roommates Aaron
Sander, 29, talking to someone.

The next thing they knew,
"the bedroom door burst open," the woman later recalled
in court. "A tall black man was standing in the doorway.
He ripped the covers off of me, and I don`t remember
what he said. Right after that, Aaron was brought in by
another black male. He was kind of just thrown onto the

The two men pointed guns
at their prisoners and demanded to know who else was in
the house. When all occupants – three men and two women,
all single, white professionals in their twenties – had
been rounded up, the intruders demanded that they strip
naked…At one point, they found an engagement ring.
"That`s for you," said Jason Befort to his girlfriend
H.G. "I was going to ask you to marry me."

Befort`s girlfriend has
reported that, during the course of the night, she and
the other woman Heather Miller, 27, were repeatedly
raped. She also said that the bandits forced the
prisoners to perform sex acts on each other.

Gun Control

The story above would have been different if the
victims had been armed. Gun control is not VDARE.COM`s
issue. But we have written about it

, because gun control involves the usual
suspects on the Left, and because it`s really the
“bleeding edge” where the citizen meets the


, or

, without much help from the government.

Gun control may not be much of a threat in Wichita.
But it runs rampant on the Eastern Seaboard. At least
the dead in Wichita could have had guns. Similar
victims in New York and Massachusetts were forbidden by
law from possessing the means of self-defense.

With gun control, your own government may be an
unwitting accomplice in your murder. I wrote

earlier this year

If you`re going to import
criminals, you should have the means to defend
yourselves inside the boundaries of your own country.
And it would be stupid to disarm the populace
during an invasion.

It`s also true that if the government can`t

crime, can`t punish crime reliably, and
can`t be trusted not to

the machinery of criminal justice, then
individual Americans are going to have to defend

December 15, 2001