Raft Man of the Rio Grande

by Juan Mann:

watching?—who cares! 


alien smugglers
are so brazen in plying their
lucrative trade in what President Bush calls “good-hearted
“—illegal aliens to the rest of us—that they
don`t even care if

Customs and Border Protection
(CPB) inspectors or

Border Patrol agents
are watching.

Meet the “Raft Man” of
the Rio Grande.

A VDARE.com reader emailed the
story of the Raft Man in response to my recent

which described illegal aliens crossing in a

highly visible yellow launch.

Subject: The Raft Man

Date: Sun, 8 May 2005

seems CBP cannot figure out what to do with this guy. 
He crosses the Rio Grande River several times a day with
his human cargo.  Some trips are just one passenger;
others are as many as three passengers.  But this guy is
really smart.  He will not let his raft touch the
shoreline on the U.S. side of the river. 

tells the

Border Patrol agents
that they are not allowed to
get their

feet wet in the river.
They must stay on dry land at
all times.  So the Raft Man stops about 5-10 feet from
shore and tells his passengers to wade the rest of the
way to shore.  

even lets the Border Patrol agents waiting for his
passengers know what

the people are from.  
that some may not be summarily
deported, see below].
Sometimes he will tell them how long before he returns
with the next load.   

Raft Man has told the agents that if they do not let the
passengers wade from his raft to shore that

he will drown a few of them.

you might be asking what the

Mexican authorities
are doing about this problem. 

answer, of course, is nothing. 

Raft Man charges an average of $100 U.S. to make the
crossing . . . a pretty lucrative business.”





So there you have it.  The
Mexico-based Raft Man apparently has no fear of being
nabbed on U.S. soil.  And the illegal aliens he crosses
over have no fear of apprehension.

Raft Man knows that if his
non-Mexican customers say the

magic word “asylum,”
they won`t be removed
summarily under Immigration Act

section 235(b)

And even if his Mexican customers
are sent back, they can always try again another day.

As readers of

my articles
already know, non-Mexican
illegal aliens most likely
will be briefly

and RELEASED from an Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE)
detention center—on the theory that they will attend a
future U.S.

Immigration Court
hearing before the Department of
Justice`s Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).


rare exception
, only aliens falling under the
mandatory detention provisions of Immigration Act

section 236(c)
remain in immigration custody for any
length of time during the futile EOIR immigration
litigation process.

And once newly-arrived illegal
aliens are officially tagged by the immigration

from immigration custody near the
border—they are free to continue their
briefly-interrupted journey

deep into the United States.

And even Mexicans, if they can get
past the border, are virtually safe from deportation in

—even if caught, they can shelter
almost indefinitely in the EOIR swamp.

doubt many years from now, after

long lives in the United States,
the American-born
children and grandchildren of aliens ferried by Raft Man
will be writing

about him someday.

Why?  Because as a champion of

Vicente Fox`s “heroes,”
he has little to lose
and everything to gain for both himself and his illegal
alien charges.

And though he may not know it, Raft
Man is actually working hand-in-hand (for the benefit of
his clients, of course) with the federal immigration
bureaucracy of the EOIR and the Department of Homeland
Security (DHS).

He`s bringing more customers for
the Treason Lobby`s cadre of

immigration lawyers
all across the country too.

As long as a


bureaucracy paralyzes the
deportation of illegal aliens and criminal aliens,
smugglers like Raft Man will be free to
operate—literally in broad daylight.

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of