Olmert And Bush—Leader And Vassal

After pandering to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert`s
right-wing government last week, US president George W.
Bush carried the Israeli/neoconservative
campaign against Iran to Arab countries. Sounding as
authentic as the

"Filipino Monkey,"
Bush told the Arab countries
that "Iran is the world`s leading state sponsor of
and that "Iran`s actions threaten the
security of nations everywhere."

no effect. Every country in the world, except America,
knows by now that the US is the world`s leading state
sponsor of terror and that the neoconservative drive for
US hegemony over the world threatens the security of
nations everywhere.

But before we get into this, let`s first see what Bush
means by "terrorist" and Iran`s sponsorship of

Bush considers Iran to be the leading state sponsor of
terror, because Iran is believed to fund Hezbollah in
Lebanon and Hamas in the Palestinian ghetto. Hezbollah
and Hamas are two organizations that exist because of
Israeli aggression against Palestine and Lebanon. The
two organizations are branded "terrorist" because
they resist Israel`s theft of Palestine and Israel`s
designs on southern Lebanon. Both organizations are
resistance organizations. They resist Israel`s
territorial expansion and this makes them

They are terrorists because they don`t receive billions
in US military aid and cannot put armies in the field
with tanks, fighter jets and helicopter gunships, backed
up by US spy satellites and Israel`s nuclear
weapons—although Hezbollah, a small militia, has twice
defeated the Israeli army. However, Palestine is so
thoroughly under the Israeli heel that Hamas can resist
only with suicide bombers and obsolete rockets. It is
dishonest to damn the terrorist response but not the
policies that provoke the response.

The US is at war in Iraq, because the neoconservatives
want to rid Israel of the Muslim governments—Iraq, Iran
and Syria—that are not American surrogates and,
therefore, are willing to fund Palestinian and Lebanese
resistance to Israeli aggression. Israel, protected by
the US, has disobeyed UN resolutions for four decades
and has been methodically squeezing Palestinians out of

Americans do not think of themselves or of Israel as
terrorist states, but the evidence is complete and
overwhelming. Thanks to the power of the Israel Lobby,
Americans only know the Israeli side of the story, which
is that evil anti-Semite Palestinians will not let
blameless Israelis live in peace and persist in their
unjustified terror attacks on an innocent Israeli state.

The facts differ remarkably from Israel Lobby
propaganda. Israel illegally occupies Palestine. Israel
sends bulldozers into Palestinian villages and knocks
down Palestinian houses, occasionally killing an
American protester in the process, and uproots
Palestinian olive groves. Israel cuts Palestinian
villages off from water, hospitals, farmlands,
employment and schools. Israel builds special roads
through Palestine on which only Israelis can travel.
Israel establishes checkpoints everywhere to hinder
Palestinian movement to hospitals, schools and from one
enclave or ghetto to another. Many Palestinians die from
the inability to get through checkpoints to medical
care. Israel builds illegal settlements on Palestinian
lands. Israeli Zionist "settlers" take it upon
themselves to evict Palestinians from their villages and
towns in order to convert them into Israeli settlements.
A huge wall has been built to wall off the stolen
Palestinian lands from the remaining isolated ghettos.
Israeli soldiers shoot down Palestinian children in the
streets. So do Israeli Zionist "settlers."

All of this has been documented so many times by so many
organizations that it is pathetic that Americans are so
ignorant. For example, Israeli peace groups such as Gush
Shalom or Jeff Halper`s

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
abundant documentation of Israel`s theft of Palestine
and persecution of Palestinians.

Every time the UN passes a resolution condemning Israel
for its crimes, the US vetoes it.

The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees` film,

"The Iron Wall"
reveals the enormity of
Israel`s crimes against Palestine.

President Jimmy Carter, Israel`s friend, tried to bring
peace to the Middle East but was frustrated by Israel.
Carter was demonized by the Israel Lobby for calling,
truthfully, the situation that Israel has created

Historians, including Israel`s finest, such as Ilan
Pappe, have documented The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,
the title of Pappe`s book published in 2006.

Israelis, such as Uri Avnery, a former member of
Israel`s Knesset, are stronger critics of Israel`s
policies toward Palestine than can be found in America.
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz is more outspoken
in its criticism of Israeli policies than any newspaper
would dare to be in North America or Europe.

But it is all to no avail in brainwashed America where
Israelis wear white hats and Arabs wear black hats.

The ignorance of Americans commits US foreign policy to
the service of Israel. As Uri Avnery

wrote in CounterPunch
(January 14, 2008), a visitor
from another planet, attending the recent press
conference in Jerusalem, would conclude that Olmert is
the leader of the superpower and that Bush is his

Americans don`t know what terror is. To know terror, you
have to be a Palestinian, an Iraqi, or an Afghan.

Layla Anwar, an Iraqi Internet blogger, describes what
terror is like. Terror is families attending a wedding
being blown to pieces by an American missile or bomb and
the survivors being blown to pieces at the funeral of
the newlyweds. Terror is troops breaking down your door
in the middle of the night, putting guns to your heads,
and carrying off brothers, sons, and husbands with bags
over their heads and returning to rape the unprotected
women. Terror is being waterboarded in one of America`s
torture dungeons. Terror is "when you run from
hospital ward to hospital ward, from prison to prison,
from militia to militia looking for your loved one only
to recognize them from their teeth fillings in some

by Layla Anwar, January 14, 2008]

For people targeted by American hegemony, terror is
realizing that Americans have no moral conscience.
Terror is the lack of medicines from American embargoes
that led to the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children. When
asked by Lesley Stahl if the American policy was worth
the children`s deaths, Madeleine Albright, President
Bill Clinton`s secretary of state, said "we think the
price is worth it."

the feeble minds of the White House Moron and his
immoral supporters, the massive deaths for which America
is responsible, including those inflicted by Israel,
have nothing to do with Muslim enmity toward America.
Instead, Muslims hate us for our "freedom and
the real threat to which comes from
Bush`s police state measures and stolen elections.

There is dispute over the number of Iraqis killed or
murdered by Bush`s illegal invasion, a war crime under
the Nuremberg standard, but everyone agrees the number
is very large. Many deaths result from American bombing
of civilian populations as the Israelis did in Lebanon
and do in Gaza. There is nothing new about these
bombings. President Clinton bombed civilians in Serbia
in order to dictate policy to Serbia. But when Americans
and Israelis bomb other peoples, it is not terror. It is
only terror when the US or Israel is attacked in

The Israeli assault from the air on Beirut apartment
houses is not terror. But when a Palestinian puts on a
suicide belt and blows himself up in an Israeli cafe,
that`s terror. When Clinton bombs a Serbian passenger
train, that`s not terror, but when a buried explosive
takes out an American tank somewhere in Iraq, that`s

Aggressors always have excuses for their aggression.
Hitler was an expert at this. So are the US and Israel.

Unfortunately for the world, there`s little chance for
change in America or Israel. The presidential candidates
(Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich) who would bring change in
Washington, without which there will be no change in
Israel, are not in the running for their party`s
nomination. As John J. Mearsheimer

noted on January 12
, the candidates in the running
are as much under the thumb of the Israel Lobby as Bush.
The candidates are Bush clones as strongly committed as
Bush to hegemony, war, Israel and executive power.

The possible exception is Obama. If he is an exception,
that makes him a threat to the powers that be, and, as
we might have witnessed in the NH primary, the
Republican- supplied, Republican-programmed Diebold
electronic voting machines can easily be rigged to deny
him the Democratic nomination. Hillary will not resist
Israel`s wishes, and her husband`s presidency bombed at
will his demonized victims.

There is no essential difference between the candidates
or between the candidates and George W. Bush. Alabama
Governor George Wallace, a surprisingly successful third
party candidate for the presidency, said as long ago as
1968, "There`s not a dime`s worth of difference
between the Democrat and Republican Parties."

Today, four decades later, there`s not a penny`s worth
of difference, not an ounce of difference. Both parties
have revealed themselves to be warmonger police state
parties. The US Constitution has few friends in the
capital city.



Paul Craig Roberts

] was Assistant
Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration.
He is the author of

Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider`s Account of
Policymaking in Washington
and the Soviet Economy

Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy
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