OK, Rush Limbaugh: How About Talking To Gov. Huckabee—Before GOP Is DOA?

Down by one in the bottom of the
ninth inning, bases loaded with no outs and

Sammy Sosa
`s on deck. The coach sends the signal:

Wait a minute. That can`t be right.
What kind of a fool would bunt when…?

Republicans control both houses of
Congress, the

Supreme Court,
the Executive Branch and the
Governorships of 28 states including the power states of
California, Texas, New York and Florida.

They control everything—and I am
including little league, the

Boy Scouts Of America
and the
(Not to be confused with

which would sooner deep pit a mink farm than
accept a Republican member…although Karl Rove would
consider those odds alluring.)

They have everything they ever

As far as the Republican
constituency is concerned, this is the moment we have
all been waiting for. Isn`t it? Now we can rid the
country of three quarters of a century`s worth of
liberal social policy that has left Americans over-taxed
and under-valued…oh, and a tad displeased.

After their five-year occupation or
window of opportunity, we do have a few changes
to be thankful for.

  1. A cloth has been draped over a

    naked statue in the DOJ.

  1. Marriage has been

    clearly defined
    as an asexual union between humans
    (only two and

    no pets allowed

  1. The U.S. launched a

    Mandatory Democracy

    campaign in the Middle East.

Perhaps exhausted by these epochal
successes, it seems Republicans have now fallen back on
their favorite past time:

Eating each other alive.

Case in point: Arkansas

  1. Arkansas has one of the fastest

    illegal immigrant
    growth rates in the country.
  1. How to address this problem has
    divided the state`s Republicans and reduced them to
    name-calling, playground bullies.

On January 15, 2005 Governor Mike
Huckabee gave his

State of the State

He said:

has been for a long-time a legitimate complaint in the
higher education community that there is a lack of


Tarry not, he had a solution.

“I am
also going to ask that we open financial aid for any

student graduating from a high school
in Arkansas.”

Then he said,

is something terribly unjust about a kid whose family
came here looking for an opportunity. Maybe that kid has
come at the age of 4. It has happened. It happened in a
school in

El Dorado.

Oh, I don`t like where this is


student of Hispanic descent
spent his entire career
as a student in Arkansas public schools from the age of
4. He graduated from high school, one of the top kids in
his class.”

Ah, now I see.

when he applied for financial aid, he wasn`t eligible
for the various scholarships or grants because of his
status, a status that he had no decision in or control

His status? Now what status
would that be?

Huckabee won`t even say the word:


Then, to cap it all off:

not say that out doors are open but our opportunities
are closed.”

Wow. Where do I begin?

How about this:

  1. Our doors are not open!! They have been
    trampled down…there is a subtle difference.
  1. The lack of general funding will not be remedied
    by spending more on illegal aliens. Quite the contrary
    truth be told.
  1. When did the GOP become the Grand Old Panderers?

Speaking of pandering…

In a

2003 radio address
Governor Huckabee likened
America`s treatment of modern-day Mexican (illegal)
immigrants to that of African Americans. (Oh yeah, he
went there.)

“We respect those who want to
provide a better life for their children and
grandchildren. For decades, we treated our state`s
African-American population poorly. The Hispanic influx
gives us a second chance to prove what kind of people we
really are.”

Governor Huckabee is referring to
is the Little Rock Central High School desegregation
crisis of 1957.

This is a popular tactic.

Right on cue,

Paul Greenberg
, editorial page editor of the
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, has chimed in with the
same subtle argument in his recent op-ed for the Wall
Street Journal.

“Arkansas is fighting for its soul again. It feels a
little like 1957, when the Crisis of Central High became
a permanent footnote in the history of the American
civil rights movement. That confrontation was a turning
point in the state`s history, and the state turned the
wrong way.”
Cross Country: ILLEGAL ALIENS! (in
Paul Greenberg Wall Street Journal Feb 3, 2005

Of course, this is hysterical
nonsense. And it is profoundly

insulting to African-Americans
. They didn`t break
American laws to get here. They weren`t asking for
handouts—just civil rights.

Then Greenberg [send
him mail
explains the fight for Arkansas` soul:

“Sen. Holt has introduced
a bill modeled after Arizona`s Proposition 200 to make
sure that immigrants without proper documentation don`t
vote in elections.”

the bill goes further, much further, than assuring clean
elections. It would require proof of citizenship for
state services: education, medical care, any and all.”

This a fight for Arkansas soul?

The real question is: how could
anyone object to this measure?

But Governor Huckabee responded to
Holt`s bill with accusations of (wait for it!) racism.

reportedly asserted that the bill was
"inflammatory … race-baiting and demagoguery."

Furthermore, he claimed, it is
"anti-life…It would deny pre-natal benefits to
illegal-alien mothers and therefore harm their newborns,
who would be American citizens.”

He went on to say:

"[The bill] inflames those who


and makes them think there`s a real problem.
But there`s not."

Governor Huckabee may have been
mesmerized by Louis Farrakhan. He may even be silly
enough to believe the Wall Street Journal.

Or he may just be responding to the
distressing fact that he is termed-out. He needs a job –
maybe in Washington D.C.

Hey, Bush White House! Don`t forget
about me!

All this is very disconcerting to a
California girl.

In California politics, we used to
have the Eleventh Commandment – invented by one

R. Reagan

"Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican."

I remember being in the office of
the great Curt Pringle when he was Minority Leader of
the California State Assembly. My boss, a Republican
from northern California, had not only taken the floor
to openly lobby against a Pringle water bill, but
had gone so far as to accuse the Republican Leader of
northern California`s water.

Curt Pringle was livid and rightly

But all he said to me was,
"Can`t you get him to keep his
[expletive deleted]
mouth shut?"

I never heard a word about it
outside of the leader`s office and mine.

In the case of immigration,
however, the current

GOP leadership
is responsible, not merely for
precipitating a civil war, with its amnesty, guest
worker and transfer payment proposals, but also for an
extraordinary fratricidal bitterness.

Rush Limbaugh, another member of my

favorite men
list, is right…belatedly: Illegal
immigration is

the Republican conservative coalition—and
could place the country`s leadership squarely in the
hands of someone like, dare I say it, Hilary Rodham.

(Ok, just breathe into the bag…breathe
into the bag.

Actually, I might be wrong. The
Republicans aren`t bunting in the bottom of the ninth
with bases loaded.

They`re striking out. 

Bryanna Bevens [email
her] is a political consultant and former chief of staff
for a member of the California State Assembly.