“Not One More American, Soldier Or Civilian, Must Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Multiculturalism, Diversity, Open Borders…”

Sgt. Asan Akbar, a Muslim American soldier with the
326th Engineer Battalion, had an

“attitude problem.”

According to his superiors and acquaintances, Akbar`s
attitude was bitterly anti-American and staunchly
pro-Muslim. So how did this devout follower of the

Religion of Peace work out his attitudinal
problems last weekend?

By lobbing hand grenades and aiming his M-4 automatic
rifle into three tents filled with sleeping commanding
officers at the 101st Airborne Division`s 1st Brigade
operations center in Kuwait.

Akbar is the lone suspect being detained in the
despicable attack, which left more than a dozen wounded
and one dead. Surviving soldiers say Akbar, found
cowering in a bunker with shrapnel injuries, was

ranting after the assault: "You guys
are coming into our countries, and you`re going to rape
our women and kill our children.”

“Our?” At least there`s no doubt about where this
Religion of Peace practitioner`s

true loyalties

Naturally, apologists for Islam-gone-awry are hard at

this traitorous act of murder as an

“isolated, individual act and not an _expression of

But such sentiments are

willfully blind

recklessly p.c.

Sgt. Akbar is not the only MSWA – Muslim Soldier With
Attitude – suspected of infiltrating our military,
endangering our troops and undermining national

A. Mohamed.
Mohamed, a major in the Egyptian army,
immigrated to the U.S. in 1986 and joined the U.S. Army
while a resident alien. This despite being on a State
Department terrorist watch list before securing his
visa. An avowed

, he taught classes on Muslim culture to
U.S. Special Forces at Fort Bragg, N.C., and obtained
classified military documents. He was granted U.S.
citizenship over the objections of the CIA.

A former classmate, Jason T. Fogg,

that Mohamed was openly critical of the
American military. “To be in the U.S. military and
have so much hate toward the U.S. was odd. He never
referred to America as his country."

Soon after he was honorably discharged from the Army
in 1989, Mohamed hooked up with Osama bin Laden as an
escort, trainer, bagman, and messenger. Mohamed used his
U.S. passport to conduct surveillance at the U.S.
Embassy in Nairobi; he later

pled guilty
to conspiring with bin Laden to
“attack any Western target in the Middle East”
admitted his role in the 1998 African embassy bombings
that killed more than 200 people, including a dozen



*Semi Osman. An ethnic Lebanese born in Sierra Leone
and a

Seattle-based Muslim cleric,
Osman served in a naval
reserve fueling unit based in Tacoma, Wash. He had
access to

fuel trucks
similar to the type used by al Qaeda in
the 1996 bombing of the

Khobar Towers
, which killed 19 U.S. airmen and
wounded nearly 400 other Americans.

Osman was arrested last May as part of a federal
investigation into the establishment of a

terrorist training camp
in Bly, Oregon. Osman
recently pleaded guilty to a weapons violation and the

dropped immigration charges
against him in exchange
for his testimony.


open borders

*John Muhammad. The accused

Beltway sniper
and Muslim convert was a member of

Army`s 84th Engineering Company
. In an eerie
parallel to the Akbar case, Muhammad is suspected of
throwing a thermite grenade into a tent housing 16 of
his fellow soldiers as they slept before the
ground-attack phase of Gulf War I in 1991. Muhammad`s
superior, Sgt. Kip Berentson,

both Newsweek and the

Seattle Times
that he immediately suspected
Muhammad, who was “trouble from day one.”

Curiously, Muhammad was admitted to the Army despite
being earlier court-martialed for willfully disobeying
orders, striking another noncommissioned officer,
wrongfully taking property, and being absent without
leave while serving in the

Louisiana National Guard

Although Muhammad was led away in handcuffs and
transferred to another company pending charges for the
grenade attack, an indictment never materialized.
Muhammad was honorably discharged from the Army in 1994.
Eight years later, he was arrested in the 21-day Beltway
shooting spree that left 10 dead and three wounded.

Ain`t tolerance grand?

*Jeffrey Leon Battle. A former Army reservist, Battle

in October 2002 for conspiring to levy war
against the United States and

“enlisting in the Reserves to receive military training
to use against America.”
According to the

Justice Department,
[PDF] he planned to wage war
against American soldiers in Afghanistan.



“It`s bad enough we have to worry about enemy
forces, but now we have to worry about our own guys,"

Spc. Autumn Simmer told the

Los Angeles Times
this week after the assault on
the 101st Airborne. The Islamist infiltration of our
troops is scandalous. Not one more American, soldier or
civilian, must be sacrificed at the altar of
multiculturalism, diversity, open borders, and tolerance
of the murderous “attitude” of Jihad.

Michelle Malkin [email
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Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores

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