Nancy Pelosi And The Black Caucus—The Enablers of Charlie Rangel

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the

world`s worst
cleaning lady. How has she fulfilled
her vaunted promise to
"drain the swamp" and preside over the
"most ethical
Congress in history"
? By shrugging her shoulders,
downplaying the gravity of myriad ethics charges against
corruptocrat Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel and waiting
for the

"political chips"
to "fall where
they may."
Imagine a custodial service that
fixed toilet clogs by letting the

overflowing waste and polluted waters
where they may."

At a press conference to preempt
the bipartisan House ethics panel`s announcement of 13
ethics and federal regulation charges against Rangel on
Thursday afternoon, Pelosi claimed to take
"great pride" in her swamp-draining record. Unblinkingly, she cited
the House trial against Rangel as proof that the
"process" is working. But that beleaguered panel has been
pathetically understaffed, has dragged its feet for two
years on the Rangel case and has administered more
halfhearted wrist-slaps than all the pushover parents on
a season of
"Nanny 911."

Clinging bitterly to the moral
equivalence card, Pelosi carped about

Bush-era GOP corruption.
(Cue a chorus of
"Let`s do the
time warp again!"
) Her lips were sealed, however, on
the continuing wheeling and dealing behind the scenes
between Rangel`s lobbyist-funded lawyers and the ethics
panel on a deal to avoid a congressional trial.

A full-blown public trial would
thoroughly air his self-dealing, habitual bad-faith
failures to report income, multiple House gift ban and
solicitation ban violations, flouting of franking
privilege and letterhead rules, and a fundamental
"pattern of
indifference or disregard for the laws, rules and
regulations of the United States and House of
as the House ethics statement of
violations put it. But, hey, what about that GEORGE W.
BUSH, eh, Pelosi?

Bush-whack all you want. The Rangel
stench is overwhelming. Along the way, Rangel has
obstructed House investigators, failed to produce
documents and refused previous settlement
offers—prompting House ethics investigative subcommittee
member Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Ala., to reject the
Rangel-as-victim narrative. Misfortune didn`t befall
Rangel. He chose his path. While bleeding-heart lefties
in the media, like The Washington Post`s Dana Milbank,
mourn entrenched incumbent Rangel`s sudden fall (he
"took 36 years to
climb to the top, only to lose it all in an instant"
there is nothing sudden about the entitlement sclerosis
that took hold of his career.

And there is nothing ethical about
the Democratic enablers who have shown their own long
pattern of indifference or disregard for clean, open,
transparent government.

I remind you that in March, Speaker
Mop & Glo was minimizing Rangel`s mountain of alleged
transgressions by

pooh-poohing that

"it was a
violation of the rules of the House. It was not
something that jeopardized our country in any way."

GOP Rep. Mike McCaul, a member of the House ethics
investigative subcommittee, begged to differ.
"Credibility is
what`s at stake here; the very credibility of the House
he said at the hearing announcing the
baker`s dozen of ethics charges. Echoing Pelosi`s
nonchalance, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters sniffed that
"many members"
of the House are as habitually sloppy and apathetic
toward House ethics rules as Rangel—her good friend and

Black Caucus

Since Day One, the
identity-politics caucus that Rangel helped found has
stood by his side and blamed anti-black bias for
Rangel`s troubles. Rangel likened media scrutiny of his
shady rent-controlled apartment deals and tax troubles
to a "lynching."
CBC member Chaka Fattah, D-Pa., called it a
"witch hunt." And an unidentified, tinfoil-hatted

black House Democrat

: "It
looks as if there is somebody out there who understands
what the rules (are) and sends names to the ethics
committee with the goal of going after the (CBC)."

Never mind that the supposedly
bigoted House ethics panel exonerated four CBC members
of their participation in corporate-funded tax junkets
to the Caribbean. When the polls are down and damning
evidence keeps mounting, first yell
"BUSH!" Then

As last-minute deal-making between Rangel and the foxes
guarding the congressional henhouse continues, more and
more Americans are coming to the same conclusions:
House-soilers can`t be cleaners. Voters, not Washington
politicians, are the ultimate ethics committee.



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