McCain, Kennedy, Specter, Pence…Bush!

Two weeks ago, in my column "Joe
Feels Good About Immigration Bill…"
I said that
S. 2611, what we here at VDARE.COM refer to as the

Bush-Kennedy-McCain Senate Amnesty/Immigration
Acceleration Bill
, would die a quick and painful

Hoping not to sound too boastful, and hoping even more
that I`m not counting

my chickens
before they hatch, I nevertheless
proclaim that I was right on the money.

S. 2611 is

deader than a doornail

Republican House Speaker

Dennis Hastert
`s statement earlier this week that he
wants to "take
a long look
at the Senate bill finishes it off
for good. The longer anyone looks at it, as one of our

VDARE.COM readers
discovered, the uglier it becomes.

Now the spotlight turns to the twisted Congressman Mike
Pence (R-IN) and his

proposed garbage
that involves voluntary one-week
return trips home for aliens (s-u-r-e!),

labor brokers
and a bunch of other harebrained
schemes for amnesty that would not pass a third grader`s
smell test. Read all the details


Because Pence fools no one, I predict his absurd plan
will die, too.

The biggest roadblock to immigration sanity is not

McCain, Kennedy, Specter or Pence.
Our biggest
concern remains

George W. Bush
—driven since the

first day he occupied the White House
by his
fanatical devotion to the misguided concept of

for illegal aliens.

Bush, at any time in the five and a half years since he
took office, could have all but ended illegal
immigration with a snap of his fingers: pick up the
phone, call

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement
and say "Start
rounding them up

Just the threat of deportation, occurring randomly among
alien enclaves around the country, would do wonders for
slowing down the invasion.

But Bush has moved further and further away from

America`s wish to end illegal immigration
and has
instead embraced a disastrous policy that offers amnesty
to all and would serve as an inspiration for more aliens
to come to America.

Consider the recent speech Bush made in Omaha, Nebraska.

On June 7th at the

Metropolitan Community College
(e-mail the Board

), Bush

paid homage
to illegal aliens and

Catholic Charities

First, Bush called Catholic Charities "a center of
love and compassion.
" But as VDARE.COM`s

Thomas Allen
has demonstrated repeatedly, it is
actually part of the tax-addicted

“Refugee Industry”

Then Bush followed up with his

mandatory but gratuitous
alien success sob story
(about Salvador Pia who

borrowed ten grand
from Catholic Charities and now
owns Pia Auto Repair with three employees!), before
getting on a roll.

Said Bush:

I get back to Washington I`m going to sign an executive
order … It`s going to work to help people at the grass
roots level expand the

teaching of English


history instruction
programs, to help others
assimilate into America."


also signed legislation that created an Office of
Citizenship at the Department of Homeland Security to
promote knowledge of citizens`


. In other words, one aspect of
making sure we have an immigration system that works,

orderly and fair,
is to actively reach out and help
people assimilate into our country. That means learn the



of America."

But as VDARE.COM has

, also repeatedly, assimilation is not
going to happen no matter how many pieces of meaningless
legislation or executive orders Bush signs.

In my day job as an

English as a Second Language
instructor at the Lodi
Adult School, I`m "at the grass roots level" and
ready to "expand the teaching of English and civics
and history…."

Too bad the classroom, despite no fees to enroll, has so

empty seats.

The desire to assimilate comes from within…and among the
current crop of illegal aliens the

to become an American is dramatically

Nebraska, whose

Hispanic population grew by 70 percent
2000-2004, is a strange place for Bush to tout the
glories of illegal aliens.

According to Bush they are:

who are willing to work hard to put food on the table
for their families and to realize a dream."

Some, no doubt, are hard workers and family oriented.
But not enough of the alien population fits that pattern
to make a blanket statement that they`re all a plus to

A few points about Nebraska illegal aliens that Bush
conveniently omitted from his speech:

  • Several
    generations of American workers made good wages with
    benefits in Nebraska`s leading industry—meatpacking—until
    illegal aliens displaced them for $9.00 an hour.

  • The CBS 60
    special that focused on the Cargill
    Company in Schuyler, Nebraska,

    IDs Sold To Illegal Immigrants

    documented the rampant identity fraud committed by
    aliens to get jobs. (Reviewed by VDARE.COM

    ) To Bush, apparently, buying

    false documents
    is all part of the illegal
    immigrants "dream."

  • The local post

    showing photographs of Omaha`s seven most
    wanted criminals. Of the seven, three are Hispanic:
    Joab Garcia (narcotics);
    Juan M. Flores (murder)
    and Angel Alvarado-Cruz (sexual
    of a child)

Bush apparently can`t—or refuses to—read the Nebraska
political tealeaves. Sell-out

Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel
(referred to by Bush in
his speech as a "leader" on immigration) voted
for S. 2611. But he doesn`t have to face the voters in
November. Moderate Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson, who is up
for re-election and feels the Nebraska anti-immigration
heat, voted no. 

And in a recent GOP
gubernatorial primary,

Gov. Dave Heineman
, who had vetoed a measure to
grant out-of-state tuition to illegal aliens, defeated
his rival and the

most beloved man in Nebraska
Congressman Tom Osborne
who favored the tuition subsidy.

Bush is a stubborn,
arrogant leader who has a

agenda all of his own. Unfortunately for
us, it includes

amnesty for illegal aliens.

With social
security privatization ancient history and the Iraqi war
bumbling forward endlessly, what does Bush have left
except his

delusions about illegal aliens?

So far, we`re winning

fight against Bush
—by virtue of not losing it—and
his amnesty forces.

But with Bush, our
guard must constantly be up.

Joe Guzzardi [email
him], an instructor in English at the Lodi
Adult School, has been writing a weekly newspaper column
since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.