Lyndon Baines Obama

It was the winter of conservative

Barry Goldwater had gotten only 38
percent of the vote, and his party had suffered its
worst thrashing since Alf Landon fell to FDR in 1936.

Democrats held 295 House seats,
Republicans 140. They held 68 Senate seats to
Republicans` 32, and 33 governors to the GOP`s 17.

Democratic registration was twice
that of the GOP. The liberal press was

gleefully writing the obituary

"The Party That Lost Its Head."

Decades might pass, it was said,
before the GOP recovered from its fatal embrace of
right-wing radicalism and foolish rejection of the
leadership of Govs. Nelson Rockefeller and William

Wrote Robert Donovan in the opening
lines of his book,
The Future of the Republican Party:

"The devastating defeat of
Barry Goldwater
at the hands of voters in all
sections of the country but the

Deep South
has damaged, weakened and tarnished the
party. For years to come … the two-party system will
be crippled."

Donovan and all the rest were
wrong. The GOP came roaring back in 1966 to capture 47
House seats and eight new governorships. In 1968, Nixon
led the party out of the wilderness and into a White
House it would hold for 20 of the next 24 years.

Full of hubris in 1965, Lyndon
Johnson had seized his moment. He had

a Great Society that would outdo his
beloved patron FDR. He would dispatch 500,000 troops to


"bring the coonskin home on the wall"
and create
a "Great
Society on the Mekong
Those were heady days of


By 1968, LBJ`s coalition was
shredded. Gov.

George Wallace
had torn away the populist right.

Gene McCarthy,
George McGovern and Robert Kennedy
had rallied the antiwar left
. LBJ and Hubert Humphrey were left to preside
over a shrinking center.

Why did LBJ fail? He overloaded the
circuits. He tried to do it all. He misread a national
desire for continuity after Kennedy`s death as a mandate
for a lunge to the left and a great leap forward with
the largest expansion of government since the New Deal.

By 1968,

racial riots
had torn apart

almost every great city
. The most

prestigious campuses
had been rocked by

student violence
. Thousands of antiwar demonstrators

had taken to the streets
. And 100 to 200 body bags
were coming home from Vietnam every week.

By the winter of 1968, Lyndon
Johnson was a broken president.

History never repeats itself
exactly. But Barack Obama is making the same mistakes
today that LBJ made in 1965.

He has ordered

17,000 more U.S. troops into Afghanistan, a
s the
situation deteriorates and the NATO allies pull out. He
has no exit strategy. He has read a repudiation of
George Bush as a mandate for a government seizure of
wealth and power that exceeds anything attempted in the
Great Society.

Fully half of the $3.55 trillion in
spending Obama will preside over this year will not be
covered by tax revenue but by red ink. The money will
have to be borrowed from abroad or printed by the Fed.

Not only is Barack running a
deficit four times as large as Bush`s largest, he has
called for $1 trillion in new taxes on America`s most
successful, who have already seen their savings and
pensions ravaged.

He wants a cap-and-trade system to
deal with a global-warming or climate-change crisis many
scientists believe is a hoax. He is going to provide
health care for all, including immigrants, millions of
whom arrive uninsured every year. He is going to plunge
scores of billions more into education, though education
has eaten up the wealth of an empire, as

SAT scores
sink further and further below the apogee
of 1964, before LBJ and the feds barged in. He is going
to ask Congress for authority to spend another $750
billion rescuing the banks.

He is going to find the

cure for cancer
. He is going to ensure

every kid gets a college education
. He is going to
drop half of all wage-earners off the tax rolls, while
the top 2 percent, who already pay

40 percent of all income taxes
, are forced to cough
up more.

Obama is misreading the election
returns. When America voted to cancel the White House
lease of Mr. Bush, it did not vote
Barack Obama a blank check

By misinterpreting his mandate,
Obama has accomplished something

John McCain could not
—unite the Republican Party and
instill in it a new esprit de corps. For the Obama
budget is an insult to the core belief of the party—that
free people, not coercive government, should shape the
character of society.

By daring Republicans to fight on
the issue of a $1.75 trillion deficit, Obama has
liberated the GOP from any obligation to him. He has
come out of the closet as a radical liberal spoiling for
a fight over an agenda of radical change.

Sooner than any might have thought,
we have clarity.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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