In My Hate Mail: America`s Funeral Pyre?

Strong language. Bad spelling. And
something you almost never see on our moderate, sensible
website: hate.

The gentlemanly debate on the
National Question last Fall between

Steve Sailer
, advocating a new American “citizenism”,

Jared Taylor
, advocating racially-conscious White
Nationalism, has no parallel among immigration 

The most vocal opponents of any and
all immigration law enforcement are not at all ashamed
of viewing the immigration scofflaw problem explicitly
in racial terms. 

Consider the January 30

news bulletin
from La Voz de Aztlan
Immigration Crisis: Preparations for the Mexicano/Latino
Leadership Summit being finalized
in which
"Summit facilitator”

Professor Armando Navarro
was quoted as saying:

“. . . the challenge facing all of us as Mexicanos
and Latinos, especially our organizations, leaders,
politicians, and activists is to set aside whatever
differences we may have with each other and unite
under the banner of solidarity in

defense of our people
, especially migrants, in
order to defeat the Sensenbrenner legislation [H.R.
and realize major immigration reform.”

Mexican racial consciousness
alert!  Jared Taylor,
call your office!

I`m not surprised.

Professor Navarro
sounds a lot like some of my hate

As the proprietor of
, the negative e-mails I receive
generally fall into the same two general categories: 1)
shock over any immigration law enforcement; 2) outright
Mexican racism/separatism. 

Most hate letters say either

  • how could you be so mean as
    to want to have anyone deported from the United


  • We Mexicans will get you for

So let`s start from square one. 
Even before Steve Sailer defined the term, the
web site was a purely
effort to explain the systematic
behind-the-scenes rigging of federal immigration law

I`ve posted the same thesis since
November 2001:

time to abolish the permanent amnesty bureaucracy of the
U.S. Justice Department`s Executive Office for
Immigration Review (EOIR) . . . and enforce federal laws
to detain and deport all illegal aliens and criminal
alien residents!”
doesn`t really say much compared to
my expanded VDARE.COM

Absolutely Definitive Essay

on the failure of the federal immigration litigation
bureaucracy, or my

writings on My hate mailers
probably just glanced at the
domain name or the home page at
best.  No one ever mentions the

either.  But they all come with great
animus…and take the time to let me know about it.

Here`s an unedited,
un-spell-checked, uncensored sampling from my latest
-bashing hate mail. In soundly
rejecting both Sailer`s and Taylor`s visions by offering
instead only “citizenist” apathy and Mexican
separatism, neither of these answers bode well for

“You are a very mean person 
. . . nice work done on all your web pages”

Date:   Wed, 1 Feb 2006

From:   Isabel Ibarra <>

You are
a very mean person who seems to be selfish. why are you
against all illegal aliens? What have they done to you?
Are you going to support them? of course not, I
seriously don`t understand what bothers you. Let me tell
you something,

and everyone else who is against this law called
the "DREAM ACT" are just waisting your precious time on
trying to encourage people to deport aliens. This Bill
will be passed on by this Year 2006 so that

good people
can have an opportunity in this country.
Maybe PEOPLE should start working on better things like
how to help students and encourage them to continue
succeeding in life. jajajaja

Sincerely, Isabella Iberia

P.S. I
was an ilegal alien many years ago, buy THANKS to my
husband I was able to become a Resident of the U.S. and

later a U.S. Citizen
like you! I hope you are not an
illegal! Funny right?

By the
way nice work done on all your web pages, hopefully you
change your ideas because they are just going to waste.

“. . . hold a slim position
of power, and a badly built website”

Date:   Sat, 28 Jan 2006

From:   bulldog grevol <
Subject: BIGOT!!!!

Hello my name is Joe Cortez, and i just wanted to express my
opinion to you, i believe that you are a lousy Bigot,
who believes that the

white supremisy
uis the best, you dispise
hard working immigrants
because you claim they take
up jobs?  you want every Illegal alien in the United

when all they are doing is assiting and
improving the economy, they work hard in the fields (a
job which you would NEVER even think about doing) and
you would cry like a baby back bitch if you ever had to
do it for at least a day, Now your upset at the
Government because it is passing laws which are aiding
illegal aliens to attend post secondery education on

in state tuitions,
your upset now because the
illegal aliens are no longer dumb witted, you KNOW they
are now in competition for the better jobs, YOUR job,
YOUR children`s job, and you know they are harder
workers so YOU KNOW they will beat you out of those jobs
thats why now while you still hold a slim position of
power, and a badly built website, attempt to get your
little voice out there, in an attempt to remove the
illegal aliens out of the U.S. but if you do so,

who`s going to clean your restrooms?
, who`s going to
pick up the garbage, i`m sure as hell your lazy fat ass
wont.  All i`m saying is that if they meet the
requirements to attend an in state college, if they have
the brains and the will, to make an attempt at

post-secondary education
, then why shouldn`t they? 
if you have anything to say, i can`t wait to hear it.

greeting sent from the

Las Vegas Recovery Center

treating drug, alcohol and gambling addiction

Date:   Thu, 19 Jan 2006 08:33:45
From:   "Nursewest"

this is
a stupid website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it was not for
mexicans you would not be doing anything who do you
think does all your dirty work and do it very well
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       so no im not
going to

report any one
so take your dumb as web site and

shove it

Confused by

Emma Lazarus
:  “the United States once said, "Bring
me the Poor, the Criminals and i shall make the best of

Date:   Wed, 11 Jan 2006
22:25:17 -0800 (PST)
From:   jenny gomez <

I am
writing you an E-mail because i am extremely concern
with the content of this page. The fact that many people
like yourself have the guts to open up a website in
order to inform "The American People" as you refer; on
how to deport illegal or legal immigrants of this
country is embarrassing. As a concern citizen of the
United States, and daughter of once
illegal resident
of this country i am not only
ashamed but sadden to see that in such a great country
like the United States (a Country that i was

born into
) there is still such ignorant people like
yourself. The U.S a country that as i supposed you know,
is a country that  was founded not only in the based of
freedom, liberty, but also opportunities. As i supposed
you can recall back to history, (we); the United States
once said "Bring me the Poor, the Criminals and i
shall make the best of them."
[ note: for the
record, the

Emma Lazarus Poem

Statue Of Liberty


nothing about criminals.]
and as you know we now are the best and most
powerful country in the world. Immigrants are not only
criminals as you make them seem in your Website. These
people are just like you and me or like our families
that once came to this country for better opportunities.
They have a dream "The American Dream" and all they want
is a chance to make that dream come true. Twenty years
ago when my family decided to migrate to the U.S, they
sold all they had in their country and with

many debts behind them
they decided to make the
American Dream come a reality. My father crossed the
Mexican desert by himself in which he got lost for two
weeks, during this time he got bit by a snake and almost
died. Until Immigration saw his body and saw that he was
still alive, and instead of taking him to a doctor like
any person would do, they took him to jail; thankfully
they saw all his efforts and allowed him to stayed. Now
just asked yourself if you think that a person that is
willing to risk their lives for their family future does
not deserves to be a part of our great
country. The American dream is something that our
families have all come for, and i refer to we because i
do not think that yourself is a real American (unless
you are a
native American)
 since all the people that have come
to this country have been and will
forever be immigrants
(like you and me). Hope
this Email has widen up your opinion in regards to the
immigrants that we have in this country, and that all
they are doing is trying to find the American Dream.  

“. . .
Satan is actually a big Mexican”

Date:   Wed, 18 Jan 2006

From:   Samuel Boss <
Subject: Little Juan

must be such a little man to hide your hate behind a
website. I hope that you`re still alive when people of

Hispanic heritage finish taking over the U.S.
make assholes like you eat their words.

If it
weren`t for those illegal aliens do you have any idea
how much you would pay for tomatoes, corn, etc? You are
one of the most ignorant and arrogant idiots that I have
come across in the Internet.

So what
are you going to suggest next shithead? To remove
California, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, New
York, New Jersey from the continental United States
because they have illegal aliens or legal residents with
a checkered past living there?

Man, it
is wimps like you that have this country all fucked up.
Let me guess, you also want to go against blacks and
would like to see the KKK rule the world? You already
have a president that thinks like Hitler, so half your
dream is accomplished.

May god
have pity on your ignorant soul, and may you burn in
hell for eternity when your days are over on this earth.

By the
way, I`ve heard

Satan is actually a big Mexican,
and has a

special place
designed just for asswipes like you.

don`t you reach between your legs and see if you still
have a pair down there, maybe you can run a big
political campaign based on your stupidity and become
real popular. That`s right you can`t do that, because
hiding behind a website is safer.

little Juan, he thought he was a man… but he`s
just a little man.

As I say,
this doesn`t bode well for America.

To quote
the late, great

Enoch Powell
, importing this Hispanic hate

"is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping
up its own funeral pyre.”

Juan Mann [email
him] is
an attorney and the proprietor of
He writes a weekly column for
contributes to Michelle Malkin`s

Immigration BLOG