Impeach Bush—Stop Attack On Iran

When are the American people and their
representatives in Congress and the military going to
wake up and realize that the US has an insane war
criminal in the White House who is destroying all
chances for peace in the world and establishing a police
state in the US? 

Americans don`t have much time to realize this and to
act before it is too late.  Bush`s "surge" speech
last Wednesday night makes it completely clear that his
real purpose is to start wars with Iran and Syria before
failure in Iraq brings an end to the

/Israeli plan to establish hegemony
over the Middle East.

The "surge" gives Congress, the media, and the
foreign policy establishment something to debate and
oppose, while Bush sets his plans in motion to
orchestrate a war with Iran.

Suddenly, we are hearing Bush regime propaganda that
there are Iranian networks operating within Iraq that
are working with the Iraqi insurgency and killing US
troops. This assertion is a lie and preposterous on its
face.  Iranian Shi`ites are not going to arm Iraqi
Sunnis, who are more focused on killing Iraqi Shi`ites
allied with Iran than on killing US troops. If the
Iranians wanted to cause the US trouble in Iraq, they
would encourage Iraqi Shi`ites to join the insurgency
against US forces. An insurgency drawn from 80% of the
Iraqi population would overwhelm the US forces.

CBS reports
that the news organization has been told
by US officials "that American forces have begun an
aggressive and mostly secret ground campaign against
networks of Iranians that had been operating with
virtual impunity inside Iraq."
  To manufacture
evidence in behalf of this lie to feed to the gullible
American public, US forces invaded an Iranian consulate
in northern Iraq and kidnapped 5 consulate officials,
claiming the Iranians were part of plans "to kill
  In typical Orwellian fashion, Secretary
of State Condi Rice described Bush`s aggression against
Iran as

designed to confront Tehran`s aggression.

Iraqi government officials in the Kurdish province
and the Iraqi foreign minister have refused to go along
with Bush`s propaganda ploy. Iraqi Foreign Minister
Hoshyar Zebari announced that the Iranian officials were
no threat and were working in a liaison office that had
Iraqi government approval and was in the process of
being elevated into a consulate. 

The Iraqi foreign minister said that US troops tried
to seize more innocent people at the Irbil airport but
were prevented by Kurdish troops.

The Kurds, of course, have been allies of the US
forces, but Bush is willing to alienate the Kurds in the
interest of provoking a war with Iran.

If Bush is unable to orchestrate war with Iran
directly, he will orchestrate war indirectly by having
US troops attack Iraqi Shi`ite militias. Bush has
already given orders for US troops to attack the Iraqi
Shi`ite militias, who oppose the Sunnis and have not
been part of the insurgency.  Obviously, once Bush can
get US troops in open warfare with Iraqi Shi`ites, the
situation for US troops in Iraq will quickly go down
hill.  Bush will be able to blame Iranian Shi`ites for
arming Iraqi Shi`ites that he can say are killing US

Bush has also ordered the Persian Gulf to be
congested with two US aircraft carrier attack
groups.  There is no military or diplomatic reason for
even one attack group to be in the Persian Gulf. 
If Bush fails to orchestrate a war with Iran by
kidnapping its officials or by attacking Shi`ite
militias, he can orchestrate an event like the Tonkin
Gulf incident or have the Israelis pull another USS
Liberty incident and blame the Iranians.

The Tonkin Gulf incident was used by the Johnson
administration to deceive Congress and to involve the US
in the Vietnam War. Johnson alleged a North Vietnamese
attack on US warships.

In 1967 Israel attacked and destroyed the US
intelligence ship Liberty,

because Liberty`s crew had picked up proof
Israel had initiated the war with Egypt and intended to
attack Syria the next day. Some have speculated that
Israelis hoped their attack on the Liberty could be
blamed on Egypt and used to draw the US into the war
against Egypt.

In 2003 the Moorer Commission [see

], headed by Admiral Tom Moorer, former Chief of
Naval Operations and former Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs, concluded:

"That in attacking the
USS Liberty, Israel committed acts of murder against
American servicemen and an act of war against the United

"That fearing conflict
with Israel, the White House deliberately prevented the
U.S. Navy from coming to the defense of USS Liberty."

"…the Captain and
surviving crew members were later threatened with
court-martial, imprisonment or worse if they exposed the
truth; and were abandoned by their own government."

"That due to the
influence of Israel`s powerful supporters in the United
States, the White House deliberately covered up the
facts of this attack from the American people."

"That a danger to our
national security exists whenever our elected officials
are willing to subordinate American interests to those
of any foreign nation, and specifically are unwilling to
challenge Israel`s interests when they conflict with
American interests."

On the 30th anniversary of Israel`s destruction of
the Liberty, Admiral Moorer said that Israel attacked
the Liberty because Israel knew that the intelligence
ship could intercept Israel`s plans to seize the Golan
Heights from Syria, an act of Israeli aggression to
which the US government was opposed.  Admiral Moorer

"I believe Moshe Dayan concluded that he
could prevent Washington from becoming aware of what
Israel was up to by destroying the primary source of
acquiring that information–the US Liberty.”

Moorer reports that after a 25 minute air attack
"that pounded the Liberty with bombs, rockets, napalm
and machine gun fire . . . three Israeli torpedo boats
closed in for the kill . . . the torpedo boats` machine
guns also were turned on life rafts that were deployed
into the Mediterranean as well as those few on deck that
had escaped damage."

Admiral Moorer says, "What is so chilling and
cold-blooded, of course, is that they
could kill as many Americans as they did in confidence
that Washington would cooperate in quelling any public

The US invasion of Iraq and the looming US attack on
Iran are proof that Israel has even more power over the
White House today. 

Bush has many ways to widen his war in the Middle
East.  His brutal aggression against Somalia has largely
escaped criticism for the war crime that it is. On
January 11 the US National Intelligence Director told
Congress that Hezbollah in Lebanon may be the next US
threat. Just as he lied to the entire world about Saddam
Hussein and Iraq, Bush is lying about Iran.  Bush and
the neoconservatives are frantic for war with Iran to
get underway before the US Congress forces a US
withdrawal from the failed adventure in Iraq.

Bush`s entire "war on terror" is based on
lies. The Bush Regime, desperate to keep its lies
covered up, is now trying to prevent American law firms
from defending the Guantanamo detainees. The Bush Regime
is fearful that Americans will learn that the detainees
are not terrorists but props in the regime`s
orchestrated "terror war."

On January 13 the New York Times (editorial)
said that "Cully Stimson, the deputy assistant
secretary of defense for detainee affairs, tried to
rally American corporations to stop doing business with
law firms that represent inmates of the Guantanamo
internment camp."
Stimson alleged that it was
that American law firms were
"representing detainees down there."
  He suggested
that when corporate America got word of if, "those
C.E.O.`s are going to make those law firms choose
between representing terrorists or representing
reputable firms.  We want to watch that play out."
Up The Usual Lawyers

The only reason for the Bush Regime`s policy of
indefinite detention without charges is that it has no
charges to bring.  The detainees are not terrorists.
They are the Bush Regime`s props in a fake war that
serves as cover for the Regime`s hegemonic policy in the
Middle East.

The only action that can stop Bush is for both the
Democratic and Republican leadership of the House and
Senate to call on the White House, tell Bush they know
what he is up to and that they will not fall for it a
second time. The congressional leadership must tell Bush
that if he does not immediately desist, he will be
impeached and convicted before the week is out.

Can a congressional leadership that lives in fear of
the Israel Lobby perform this task?

All the rest is penny-ante.  Revoking the Iraqi War
Resolution as Rep. Sam Farr has proposed or requiring
Bush to obtain congressional authorization prior to any
US attack on Iran simply lets Bush and his Federalist
Society apologists for executive dictatorship claim he
has commander-in-chief powers and proceed with his
planned aggression.  Cutting off funding is not itself
enough as Bush can raid other budgets. Non-binding
resolutions of disapproval are meaningless to a
president who doesn`t care what anyone else thinks.

Nothing can stop the criminal Bush from instituting
wider war in the Middle East that could become a
catastrophic world war except an unequivocal statement
from Congress that he will be impeached.

Bush has made the US into a colony of Israel. The US
is incurring massive debt and loss of both life and
reputation in order to silence Muslim opposition to
Israel`s theft of Palestine and the Golan Heights. 

That is what the "war on terror" is about.



Paul Craig Roberts

] was Assistant
Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration.
He is the author of

Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider`s Account of
Policymaking in Washington
and the Soviet Economy

Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy
and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice
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Forbes Magazine interview with Roberts
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