Immigration Deform? Never Call Amnesty Anything But “Amnesty”!

The Bush Administration proposes giving Amnesty to
millions of illegal aliens, and also open the floodgates
to more immigration through a

“guest worker”

In a very

fashion, the

Bush Administration
calls amnesty

“immigration reform.”

The Bushies are forced to do this. Their allies in

Big Business

lower wages for Americans
and therefore support
amnesty. But ordinary Americans overwhelmingly oppose
amnesty for illegal immigration. Anything labeled
amnesty has almost no chance to pass Congress.

On the other hand, the public is in favor of

“immigration reform”
legal immigration

deporting illegal aliens

By labeling amnesty as “immigration reform”,
the Bushies hope to muddy the waters.

The key for real immigration reformers to win is

—calling amnesty

Immigration reform writers must never fall into the
trap of calling the Bush

amnesty proposal
anything but amnesty.

The only exception: sometimes, later in articles or
conversations, it may be acceptable to note briefly and

the fact that the Bushies call their
amnesty proposal “immigration reform.”
(Immigration deform?)

But only very briefly.

If ordinary people call this amnesty bill
“immigration reform,”
it will pass and Big Business
will drive the

American standard of living downward

If Americans call amnesty by its proper name, it will
fail and

working Americans
will benefit. The people in the

immigration reform movement
can make the difference.

It`s a simple as this: never call amnesty anything
but “amnesty.”

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