Illegal Alien`s D.R.E.A.M.—Patriot`s Nightmare

As the illegal alien (

S. 1545
, [PDF]
Development, Relief, and Education
for Alien Minors”
[D.R.E.A.M.] Act
makes its way through the United States Senate, it`s
time to set the record straight about whose “dream”
this nonsense is anyway.

On October 23, the

Senate Judiciary Committee voted
, by a disgracefully
overwhelming 16 to 3 margin, to support D.R.E.A.M`s
anti-American double-whammy:

  • A deportation amnesty and permanent
    resident status for any smuggled illegal aliens and
    visa over-stayers
    (now would-be “students“)
    who claim to have arrived in the U.S. before age 16

As I have


October, 2001
, the federal immigration bureaucracy
already is an alien-friendly

permanent amnesty
, wide open to

by anyone, and to

by terrorists. Another amnesty by
stealth only makes a bad situation worse.


Department of Homeland Security

Secretario Ridge
and international banker

Eduardo Aguirre, Jr
. controls the residency and
naturalization machinery now in the Bureau of
Citizenship and Immigration Services –BCIS.
Homeland Security`s BCIS division would also hand out
conditional residence permits and

“green cards”
to illegal alien “students” if
D.R.E.A.M becomes law.

The rest of the federal

amnesty apparatus
hides in plain sight in the U.S.
Department of Justice, taking shape as the

Immigration Court system of the Executive
Office for Immigration Review — (EOIR).
Under D.R.E.A.M, the EOIR would share jurisdiction with
the BCIS in rewarding illegal alien “students”
with resident status.

In amending the

Immigration and Nationality Act
, D.R.E.A.M would
expand the most blatant rolling amnesty program already
administered by the EOIR. That`s something called
“cancellation of removal and adjustment of status for
certain nonpermanent residents”

Section 240A (b)
of the Act.

In other words, “nonpermanent
is a

for illegal aliens. “Cancellation of
stops their deportation and gives them
lawful permanent resident status.

Under the current law –Section
— if illegal aliens claim to have been in the
United States for ten years, if these cheaters can prove
the counter-intuitive notion that they are persons of
“good moral character,” and if they can show
“exceptional and extremely unusual hardship”
to a
“qualifying relative”
(that is, a U.S. citizen or
permanent resident spouse, parent or child) if they were
deported, then they receive a freshly-minted “green
card” as a reward for living and working illegally
without getting caught.

Attention: The rolling amnesty is

already underway
at the EOIR . . . as more and more
illegal aliens claim their ten years every day!

And now with a host of exceptions
and loopholes, D.R.E.A.M would expand the illegal alien
reward program even further. Under the bill,
deportation proceedings for any would-be “student”
would grind to a halt.

Here`s the amnesty smoking gun:

“Sec. 4 (a) (1) (f) —
REMOVAL OF ALIEN- The Secretary of Homeland Security
shall not remove any alien who has a pending application
for conditional status under this Act.”

[S. 1545, PDF

page 7

Along with other immigration
disasters like the

Arizona amnesty
plan, D.R.E.A.M is just another
piece-by-piece selling-off of America to illegal alien

So whose dream is the

Act`s anyway?

Certainly not the three patriotic
Senators who voted against it!

Just as there are only three
Justices left on the

U.S. Supreme Court
[see page 31 of PDF], the 16-3
vote on S. 1545 reveals that there are only three
Senators left on the Immigration Subcommittee still
interested in the sovereignty of the United States.

Their names:

Saxby Chambliss
(R – GA),

Jeff Sessions
(R – AL),

Lindsey Graham
(R – SC)

As for the sixteen who did not
listen to the wisdom of these three: there will come a
day when it will not be so expedient to pander to the
illegal alien lobby.

These sixteen, along with the

39 cosponsors
of illegal alien “student” amnesty do
not follow an American dream. They follow the dreams of


, the ethnic identity merchants of LULAC,
the Quaker

American Friends Service Committee
, and even a

“social justice”
group of

habitless nuns
. Their dreams support those of the
cheater, the opportunist, the criminal – and the

Senators Chambliss, Sessions and
Lindsey Graham disagree.

They and everyone who proudly
abides by the immigration laws of the United
States—whether American-born or not—dream that America
should remain a nation of laws, and that illegal aliens
should not be rewarded, but


Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of