Happy New Year – Unhappy Old Nation?

New Year`s is often the occasion
for looking ahead at what the future will bring, and for
the United States whatever we can see doesn`t look much
like it did in the past. From California comes news that
that state will soon look even less like it used to—and
as California goes, so goes the nation.

A new

of babies born in California in 1998 by the
University of California at Los Angeles reveals that
soon the entire state will look like Los Angeles does
now—that is, Latino.

"We can see the future of
California by looking into delivery rooms today," the
study crows. "By the time today`s kids become adults,
the state will be just slightly under half Latino and we
won`t need any immigration to achieve it," says the
study`s author, David E. Hayes-Bautista, [send
him mail
] director of the Center for the Study of
Latino Health and Culture at the University of
California, Los Angeles.

Who, you may wish to ask, is "we"?

"We" are the future people of
California, the people who are carrying out what "we"
call the "Reconquista," the Reconquest. As David
Lopez, a sociologist at California State University at
Northridge, [send
him mail
] expresses it, "In 1848, Mexico lost the
war, but in 2050, Mexico will have reclaimed what was
rightfully theirs."

Well, at least we (that is the real
"we," the old American people as opposed to the new one
lurching toward Los Angeles to be born) know whose side
he`s on.

If you don`t think there are two
sides, then you`re probably part of the

Open Borders
crowd, which has been chirping about
the massive influx of immigrants for years, denouncing
anyone who questioned it as a

and hatemonger and assuring anyone who cared
to listen that the new immigrants would

and become good Americans. As usual, the
Open Borders crowd got it wrong—totally wrong.

Good Americans don`t boast of how
"Mexico will have reclaimed what was rightfully theirs"
when the Latinos come marching in. What the demographic
explosion of Latino babies in California foreshadows is
not just the ethnic transformation of the state but its
political and cultural return to Mexico—as the Los
Angeles Daily News
, which reported on the new study,
says, "As Latino populations continue to surge,
California as a whole will revert to its roots."  [Peter
Brimelow reflects on this idea that America is an


In Los Angeles county, nearly
two-thirds—62.4 percent—of all births are Latino. Of the
more than 500,000 babies born in the state in 1998, 47.5
percent were Latino. In Los Angeles Latinos already
outnumber non-Hispanic whites by 42.1 percent to 41.6
percent, and by 2016, the study projects, Latinos will
make up the majority of young adults in the entire

As Mr. Hayes-Bautista noted, "we"
won`t need immigration to achieve majority status, but
it certainly helps. "If the (Latino) immigration were
ever to cease, I think the Hispanic birth rate would
decrease dramatically," says another expert, David M.
Heer, senior scholar of the Center for Immigration at
the University of California, San Diego. "But I don`t
see immigration declining." Nor should he.

Yet another study, this one
conducted by the

National Population Council,
an agency of the
Mexican government, says that between 400,000 and
500,000 Mexicans will migrate to the United States

every year for the next 30 years
. "Within three
decades, the study predicts 18 million Mexicans living
in the US, in addition to more than 14 million second
and third generation Mexicans already living north of
the border."

Note that the report, from the
Mexico News Service, doesn`t hesitate to call them
"Mexicans," even if they come from folks living in the
United States for two or three generations.

That`s why they call it "reconquista."

Immigrants who come in such huge
numbers are not really immigrants at all, of course, but
invaders, and the invasion of the Southwestern United
States by Mexico is precisely what is happening. Indeed,
the UCLA study of new births in California makes clear
that what I have previously called "colonization" is an
even better term for what`s going on.

It`s going on because the

Mexican government

ruling class
has never convinced itself that it lost
the Mexican-American war fairly or that the land that
was ceded to the United States is really no longer
Mexican. Hence, the Mexican government does everything
it can to encourage mass immigration into the United
States and to manipulate the Mexicans who immigrate for
its own national purposes.

That is perhaps understandable.
What is not understandable is why "our" government—"our"
referring to the real American people, whose ancestors
created the United States—tolerates
and even seems to be

in league with
what is now clear will be the
destruction of American national unity and probably, as
Latino birth rates and immigration continue to swell
even beyond California, of the United States itself.


December 31,