Grassroots Revolt Spreading: Connecticut Patriots To Protest Three Amigos` Amnesty


revolutionary spirit

Nathan Hale
lives on in Connecticut.  Hats off to

Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control

These modern day patriots are
preparing a demonstration for Saturday, June 25 outside
the Hartford office of U.S. Senator

Joseph Lieberman,
protesting his support for the
recently introduced “McKennedy” illegal alien
amnesty bill— the abominable

S. 1033
, shamelessly entitled the “Secure America
and Orderly Immigration Act.” 

This legislation was introduced on
May 12 in the U.S. Senate by John McCain.  So far only
Senators Lieberman, Edward

, Sam

, Lindsey


Ken Salazar
have signed-on as sponsors.

In addition to being congratulated
for getting off of the couch and

doing something
to show its opposition to the alien

should also be commended for its creative

Hartford meeting flyer
[PDF] design.  Caricatures of
the McCain-Kennedy-Lieberman trio appear as

“The Three Amigos”
in sombreros and full

outfits singing “viva ilegales,”
both in the flyer and currently on the

main page
of the CTCIC web site.

For our Connecticut readers, or
anyone else within earshot of Hartford, here are the
details of the upcoming demonstration.  I received the
information via e-mail Sunday.

Citizens for immigration Control will have a
demonstration in front of Joe Lieberman`s Office,
Saturday, June 25th at 9:30 am., at One Constitution
Plaza, corner of Market and State….

“Senator Joe Lieberman has one of the worst records in
the Senate on immigration. He has promoted an open
borders policy, voted for increased immigration, voted
for displacing American technical workers with the H-1B
visa program and been an obstruction to passing a safe
and secure driver`s license bill.”

For more information contact

Paul Streitz
, CTCIC executive director.

It will come as no shock to readers that

Senator Lieberman
has an abominable

voting record
on immigration control.

And since all the world probably
knows– thanks to the miserable

James Tarantoad

Peter Brimelow
is a Connecticut resident, the
patriots of the CTCIC had just better keep an eye out
for a

familiar face
in the crowd . . . just in case.

You never know who might show up to

good rally

Groups like CTCIC are popping up
all over America, as

organize to

defend their country
in the face of Washington`s
wimp-out. It`s getting hard to keep up with them!

But unfortunately, the

street thugs
of the Treason Lobby are organizing (or
being organized) too.

For a chilling view of what the
First Amendment means today on the streets of
America—when it comes to anyone who would dare to
question Open Borders orthodoxy, that is—check out the
West Coast Reconquista`s response to immigration reform
gatherings recently in

Baldwin Park
(May 15),

Garden Grove
(May 25) California, and

Las Vegas
, Nevada (May 29).

So best of luck to the CTCIC and
their East Coast efforts. Be careful out there—but go.

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of