Global Warming And The Second Battle of Copenhagen

Before President Obama even landed
at Andrews Air Force Base, returning from his mission to
Copenhagen to win the

2016 Olympic Games
, Chicago had been voted off the

Many shared the lamentation of
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels,

"What has become
of America, when Chicago can`t steal an election?"

A second and more serious battle of
Copenhagen is shaping up, in mid-December, when a world
conference gathers to impose limits on greenhouse gases
to stop "global
Primary purpose: Rope in the Americans who
refused to submit to the Kyoto Protocols that Al Gore
brought home in the Clinton era.

The long campaign to bring the
United States under another global regime — the newest
piece in the architecture of world government — has
been flagging since 2008. Then, it seemed a lock with
the election of Obama and a veto-proof Democratic

Why has the campaign stalled?
Because global warming has stalled. The hottest year of
modern times, 1998, came and went a decade ago.

As BBC climate correspondent Paul
: "For the last 11 years, we have not observed any increase in global
temperatures. And our climate models did not forecast
it, even though manmade carbon dioxide, the gas thought
to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued
to rise."

What this powerfully suggests is
that what man does and does not do is far less
responsible for climate change, if it is responsible at
all, than other factors over which he has no control.

Consider. Though the emissions of
carbon dioxide rose constantly throughout the 20th
century — with the industrialization of the West,
Japan, Southeast Asia and, finally, China and India —
global temperatures have not risen steadily at all. They
have fluctuated.

John Sununu,
writing in the

St. Croix Review,

says the Earth underwent
"cooling in the
1920s, heating in the 1930s and 1940s, cooling in the
1950s and 1960s and 1970s, warming in the 1980s and
1990s, and cooling in the past decade."

But if there is no crisis, why are
we even going to Copenhagen? And if there is no causal
connection between carbon dioxide and global warming,
what is the true cause of climate change?

Some scientists say that 98 percent
of the Earth`s temperature can be explained by the sun.
When the sun`s energy increases, a matter over which man
has zero control, the Earth`s temperature rises. When
the sun`s energy diminishes, the Earth`s temperature

One solar scientist, Piers Corbyn,
claims to have found a link between solar charged
particles hitting the Earth and global warming and

Others, like professor
Don Easterbrook
of Western Washington University,
contend that the
oceans explain climate change. As they heat and cool
cyclically, the Earth heats and cools. And where the
oceans were cooling for 40 years before the 1990s, they
have lately been heating up. Easterbrook says these
cycles tend to last for 30 years.

As Hudson notes, there are
scientists who claim they have taken all these factors
into consideration and insist that the Earth, over the
long haul, is warming. But Hudson cites Mojib Latif of
the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, who says
we are in the

first stage of a long-term cooling trend
that will
last another 10 to 20 years.

The anecdotal evidence almost daily
contradicts Al Gore and the end-of-times
environmentalists. Lately, there have been
record-breaking cold spells in the Midwest and West.
Snow came to Colorado this October, postponing a
baseball playoff game. The hurricane season turned out
to be among the mildest on record. Contrary to
predictions, the polar bear population seems to be doing

While the ice cap at the North Pole
is receding, the Antarctic ice cap, which contains 90
percent of the world`s ice, is expanding.

Moreover, receding ice in the
Arctic is opening up a northwest passage from Europe to
Asia. The Russians believe the immense mineral resources
of the Arctic may soon be accessible. While we wring our
hands, they are rushing to get them.

The mounting evidence that global
warming has halted and man is not responsible for
climate change has thrown the Kyoto II lobby into
something of a panic. Barbara Boxer and John Kerry are
re-branding the Senate cap-and-trade bill as a national
security measure.

If, however, cap-and-trade, which
the Congressional Budget Office says will be another
blow to economic growth, can be stopped before the
Copenhagen summit in December, the republic may have
dodged another bullet. And the goal of the globalists —
an end to the independence and sovereignty of the United
States, and the creation of a world government — will
have sustained yet another welcome postponement.



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