FBI – Finally Busting Illegals?

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look out illegal aliens and
criminal alien
residents – the G-Men are coming!

Thanks to a recent delegation of
authority by

Attorney General John Ashcroft
to the Director of
the Federal Bureau of Investigation, all Special Agents
of the FBI now have the power to enforce the immigration
laws of the United States.[VDARE.COM
Click here to see the memo.]

Putting the FBI on the case is an
historic step in the right direction for

immigration law enforcement.
Beginning December 18,
2002, the FBI has the authority to locate, investigate
and apprehend anyone in violation of federal immigration
law – especially those in violation of the
terrorism-targeted “special registration system”
known as

 [National Security Entry-Exit Registration
System]. Previously, this authority was retained
exclusively by the late, unlamented INS.

But the FBI needs your help.
It`s time to start

illegal aliens and criminal alien
residents to the FBI over the internet – or the
old-fashioned way, by calling or writing one of the FBI

field offices.

The FBI recognizes that the internet can be used to


suspected criminal activity. In contrast, in its entire
sorry history, the INS didn`t put up a single e-mail
address or web-based “tips” form. The FBI`s already has
done this at https://tips.fbi.gov.

The FBI not only has the power but
also the duty to act as immigration officers. So
send in your


The Attorney General`s decision
allowing the FBI to “exercise the powers and duties of
immigration officers” is a significant development for
the Department of Justice. By delegating immigration
authority to its own elite investigative corps, the
Attorney General has seen to it that the DOJ will still
have a hand in the immigration law enforcement business.

With the former INS leaving the DOJ
as of March 1 – and taking all of its immigration
officers with it – the new Department of Homeland
Security would have had a monopoly on enforcement. But
not now.

Don`t worry about turf battles.
With over

8.4 million
illegal aliens in the country, there`s
plenty of work to go around.

But with the FBI on the case, it would be possible to
make short work of illegal alien day-laborers, visa
overstayers, convicted criminal alien residents, bogus

applicants, phony

foreign students
, international

alien smugglers,
illegal alien gang-bangers,

border-crossing coyotes,
and other assorted

foreign menaces
on our shores.

Just think — if the FBI compiles a big enough illegal
alien arrest record through citizen

, maybe enforcing the immigration laws of the
United States will become one of the FBI`s new


A helpful suggestion: the new FBI
immigration officers should use the federal government`s
greatest weapon to fight illegal immigration – the

expedited removal
power of Immigration Act

Section 235(b).

They should also ask their boss,
the Attorney General, to expand this enforcement tool to

fullest extent
of the law.

The FBI could also use their
immigration powers to ship as many illegal aliens as
possible out of the country under administrative
removals and

“voluntary departure”
orders while still in federal
custody (that is,

“under safeguards”
) as an alternative to sending
them to the

litigation briar patch
of the DOJ`s dysfunctional
Immigration Court system in the Executive Office for
Immigration Review.

The FBI`s immigration authority is
definitely good news for America. If the FBI devotes
even a fraction of its resources to immigration
enforcement inside our borders, it can succeed where the
former INS failed.

Juan Mann, a lawyer, is the
proprietor of