Even The Whistleblowers Are Getting More Intense . . .

Though I don`t exactly get

“tons” of e-mail

Athena Kerry
(maybe I should post a photo too), the

reader comments
I receive are starting to get more
intense…especially from those in the know about the
federal immigration bureaucracy. 

For example, I just received these
comments last week from a VDARE.com reader whose
invaluable insights have been woven into

these pages
over the years:

“Everyone seems to forget that the same people who

the disgraceful, inept,

and corrupt INS

abolished Immigration and Naturalization Service
are now over at the

Department of Homeland Security
.  This message still
has not gotten to Congress nor the American public. 
Please say it loud and clear.”

Yes, my friends, the federal agency
names have changed, but the

of the bureaucracy remains.

The newly-named Customs and Border
Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) and Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
within the Department of Homeland Security still contain
mostly the same federal government employees sitting at
the same desks, doing exactly the same things they used
to do for the roundly-despised INS.

We`ve now passed the five-year mark
since September 11, 2001. So it`s not surprising that
the level of frustration is increasing.

Specifically, we are no nearer

summary process

actually deporting
the 20 million-plus illegal
aliens now roaming around these United States.

Another VDARE.com reader commented
last week about my reporting the Treason Lobby`s
meddling with the U.S. Immigration Court judges in the
Department of Justice`s Executive Office for Immigration
Review (EOIR): [The
Treason Lobbys New Immigration Henchman in Washington –
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
, and

The Treason Lobby`s Latest Vendetta—Not Enough Asylum
Granted by Immigration Judges

The VDARE.com reader wrote:

you for putting the EOIR/Asylum story in proper
perspective.  I worked as an Asylum Officer for four
long years, and I have to say that the

program is a complete scam
.  It is a giveaway
program to

deceitful aliens

liberal immigration attorneys
.  The USCIS asylum
managers come right out of the illegal alien lobby or
private immigration practice.

aliens get an asylum interview and when the asylum
officer finds that they are not qualified for the
[i.e. asylum],
the aliens are placed into EOIR proceedings.  Once they
go before the IJ
[immigration judge], they get an automatic de
afresh] asylum hearing.  A second bite at the
apple, much more of a right that what a U.S. citizen in
criminal proceedings would ever be afforded.  

“The IJs
who are granting all of the asylum cases clearly have an
agenda because EOIR is getting all of the cases that the
asylum offices (as liberal as they are) did not
approve.   The IJs should be removing them all and being
quicker about it. 

“I have
really had enough of what is going on.

“There has been no
significant regulatory changes since the 9/11 attacks
that make it easier to deny benefits to aliens (whether
they are a national security concern or not).  The
Real ID Act and the Patriot Act beefed up the

[federal] regulations in regard to removing
terrorists, but most of the time this sort of
information is classified so it can`t be used in removal
proceedings or in written benefit denials.”

So things really are as bad
as advertised. Since 9/11, the ongoing abuse of the
asylum process in the United States hasn`t changed one


other things
, I`ve been blowing the whistle on

immigration benefit fraud
, the behind-the-scenes
dismantling of

summary removal
as well as on the mechanics of its
asylum-friendly credible
fear review
process for about five years now.

My all-time favorite description of
the complete ineffectiveness of the asylum review
process was provided by a VDARE.com reader in 2002.  I
dubbed the piece

Credible Fear and Loathing
– Real Life in the
Airport as Aliens Drop from the Sky

Unfortunately, it`s just as true
today. It`s still possible that any clandestine

Mohammedan Jihadist
in the world could simply show
up at an American port of entry or

with no documents, say “asylum”, and
be allowed to in.


federal immigration bureaucracy
is the problem. 

Abolishing it for good
—and replacing it with summary
removal methods by

—is the solution.

That`s about as loud and clear as a
message can get. 

Are you listening yet, Congress?

Juan Mann [email
him] is an attorney and the proprietor of

He writes a weekly column for

contributes to Michelle Malkin`s

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