Coyotes Change Tactics—Co-opt Border Patrol

[Also by Juan Mann:

The evidence is in. Case
closed. There can be no denying that illegal aliens
entering the United States know more about the ins and
outs of the

federal immigration bureaucracy
—and how to
manipulate it – than the average American.

An e-mail report I received recently from a
self-identified Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
inspector on the Mexican border says it all. The Agent reports a significant change of tactics by the

of non-Mexican illegals.

As the reader is a federal
employee, I provide the following disclaimer:

“The opinions expressed on this
page do not in any way represent the official position
of the DOJ, EOIR, BIA, DHS, CBP, ICE, USCIS or any other
branch of the United States government … but maybe
they will someday.”

Subject: Please help the USA

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005

“I hope
you might want to know how things are going on the

Texas-Mexico Border
. Things are really bad. Everyday
it gets more ridiculous.

“As an
Immigration Inspector I talk to people all day long. In
one day I had 2 Hondurans, 1 Guatemalan and 2 El
Salvadorans all come up to me and tell me they had just

crossed the river illegally.
all have just one request: “¿Me puedes dar un permiso
para entrar a los Estados Unidos?”
[Can you
can give me a permit to enter the United States?]

have visas, they usually don`t even have a

. But, they all have the address of a friend
or family member that is already in the U.S. illegally
that they want to stay with. Most already know where

they are going to work
and how much they will be
paid. As these people have already crossed illegally and
are entering the Port of Entry from the north, I am

to call Border Patrol.

sure you all know what Border Patrol is obligated to
do—they must parole the illegal alien into the U.S., if
they are from countries

Other Than Mexico
[OTMs], and give them a date to
appear in court for their Deportation hearing.

also know that the vast majority, some estimate 85%+

never show up
to court. Would you?

you ready for this? The Coyotes no longer simply drop
the illegals off on the other side of the river. For a
few extra dollars they take them right to the fence
of the Border Patrol station
. When they arrive there
they give the B.P. Agents a courtesy call from their
cell phone and let them know how many people are waiting
for them outside…OTMs
have to be given a Parole into the U.S. They are most
times even given transportation to the bus station."

 (Because Mexico is a
contiguous country, Mexican illegals can be more easily
deported. Rather than face detention, they usually
voluntarily go back—and try again.)

My correspondent continues:

“Several people, including the illegal aliens, have told
me how they cross the river. There is a little boat that
makes several crossings a day. I suspect he has a
regular schedule, to ferry people across.
Several have even told me, “Yo cruce en
la lanchita amarilla.” [I cross in the yellow

help us. We are here on the border fighting a losing
battle. It will not get better until people in the U.S.
know the truth.

write more about what is going on. Most U.S. citizens
don`t realize
how many
illegal aliens there are in our country.
They don`t understand what is happening to our country.”

This brazen change in tactics
proves that illegal alien smugglers and their lawyer
allies in the Treason Lobby are now coaching their
charges well. They know that by reporting to the Border
Patrol, the illegals get into the
system and can apply for employment authorization –
which is always granted pending their hearing. If they
choose to show up at their hearing, they have an
excellent chance of stalling deportation indefinitely.
They may even get legal status.

The root cause of this
madness is how the federal government goes about
deporting illegal aliens – above all, the U.S.
Immigration Court system of the Executive Office for
Immigration Review (EOIR)
within the Department of Justice.

When it comes to what`s wrong
with the

deportation system
in the United States, all roads
lead to the EOIR.

I`ve been

about the EOIR for the past three years.
I`ve called for the `deportation through litigation`
system to be abolished. Author

Michelle Malkin
agreed in the

of her book,


A delay-ridden EOIR
Immigration Court hearing system (with access to a
smorgasbord of litigation in the federal district courts
and circuit courts of appeal) for the deportation of
every single illegal alien who manages to

set foot on American soil
– coupled with the

policies of the Department of Homeland
Security`s (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) division – is the recipe for an open


Treason Lobby
has known this for years. Immigration
detention centers on the Mexican border are little more
than new

Ellis Islands
. Their only apparent function is to
release illegal aliens for the supposed purpose of
appearing somewhere else for an EOIR Immigration Court
hearing someday.

Fortunately, the miracle of
the internet has allowed patriotic readers and
other whistleblowers to communicate and get the message
out to the public . . . safely and confidentially

Juan Mann

My correspondent needn`t worry.
I`ll keep writing about the federal immigration
litigation bureaucracy and all of its fallout on
America. In addition to my

weekly column
here on, I have now joined
the ranks of the group

immigration blog
hosted by

Michelle Malkin

The reality of America`s open
border will be known outside of the ranks of illegal
aliens, their

and allies in the Treason Lobby, as well
as the few

patriotic Americans
who are trying to do something
about it.

The truth shall set us free!

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of