Canada (Jason Kenney, Immigration Minister) Welcomes The Camp of the Saints

Jean Raspail
`s famous apocalyptic novel, The Camp of the Saints, continues

to come true in
any attention from the U.S. media, which may be

that its own

are already stirred up about immigration quite enough.

On August 12, a
Thailand-registered rust bucket, the MV
Sun Sea
, carrying 490 Tamils, refugees from the
losing side in the Sri Lankan civil war, many of them
reckoned on the authority of no

less than Canada`s
Minister of Public Safety

to be members of the

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam, entered Canadian territorial waters.

Canadian Forces
(Canada`s army, navy and air force are unified) knew of
the Sun Sea`s
voyage for weeks [
Thai `people-smuggling` ship reported heading for Canada
By Stewart Bell, National Post, July 15, 2010] , just as they knew that these
migrants had paid $30,000 or so each for the privilege
of becoming
indentured servants to foreign gangsters
. So what
did they do in response? The same as they always do—
graciously escorted these invaders into harbor.

Everyone knows
that once on Canadian soil (or in Canadian waters) the
Tamils have the right to the full legal protection of
the Canadian legal system. This was the

of the Supreme Court of Canada in the 1985
Singh case. My American readers will be familiar with the

old saw
, "The Constitution is not a
suicide pact"
. Well, in Canada, our Constitution
is a suicide pact, and we`re proud of it. So the Tamils are now the
responsibility of Canada`s refugee determination system:

"Our guarantee: No tale too tall
for acceptance!"

Sun Sea is the
second ship carrying Tamils to arrive in Canada in less
than a year. Based on what

happened in 2009

, most of the Tamils will be released
"into the
, most will apply for refugee status, and
most will get it—
their provenance.

In fact, Canada
has experienced several Boat People incidents since the
1980s. (That we know of—more have been rumored). In
1999, the

arrival of four ships

carrying Chinese migrants in hock to the

threatened to become a political crisis before popular outcry before we
were instructed (by Liberal Immigration Minister Elinor
Caplan) how "
were.  But given
Prime Minister Stephen Harper`s


to the "war on
why didn`t the Canadian government stop the
Tamils before they entered Canadian waters? After all,

Australia did for years
and recently resumed this policy again.

Two reasons: one

, one moral (or at least political):

  • Apparently, Harper has been convinced that Canada does not have the
    right to keep out boat people.
  • In any event, to do so would be to invoke distressing memories of

    Komagata Maru

    , a ship carrying Sikhs that was escorted out of Vancouver in 1914,
    and the

    St. Louis

    , full of Jewish refugees, turned away from Halifax in 1939.

Writing in the
leftwing Vancouver paper,
The Tyee,
University of British Columbia law professor Michael

: "Jason Kenney, the Minister for
Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism,
frequently refers to the SS
St. Louis
as an example of how racist attitudes
colored the policies of previous Canadian governments."
Tamil Boat People Should Be Let into Canada

| Remember the
Komagata Maru — and our leaders` recent apologies
July 19 2010]

Canada has
apologized repeatedly for the
St. Louis for
decades. Harper apologized for
Komagata Maru
at a

Sikh festival in
and Kenney doled out $2.5 million in memorial funding.
Prof. Byers concluded,

"Harper and Kenney`s…contrition
with respect to the
Komagata Maru
and SS St. Louis
might be rooted in genuine humanitarianism, or be part
of a cynical effort to attract Sikh and Jewish votes.
Either way, it ties their hands with respect to Tamil
boat people. The law allows for options; the principle
of consistency does not."

For some reason,
apparently, this does not does apply to


What do the
Canadian people have to say about this?
It doesn`t matter.
Their opinion is irrelevant. Stephen Harper, his

minority government status

is as absolute

as a French king under the
ancien regime.

Can a country even
be said to be sovereign if it abjures responsibility for
its borders? Ask President Obama!

But note Obama has
a good partisan reason for erasing the border between
America and Mexico.

More Hispanics mean more Democrat victories
But the Canadian Tamil diaspora, estimated at
250,000—there are only

in neighboring India, which is only 50 miles from Sri Lanka!—supports the Liberal Party, not Harper`s Conservative Party.  Some
20,000 are

Liberal Party
members. Prominent Liberals, up to and including former
Prime Minister Paul Martin, have appeared at

rallies hosted by
Tiger front groups and flying the Tiger flag.

As a result, the
Sri Lankan government hates the Canadian Liberal Party
so much that its foreign affairs shadow minister, Bob
Rae, was

swiftly deported
from Colombo last year

The people of

, which hosts
about 200,000 Tamils, don`t like them very much either,
especially after they took over a major freeway and

brought traffic
throughout the city to a standstill last year
Rival Tamil gangs work Toronto`s streets, while Tamil
businessmen are

enjoined to pay a
"war tax"
support Tiger efforts back home.

Not that you hear
much about this from Canada`s media. John Thompson of


think-tank reported on Tamil activities in the
Toronto Sun a
decade ago. Hundreds of Tamils blockaded the newspaper`s
offices in response.


(This was not the
last case of a Canadian newspaper kowtowing to immigrant
pressure groups. The
National Post
made two separate apologies to Koreans after gently mocking the passion
of their soccer supporters at the World Cup in 2002. The
first apology was similarly light-heartened. But the
grocery store trade in Canada is Korean-dominated, and
it was put forcefully to the
Post that some serious groveling was required—or else Korean grocers
would stop selling it. For obvious reasons, most of
these stories don`t come to light. I got the Korean
story privately from an impeccable source.)

To its credit, the
National Post

that the Sun Sea should be
stopped from entering Canada. Given that the
National Post is among Conservative Party strongest media
supporters, what could Stephen Harper be thinking?

Perhaps we should
ask Karl Rove. Rove is

to the end-timers who dominate Canadian
"movement conservatism". Perhaps he has infected them with his

"invade the world,
invite the world"
Big Tentism.

Or we could ask
Jason Kenney, the aforementioned Minister of
Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. As we
learned from

a recent Globe and
Mail profile

, the Chinese call him the
"Smiling Buddha".
Immigrants from India know him as
"Curry in a
hurry". [
Kenney: The `Smiling Buddha` and his multicultural

by Joe Friesen, Jan 29, 2010]

Kenney thinks
immigrants are better than us: "You observe how
these new Canadians live their lives. They are the
personification of

Thatcher`s aspirational class.
They`re all about a massive work


of recent immigrant cohorts are not so rosy, not
surprising given the numbers of immigrants that come
from such entrepreneurial hotbeds as

Sri Lanka, Somalia
and Jamaica.)

According to
Kenney, Prime Minister Harper tasked him with making the
Conservative Party
ethnic party. He and his boss are just so much
less white
than their Tory predecessors, you see. The
Friesen quotes him:

“`Before Trudeau
supposedly invented multiculturalism and the language of
diversity in politics, Diefenbaker and the Conservatives
were ahead of him,` he said, citing John Diefenbaker as
the first prime minister who was neither

English nor French,

and Senator Paul Yuzyk
credited with popularizing the term multiculturalism

in the 1960s.

“`But something
happened in the 1970s. You had these two awkward white

[Robert] Stanfield

[Joe] Clark
who, for all their best intentions, didn`t know how to
communicate with Canadians, while Trudeau was out there
masterfully monopolizing the symbolic politics of the
language of diversity.

" `From the late
1960s through to just recently, the Liberals were
basically given free ice to skate on in terms of
organizing, cultivating publishers and editors of ethnic
media outlets … and doing the care and feeding of
opinion leaders."

[Jason Kenney: The `Smiling Buddha`and his multicultural charms,
By Joe Friesen,
Globe and Mail,
January 29, 2010]

There are just two
things wrong with this analysis.

1. It`s a damned
lie. And

2. Kenney knows

After Stanfield
and Clark, the Conservatives were led by

Brian Mulroney
the suavest (and

) white guy alive. In his nine years as Prime Minister, Mulroney gave
Canada affirmative action ("
employment equity"),
family reunification as a right and priority in
immigration policy and record-high immigration numbers.
He even expanded on the

Liberal idea
importing voters
from abroad.

Immigration to
Canada is now

pegged at 250,000

8% unemployment

But in 1993,
Mulroney`s Conservatives were reduced to two seats in
the House of Commons. The ethnics went back to the
Liberal Party,

where they have
largely remained.

Despite the best efforts of Harper and Kenney, the

do not hold a
single seat

in the multiethnic cities of Toronto, Montreal or

Doubtless, Kenney
believes that this time round the ethnics will succumb
to his personal charm. I knew him well back in the
1990s, and he is without question a passionately sincere
man—and a strange one.

Newt Gingrich was
once asked where he came from

and answered "
Kenney could say the same. Born in Ontario, schooled in
Saskatchewan, Victoria and San Francisco (by the
Jesuits), he was parachuted into Edmonton as head of the

Alberta Taxpayers

and then into Calgary as an MP. A Roman Catholic
convert, he seriously considered the priesthood for some
years. He remains resolutely celibate. Formerly a
Liberal, he later became a fiery crusader for balanced
budgets and against abortion.

Unfortunately for
Kenny, Stephen Harper has given Canada the

largest federal
budget deficits ever

and is committed to maintaining the

most pro-abortion
regime in the Western world
Harper even ruled out a constitutional amendment
preventing the Supreme Court from forcing the Catholic
Church to marry homosexuals.

Kenney is a
beneficiary of what the

Tom Bethell has
memorably called the "strange new respect"

syndrome. Formerly reviled as a
by Canada`s elite, he is now lionized
for his commitment to dissolve the Canadian people and
elect another. He was praised to the skies for

his new
citizenship manual

, which helpfully admonishes immigrants against such
practices as
"honor killings"
and female genital mutilation.
Never mind that there would be no need for such cautions
if our immigrants weren`t increasingly given to these
practices, or that Kenney would never breathe a word
against the routine Asian practice of

aborting female
Apparently, the Tamils are future Conservative voters
first and

potential Fifth

second. Go to his website (,
and click on the video for April 28, 2009, wherein you
will hear his promise to
family reunification (AKA

"chain migration"
for Tamils. And even the gays

are warming to him

over his talk of helping to
refugees facing persecution based on sexual orientation"

Kenney remains
ever vigilant in his search for (secular) heresies. So
anyone who criticizes his and Harper`s bemusing
obsession with

is an "anti-Semite",
while anyone who criticizes immigration is a
An expert inquisitor into souls, he one morning after
Mass insinuated to me (in the presence of a fellow
reporter from

Alberta Report
that my fondness for
composers likely betrayed a fondness for
Nazi ideology.

And it is to this
odd religious zealot that Canada`s

future has
been bestowed.

Thank God for
geography! At least the Camp of the Saints can`t reach
us over the Pole.

Kevin Michael Grace (send him

) lives in Victoria, British Columbia. His blog,
, features original commentaries.