Britain: Where Are the Minutemen…Er, Home Guard?

Observing the meltdown of the Anglosphere`s

cultural hearth
over the last few years has been a
painful experience, as Britain marches off a cliff

self-inflicted cultural oblivion.
The place has an
alarming number of Muslims who

openly declare
their intention to

by demographic means and establish a
beachhead sharia-stan in Europe. Yet the British people
are not reacting to the threat.

All of Europe holds a tiger by the ears because of
Muslim immigration
, but Britain seems the

most paralyzed
by fear, confusion and political

Don`t Brits understand that in today`s war for
civilization, the people must lead? Perhaps they were
spoiled by

Winston Churchill
putting away the appeasement
creature of his day (Neville
) and leading the nation against the
Nazis. But there seems to be no Churchill waiting in the
wings this time. The people must step up to the plate.

In varying degrees, elites of every nation perpetuate
the problem, as they tiptoe around the touchy question
of how much diversity is acceptable. (Hint:

honest sociology
reveals that

less is better
, because

diversity decreases trust
.) Authorities of varying
stripes apparently believe that naming and criticizing
enemies would hurt their

—what kind of leadership is that? One major
drawback to the philosophy of globalist cultural
relativism: the wrong-headed idea that the concept of

is outmoded; there are only people who are
not yet socially included.

In July 2005,

52 persons were killed
and many more were injured in
terrorist attacks on London
. The killers were
Muslims, the

offspring of immigrants
, following the jihadist
admonition to

kill infidels
. Yet the BBC in particular wanted to


(Muslims) and the underlying cause (unwise
) even though the horror and carnage were
deeply shocking.

None of this developing unpleasantness comes as a
surprise, but the accumulation of jaw-dropper news
stories has been concerning. Whatever happened to the
people who stood alone against Nazi fascism in 1940? The
symptoms of devolution have been unsettling to behold:

  • A political hopeful who made a perfectly
    reasonable remark about immigration was forced to
    resign. Conservative Nigel Hastilow said he was only
    expressing the opinion of his constituents. "When
    you ask most people in the Black Country what the
    single biggest problem facing the country is, most
    say immigration,"
    he wrote. "Many insist: `Enoch
    was right.`"
    of blood` candidate forced to resign
    , Times,
    Nov 5, 2007)

  • No area of cultural tradition is safe from
    Britain`s diversity police. According to a recent
    report from the Labour Party,

    should be

    in order to increase self-esteem

    other religions.
    Whatever happened to the idea
    of the immigrants assimilating to the nation of
    their choice? Britain has reversed the most basic
    premise of immigration: When in

    , do as the Romans do—an aphorism


    St. Augustine
    early in the Christian era.

  • In a rare naming of the problem, a senior church
    official warned that territory claimed by Islamists
    for Allah could be unhealthy for non-Muslims.

“Islamic extremists have created `no-go` areas across
Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to
enter, one of the Church of England`s most senior
bishops warns today.

“The Rt. Rev

Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester
and the
Church`s only Asian bishop, says that people of a
different race or faith face physical attack if they
live or work in communities

dominated by a strict Muslim ideology…

Bishop Nazir-Ali, who
was born in Pakistan, gives warning that attempts are
being made to give Britain an increasingly Islamic
character by introducing the call to prayer and wider
use of sharia law, a legal system based on the Koran.

warns of no-go zones for non-Muslims
, By
Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Telegraph UK, Jan 6 2008]

For his honesty, Rev.
Nazir-Ali has been condemned by Muslim groups that
demanded he resign. Shadow foreign secretary William
Hague—from the Conservative party! — got weaselly about
the existence of no-go zones in Britain, saying, "I`m
not sure where these no-go areas are, I don`t recognize
that description."
call for `no-go` CoE bishop to resign
, By
Caroline Gammell, Telegraph, January 7, 2008)

No-go zones are part of the diversity paradise
promised by multiculturalists in actual practice. There

no-go areas in France
also, where Muslims attack
outsiders, including police and firemen.

Daniel Pipes
notes that these places are called
Sensitive Urban Zones: so polite.

Clearly, no instance of

truth-telling about Islam
can be allowed to stand in
the sharia-friendly British Isles.

And so it goes. There are so many examples of British
appeasement that

Melanie Phillips
wrote a book titled Londonistan

enumerate the ways
that immigration has transformed
Britain for the worse. Policies designed to mollify
Muslims have not turned them into loyal British:

40 percent of Muslims surveyed
in 2006 want to live
under Sharia Islamic law in Britain.

However, polling of British people revealed that they
are not happy with their diversified homeland. More than
four-fifths of the public believe that

immigration should be reduced substantially
. Another
indication of unhappiness is how many Brits are voting
with their feet:

4,000 per week are trying to leave

Is it already too late to organize and fight back?

is there, but where is the British version of
the Minutemen?

Perhaps WWII`s

Home Guard
could be revived in some form as a
volunteers` group. It is indeed

to see a fellow member of

western civilization
PC itself to death.

In any event: thank you, Britain! For providing a
vivid example of what happens when a people surrender to
hostile, invading immigrants regardless of legal status.
The extent of possible

social breakdown
would be difficult to imagine
without seeing the nightmare made real.

Mark Steyn wrote a book in 2006 called America Alone,
on the idea that Europe has already created its own
destruction through the

relentless demographics
of immigrants with

high fertility.

The lesson to be learned here is, first and foremost,
don`t welcome likely enemies as immigrants. That is,
admitting persons from cultures with values antithetical
to our own—Somalis

, for example—is a guarantee of trouble.

And yet, the national security dimension of
immigration has been

little discussed
by Presidential candidates, even
those hoping to use the border issue to their advantage.

, and

in particular, should be a glaring
illustration of

what not to do with immigration.

Can America learn from their disastrous course and
not repeat the same insanity? Let us hope so, as we work
for a better result.

Brenda Walker (email
her) lives in Northern California and publishes
two websites,
. She believes that not all
diversity is equal.