“Bring Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Criminals…”

The Academy Award for the dumbest
and most dangerous legislation of the decade goes to

Rep. Barney Frank
, a

left-wing Democrat from creepy

left-wing Massachusetts,
Barney Frank
] who`s sponsoring a bill that would
allow aliens who have been deported because they are
convicted felons to apply for re-admission to
the United States
.  But as creepy,

dumb and

as the bill and its main sponsor are, the
measure would have gone nowhere without the support of

Stupid Party
and its chieftains.

The chieftain in this case is
House Judiciary Committee Chairman

James Sensenbrenner Jr.
of Wisconsin, who cut a deal
with the repellent Mr. Frank to bring the bill up in the
committee last week.  The bill "keeps the beneficial
reforms from the 1996 law while letting a select group
of legal permanent residents request discretionary
relief from an immigration judge," one of Mr.
Sensenbrenner`s staffers spouted to the

Washington Times.
[“Immigration bill offers
felons a second chance,” July 17, 2002]

Current law provides that aliens
who are legal permanent residents but have been
convicted of aggravated felonies can be deported after
they have served their sentences, but they can

for what`s called a

"cancellation of removal"
before an

immigration judge.
 Prior to 1996, the applicant only
had to show that his sentence did not exceed five years
in the pokey and that hardship to a relative would
result from his deportation.  In 1996, Congress,
apparently in a fit of draconian rigor, enacted changes
in the law to require that the applicant`s sentence not
exceed one year and that the relative would suffer
"exceptional" hardship from his deportation.  

Happily, immigration authorities
were able to cleanse the country of some 71,000

criminal aliens
in 2001 alone thanks to the 1996

Apparently, that`s far too many
criminals deported for Mr. Frank and his Republican
pals.  Mr. Frank`s bill would undo the 1996 law, and his
allies on the Judiciary Committee are all for it.

His chief ally, Democrat Rep.
Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas, [send
her mail
] says that "lawmakers realized soon after
its passage that the 1996 law went too far," according
to the Times.

"These individuals who were
deported—their crimes were not offenses that were
heinous or horrific," she whined.  The bill, she says,
does not affect "terrorism-related crimes," and indeed
as the Times reports, the proposal "would apply
to those convicted of assault, arson and robbery" with
sentences of less than two years in prison and those
convicted of child pornography, alien smuggling, and
document fraud with sentences of less than four years. 
Those convicted of "terrorism-related offences" as well
as murder, rape, or child molesting aren`t eligible to
apply to stay in the country.

As to why these distinguished
solons imagine that it`s a good idea to make it easier
for arsonists, thieves, kiddy porn peddlers and other
scum to remain in the United States with a chance to
become American citizens is anyone`s guess.  Bear in
mind the bill is being considered less than a month
after the

Los Angeles airport killings
by an alien who managed
to stay here by exploiting legal loopholes and in the
same week that California police were looking for the
Hispanic male—probably an immigrant—believed to have
kidnapped, raped, and murdered 5-year-old Samantha

: It`s impossible to say at this time what

Alejandro Avila`s

citizenship status is, but he comes from a family of
Mexican criminals. Avila`s father, Rafael Avila, was
deported to Mexico in 2000 after serving time in


prisons for killing a neighbor during an argument. His
brother, Juan, was shot to death in Rosarito, Mexico,
possibly by members of his own gang.

Ron Unz
take note:
despite many years in the US, including 11 years in
state custody, the elder Avila “only speaks Spanish”,
which his son, the suspect doesn`t, much

 "A disturbing picture of the
suspect emerges
Man in slaying is no
stranger to violence,"
Los Angeles Times Service,
Jul. 21, 2002]

The point is that the

Frank bill
[PDF] merely
makes it much easier for such criminal garbage to get
into the country and stay here. As for
"terrorist-related offenses," of course the bill doesn`t
cover those convicted of them.  No lawmaker who is not
politically suicidal would propose that this year.  The
point again is that people inclined to commit terrorism
are also inclined to commit the very crimes the bill
does cover.  The distinctions that Mr. Frank and Miss
Jackson-Lee try to draw between these hoodlums are
simply without merit.

But not only does the bill open
the door to letting

convicted felons
stay in the country, under the
Sensenbrenner compromise, it also allows aliens already
deported to apply for re-admission.  The Justice
Department would set the rules under which re-admission
would be granted.

What`s incredible about the whole
concept of the bill is not that any lawmaker, in the

of the

Sept. 11 attacks,
would propose that convicted
criminals should have a better chance of staying in the
country or coming back than the law now permits. 

What`s incredible is that all
immigration has not long since been halted and all
illegal aliens rounded up and deported. 

And what is most incredible of all
is that the American people not only continue to allow
the wretched criminal refuse of foreign countries to
remain here at all – but that they allow the wretches
who sit in Congress and concoct legislation like this to
remain in office at all.


July 22, 2002