Blaming Arizona—The U.S. Department of Blame America First

Back in 1984, when the late

Jeane J. Kirkpatrick

gave her famous

"Blame America First"

speech to the Republican National Convention, liberals
at least waited for something bad to happen before
blaming America.

Today, Obama Democrats have now mastered the treacherous
art of the pre-emptive global apology. Foggy Bottom is
crammed with so many

"human rights"

zealots embarrassed by the country they serve that the
State Department mission statement should be replaced
with a condolence card.

Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of
Democracy, Human Rights and Labor
Michael Posner
probably not the first Obama State Department official
to badmouth America in front of foreign delegations. He
was just dumb enough to get caught.

Last week, the former head agitator at the
transnationalist outfit

Human Rights First

trashed our country`s human rights record to Chinese
government officials.

Posner is an unrepentant open-borders radical who has
long fought immigration enforcement and vociferously
opposed post-Sept. 11 counterterrorism measures to
detain enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay. He was active
in supporting the establishment of the International
Criminal Court, an American sovereignty-undermining
tribunal that would trump U.S. judicial authority over
war crimes and "crimes of humanity."

And New Yorkers may recall that he

joined with

Human Rights First board member Tom Goldstein, far-left

George Soros

and other American self-loathers in the failed effort to
turn the Sept. 11 Ground Zero Memorial into a

national guilt complex to

showcase how George W. Bush-era counterterrorism
policies were curtailing civil liberties.

In short, Posner views our homeland security policies as
unforgivable sins of discrimination. And he couldn`t
wait to let


know it.


Posner`s press briefing on Friday:

Q: Did the recently passed Arizona immigration law come
up? And if so, did they bring it up? Or did you bring it

MR. POSNER: We brought it up early and often. It was
mentioned in the first session and as a troubling trend
in our society, and an indication that we have to deal
with issues of



potential discrimination
And these are issues very much being debated in our own

The Arizona law is indeed being "
in our own society
by a parade of willful ignoramuses from Homeland
Security Department Secretary

Janet Napolitano to

Attorney General

Eric Holder

to State Department spokesman

P.J. Crowley,

who have all gone on television to attack the Arizona
law and

then admit they have yet to read the legislation.

At least all the know-nothings in Washington who voted
to cram the health care and stimulus bills down our
throats without reading them had a semblance of an
excuse. Those mammoth packages were thousands of pages
long. The Arizona law is a mere 10 pages.

The betrayal of America`s interests by the Obama State
Department cannot be overstated. Posner proactively
brought up the Arizona law "early and often" as
an issue of "discrimination or potential
to smear his own countrymen in front
of one of the world`s leading repressive regimes—so
repressive, in fact, that Posner`s own boss, Hillary
Clinton, once

demanded that former President Bush boycott the ChiComs

over their miserable human rights record. Posner had
nothing publicly to say at the briefing about China`s
own draconian immigration enforcement measures, let
alone how it treats its own citizen political

But this extreme moral equivalence is par for the
course. Remember: The State Department`s legal adviser
is former Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh, [
believes that America is such a flagrant violator of
international law that it belongs in an

"axis of disobedience"

with totalitarian regimes like North Korea and Saddam
Hussein`s Iraq—and that U.S. Supreme Court rulings

"tip more decisively toward a transnationalist

And remember: One of President Obama`s closest foreign
policy advisers is Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist,

Harvard law professor

and State Department transition team leader

Samantha Power,

pooh-poohs the threat of nuclear Iran and praises
Obama`s commitment to "crossing boundaries" and
"talk to dictators," as the U.K. New Statesman


Then there`s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is
busy coddling another government that has been bashing
Arizona`s law while unapologetically policing its own
southern border and kicking out illegal immigrants
without a shred of due process: Mexico.

Instead of voicing concern about endangered American
citizens, Clinton fretted about the political well-being
of Mexican President Felipe Calderon: "We don`t want
to make his life any harder,"
Clinton said. I
guarantee you he won`t show any of the same concern

when he comes to Washington on Thursday

to beg for

more U.S. aid

while attacking America as a racist, fascist country.

Foggy Bottom isn`t just

stuck on stupid.

It`s stuck on American self-sabotage.



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