At Christmas, Christians in the Crosshairs in Allahstan readers are well aware of the

War Against Christmas

as an attack by the Left, wielding immigrants, on the

Western cultural foundation

of our society.

While this is vitally important, we also should not
forget that millions of Christians suffer by being
unlucky residents of Muslim countries, where their lives
may be forfeit in Islam`s

1400-year war against the West.

The key question: why does America continues to welcome

Muslim immigrants

at all, given their hostile behavior toward Christians
in their own countries?

At the

beginning of the 20th century,


Middle East was 20 percent Christian
Now, a hundred years later, the percentage is just five
percent—due to

Muslim terrorism


religious cleansing
So why do we foolishly

assume good will

on the part of Muslims when they are welcomed into our
majority Christian society?

While Muslim immigrants (some, not all) can be

enemies of America

generally, they are particularly belligerent to specific
groups—including Christians, Jews,


supporters of

free speech
and dog lovers (of both

short-legged dogs


black canines

It`s not just the normal tribalism of all humans that
affects Muslims. Their bellicosity, ranging from daily



reflects the hunger of Muslims to remove all infidels
from their territory.

And they regard the entire planet as their turf,—as
expressed in their goal of universal rule by Islam, aka

one-world Caliphate

as proposed by Osama bin Laden.

As a result, insistent jihadis are inserting themselves
into places where they are not wanted, as they utilize

immigration for conquest

of Europe and beyond. Meanwhile, the formerly
religiously-mixed Middle East is becoming more
exclusively Islamic.

Certainly the American and other military forces have
had their hands full in pacifying Iraq. But it`s
significant that the safety of Christians there has not
been a priority. A recent news story in Iraq (
Christmas celebrations in Basra
December 21) noted that local Christians could not
celebrate the holiday because they

feared offending the city`s Shi`ites.

The reason: Christmas this year coincides with the


Ashura remembrance, which can be violent (
were killed

across the country last year). Sensitive Muslims might
become angered that Christians were celebrating a joyful
holiday while Shi`ites were in mourning mode about the
death of

Mohammed`s grandson

in the 7th century Battle of Karbala.

The daily stresses and threats have caused many of
Iraq`s Christians to give up and leave. It`s a tragic
denouement after a two-thousand-year history of
Christianity in Iraq, and a population of

one million Christians

prior to the

1991 Gulf War.

(Under Saddam, the #2 man,

Tariq Aziz
was a Christian who helped keep the lid on
anti-Christian violence. Totalitarian regimes are good
at making people behave.)

“Behind the tinsel and


lies the reality that Christians in Iraq are a community
under threat of extinction. Proportionally more
Christians are leaving Iraq than any other group.

“Last week 100 Christian leaders and politicians of all
religions held an emergency meeting—just before fresh
violence broke out in the

northern city of Mosul
with attacks on churches and Christian schools. On
Tuesday a baby was killed and 40 people, including
schoolchildren, were injured in three simultaneous
bombings. Two days ago a Christian man was shot dead as
he travelled to work.

“`It is terrible`, said Fadi, 26, an electricity worker
from Mosul who asked that his real name not be used.
`Most of the Christians are staying at home, or when
they go out they watch their backs`. In late 2008,
killings of Christians in Mosul by insurgent groups left
40 dead and 12,000 fleeing their homes. Fadi reeled off
a string of recent, smaller-scale attacks against
Christians, fearful that the same level of violence
would return.”

the carols and decorations, Iraq Christians fear
U.K. Times, December 19, 2009]

A Human Rights Watch report released last month said
that two-thirds of the million Christians in Iraq in
2003 had now left their homes. About half of those had
left the country.

Iraqi Christians live in dangerous territory that anyone
would want to escape. Attacks against them include
bombing churches, like the

Baghdad blast on July 12

that killed four and injured 21. On the same day, a

Kirkuk city official was driving

with his daughter through a Christian neighborhood when
he was pulled from the car and shot dead in front of

That`s the glorious Religion of Peace—the same one
praised by the Dear Leader Obama in his June 4

Cairo speech

to Muslims of the world, bringing
"a greeting of
peace from Muslim communities in my country: 
Assalaamu alaykum"
. (
This message was supposed to soothe the angry beast of
Islam, thanks to the magical persuasive ability of
Barack Hussein Obama. The President believed that his
personal charm campaign would find the Reset button for
Islam`s anti-West war that has raged for over a thousand

But Islam`s daily murders and terror attacks around the
world continue the same as they have since 9/11—as
counted by

The Religion of Peace

website. It is informative to search for
on the

body count list

And a Rasmussen poll, released November 2, found that

only 16 percent of Americans

believed relations with the Muslim world would be better
one year from now—the lowest level measured all year.

The Middle East is the home to three major religions.
But one of those faiths is being run out of town because
Muslims can`t abide anyone who doesn`t worship Allah.
(For that matter, many don`t even like fellow Muslims,
as the centuries-long



Shia and Sunni


For example, the town of Jesus` birth,

once predominantly Christian
is now characterized as

"O Muslim town of Bethlehem"

(U.K. Daily Mail, Dec 16 2006) because of
systematic persecution of Christians. Muslims have been
successfully practicing religious cleansing for
centuries, and know well how to drive out the unwanted

“Life for Palestinian Christians such as 50-year-old
Joseph has become increasingly difficult in Bethlehem –
and many of them are leaving.

“The town`s Christian population has dwindled from more
than 85 per cent in 1948 to 12 per cent of its 60,000
inhabitants in 2006.

“There are reports of religious persecution, in the form
of murders, beatings and land grabs.”

Elsewhere on the demographic warfare front: Palestinian
Christians were one-quarter of the population in 1948.
Now they are only 2 percent and have

one small town, Tiabe

they can call their own.

The largest community of Christians remaining in the
Middle East: the Copts of Egypt. Their population is

estimated in the CIA Factbook

to be nine percent (of 83 million!). The


is ongoing and includes Islam`s traditional oppression
of non-Muslims plus violence against individuals and

One recent example: the

rioting of hundreds

against Christians in the town of Farshoot over the
rumor that a Muslim girl had been raped by a Christian.
A few days later the damage was toted up:

65 Christian-owned shops were torched and vandalized

at a cost of over $1 million. The community refused to
open their businesses without help from the authorities,
both financial restitution and prosecution of the
rioters. Plus, the girl had only described her attacker
as wearing a black jacket, and her family had not
incited the mob.

Another day living as despised Christians under the
Religion of Peace.

Why don`t religious leaders speak out against this

You may ask.

It can be dangerous for clerics to say anything
unfavorable about Islam. In the 2006

Regensburg University lecture
Pope Benedict

quoted a negative remark

by a 14th century Byzantine emperor, suggesting that
Islam might be a violent ideology. The worldwide Muslim
squawk machine immediately provoked anger and violence,
with thousands of people taking part in protests.
Several churches were attacked in the West Bank and
Gaza. A Pakistan terror group issued a fatwa calling for
Pope Benedict`s death. In Iraq, the priest

Amer Iskender was kidnapped

and beheaded in retaliation for the Pope`s speech.

You see almost none of this anti-Christian persecution
reported in the dinosaur media, since the press has
chosen Muslims as designated victims because of


against them and other liberal fantasies. So it was
refreshing to see
Sixty Minutes`
recent segment on the Ecumenical
Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church, whose
predecessors have lived in Constantinople/Istanbul since
the Emperor Constantine:

Patriarch Bartholomew Feels "Crucified"
December 20 (

There are no gangsters of Allah burning down the
Patriarch`s church. But the Turkish government is
working in more polite fashion to exterminate the
Orthodox Christians of Turkey, which now number only
4000 (down from two million in 1900). In 1971, the
government closed the Halki School of Theology, the only
Greek Orthodox seminary in Turkey. As a result, the
church cannot train new priests. Since under Turkish law
the Patriarch must be born in the country, the sad end
is in sight.

“The hallways where 100 young seminarians roamed are
desolate now; the library`s priceless collection of old
manuscripts lies untouched. Walk into a classroom and it
seems as if the students had just gone home today, not
38 years ago.

“`This school prepared people who preached peace,
preached unity, preached love. So not giving to the
church the possibility to prepare these people, we
offend human dignity,` Patriarch Bartholomew told

The Patriarch is the equivalent of Rome`s Pope to 300
million Orthodox Christians around the world. But to the
Turkish government, he is just a local bishop. Turkey is
99 percent Muslim and it would prefer to root out its
tiny Christian diversity. Patriarch Bartholomew wants to
remain in Istanbul because of history, and because he is
a loyal Turk. But he is not welcome in his own country.

In fact, no non-Muslims are welcome in the land of
Islam. Allah-free persons

may not even enter the city of Mecca
Places touted by apologists as societies of
are rapidly becoming more radicalized.


has seen an increase in burqas and bombings, such as the

2002 Bali attack

that killed over 200, many of whom were foreign
tourists. Turkey has pulled away from the secular
democratic reforms of Ataturk, as indicated by its

election of an Islamic government
Muslim jihadists are showing up in


and are well established in the


My analysis here concerns mainly Christians. But Islam
also murders


African animists (in Darfur and elsewhere),
Zoroastrians, Sikhs—anyone who comes into their sights.

Islam divides the planet into two parts
the lands of Muslims (dar
, where sharia prevails) and the lands of
war (dar al-Harb).
Referring to the latter, societies where other values
rule (e.g. America) are considered obligatory targets
for jihad where the people must be subjugated under the
iron hand of Islam. The duty of Muslims is to pursue
one-world Islamic government.

Islam calls itself the Religion of Peace because

it isn`t. The Koran promotes violence in at least 109

What other religion feels compelled to repeat its
peaceful bona fides? Religion by nature is supposed to
represent the spiritual side of humanity that can reach
toward universal values of tolerance and respect. But
Islam insists on its way, period, no compromise, because
it sees itself as


with no need of improvement, and the rest of the world
must accept its superiority.

Do persons with such beliefs sound like good immigrant
material? How likely are Allah`s soldiers to accept the
traditional American ideal of assimilation to our values
of individual rights, representative government, gender
equality and separation of church and state? The growing
incidence of

honor killings




indicates not.

The experience of


should be a warning. But the diversity enforcers in


and government still believe in a one-world mosh pit of
multiculturalism—whether we little citizens like it or

If we must have immigrants and refugees at all—and the
optimum number based on

national security

environmental protection

and the


remains ZERO—then
Washington might consider welcoming more Christian
victims of Muslim violence instead of the perp tribe.

If Americans knew the extent of

daily gratuitous violence and murder
they would insist that we choose new neighbors more

Why would we would continue to admit hostile Muslims
when there are billions of friendlier people available?

Brenda Walker (
her) lives in Northern California and publishes
two websites,

She realizes that there are too many Christians (and
others) to be rescued by immigration to America.
However, she thinks more Christian gun ownership in

dar al-Islam might make the often cowardly sons of
Allah think twice about attempting the traditional
Islamic head removal.

As an example, Muslims residing in Switzerland were
furious at th

vote against minarets
But there has been no violence in the

famously gun-loving country