Are Hispanics Sadistic? Tormenting a “Sexy Girl”


is thinking of enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps next
year, directly out of high school (long story). So I was
highly alarmed when a friend who did the same thing
during the

Vietnam War

told me that he was appalled by the element of
sadism—quite new, he said—that his own son discovered
had corrupted Marine basic training when he recently
followed in his father`s footsteps.

“There are just so many Hispanic drill sergeants”

my friend explained, noting that African Americans seem
to have been displaced.
“There`s just that sadistic element in Hispanic culture.”

There is? I made a mental note and filed the argument
away, in my impartial fashion.

Then somebody sent me this Spanish-language YouTube

graphic material, bad language in captions].

It`s apparently a reality TV thing from Mexican
television in which a lovely-looking young girl is
tricked into believing she has been confronted with a
hanged corpse and can`t get away.

Her protracted distress is very disturbing to watch. And
it does seem to me there is an unmistakable element of
sexual sadism in the jeering commentary and the
voyeuristic attitude of the production crew (all men) as
they stand around laughing at her after the prank is

I asked members of the VDARE.COM collective what they

Allan Wall


from years living in Mexico, is famously


about his

wife and children`s`

homeland. But he also


Mexico (and America). He writes:

Peter, I had
never seen this video before, so I took some time to
investigate and reflect upon it.  Here`s what I have to

  • It was not made in Mexico. It was produced by our amigos

    here in the United States.

  • You might call it sadistic or in bad taste or whatever,
    but I hardly think it is “extraordinary”. In fact, after
    reviewing a number of relevant websites, it seems rather
    par for the course for this kind of prank.  Nor is it a
    “Latino thing”. There are several mainstream media
    English-language programs that have very similar sorts
    of reality TV hidden camera pranks.

Here are few examples: The

Scare Tactics


Room 401
The latter program, for example, featured a phony (but
realistic looking) severed head—wouldn`t that be as
sadistic as a hanging man? The former program, Scare
Tactics, made a plumber


that there was a mutilated corpse in a bathtub.

I think what made that Univision video get more
attention was the reaction of the girl.  People react
differently to these kinds of pranks, but she was

By the way, the hanging man prank used in the video is
an old Halloween prank that`s been around for years in
our own culture.  That doesn`t make it wrong or right,
it`s just a fact.

My reaction to this: hmm.
It`s true, or course, that I`m completely out of
touch with American popular culture—I never watch
television (apart from Maria Bartiromo`s CNBC market
coverage during the day, sound off, closed captions on).

But, while there`s no doubt vile stuff on American TV, I
just don`t believe that this particular clip would be
shown on Anglo television. Apart from anything else, the


(bless their hearts) would prevent it.

my popular culture consultants agree.

Brenda Walker

has repeatedly



Allan Wall


Mexico`s stability

etc. (My

editorial motto
let a hundred flowers bloom!) She writes:

Peter, I agree that there is a higher than average
degree of sadism in Hispanic, and particularly

culture (though it does seem to be a normal component of
human nature).  Who else loves

cruelty to animals

so much?



horse tripping

are big fun for them.



behavior so valued by Mexicans can easily stray into
cruelty for the fun of it. There seems to be less of a
line between strength and brutality.

Joe Guzzardi
our Spanish-speaking veteran of

California`s ESL wars

I watched the video
and found the concept revolting from start to finish…I
thought it combined a bunch of scary elements—stalled
elevator, abandoned basement and hanged corpse—that made
it more frightening than the American shows, some of
which were set in people`s homes.

the patronizing talk to the woman by the perpetrators at
the end of the video, calling her “mommi” and “mi amor”

Hispanic/ Mexican culture sadistic? I guess I have to
say I`m not sure.

But I think we
be sure—before we




Peter Brimelow
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