Another Reason To Oppose The Senate Sell-Out: Welfare For The Entire World

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I look at the Senate sell-out—what
VDARE.COM calls the Kennedy-Bush Amnesty/Immigration
Acceleration Bill—from my perspective as a student of

Refugee Industry.

It`s awful from this point of view,

To see why, you have to know
something about the way welfare and immigration
interact. Take

Supplemental Security Income
[SSI], a $36 billion
cash welfare program for the elderly poor and for the
disabled of any age.

A good friend of mine is a social
worker in a Washington, D.C. area county. His
are mainly elderly

beneficiaries of SSI

About half of his "clients"

Many are not citizens—the only
residency requirement is a "green card" (Legal
Permanent Residency). Plus foreigners who arrive as
refugees or asylees or

"Cuban/Haitian entrants"
or with

"trafficking victim"

are subject to no residency requirements. They are
eligible upon arrival.

Among my friend`s foreign-born
is a wealthy gentleman who

owns a factory back home in India
, but apparently
wanted to get away from his family and work on a book.
He is able to do that in a D.C. suburb with the U.S.
taxpayer covering most of his living expenses.

Another is the mother of a

wealthy Cuban
technology entrepreneur whom my friend
would not name.

My friend`s "clients" get
more services if they can prove a certain level of
infirmity. They are given a test to measure their
physical ability. If they fail, they are

with daily

in-home assistance
. It is common for my friend`s
elderly SSI/Medicaid clients to have this
taxpayer-funded sitter service preparing meals, cleaning
house and administering medicine for 6 to 8 hours a day,
5 days a week and sometimes all week.

The free housecleaning and sitter
service is an entitlement even if your adult children
are living in their own subsidized housing next door!

Needless to say, many healthy
clients have

figured out
how to fail the test.

Entire cottage industries have
grown up following the new path to wealth in America:
become a “service provider” for the latest
entitlement and then show people how to get that


Medicaid mills
cater to recently arrived countrymen.
One such mill,

Renaissance Health
(call them at 877-215-6026), run
by ex-Soviets, specializes in providing sitter services
to immigrants and

"refugees" from the
former USSR.
It aggressively seeks new
clients for the sitter service entitlement. And if a

social worker
questions the need for the service
because the welfare recipient was seen, say, jogging or
carrying groceries up stairs, Renaissance has a host of
strategems at its disposal to override the naïve and
presumptuous public service employee.

Ex-Soviets make up a substantial
share of my friend`s SSI recipients. According to my
friend, in some cases, children of the SSI recipients
are back home in Russia and Ukraine, having left their
parents in the care of the



federal taxpayer
. For them, that daily sitter and
house cleaning service is especially important.

More and more

African refugees
are showing up in social worker
caseloads. Some in the relatively small, but rapidly
growing number of African refugees on SSI have
discovered that you can move from a country where you

may not have had a toilet
to one of the wealthiest
counties in America where your toilet is cleaned by the

Back in 1995 Congress ordered a GAO
study. It showed 785,410

non-citizen immigrants
on SSI. SSI program costs
were doubling every 3.5 years. The number of aged or
disabled non-citizen recipients was growing at an
average of 15 percent annually. Disabled non-citizen
recipient usage was growing at 19 percent annually.[HEHS-95-137
Supplemental Security Income: Growth and Changes in
Recipient Population Call for Reexamining Program,



takes a lot
to catch the attention of Congress when
it wants to ignore something. But this was a trend it
could not ignore.

Modest measures
were taken. They merely slowed the
growth of the SSI usage among recent arrivals.

The MSM covered the story very
lightly and virtually ignored the myriad ways in which
the puny reforms were subsequently

whittled away

A follow-up GAO study showed that
8.3% of new citizens who

in `96 and `97 received SSI. That`s 3.5
times the rate of usage among native-born citizens in
the same time frame. [WELFARE REFORM Public
Assistance Benefits Provided to Recently Naturalized
June 1999 (gao/hehs-99-102)


Congress has not ordered a study of
immigrant SSI usage since the mid-nineties.

The Senate has passed Kennedy-Bush,
which a "path to citizenship" for

60-100 million
over the next 20 years—without so
much as a glance at programs like SSI where citizenship
is not even a requirement.

The last time SSI was investigated,
native-born citizen usage was declining while immigrant
was usage was rising. Per recipient costs for immigrant
SSI recipients were roughly 30% higher than per
recipient costs for native-born users of the program.
Both of these conditions doubtless still hold true

And remember—as a rule, SSI
recipients also get


food stamps
, which together cost even more than SSI
on a per recipient basis.

If anything like the current Senate
bill becomes law without

welfare reform
, within a decade or so the SSI
program will explode and could become the first welfare
program to disburse the majority of its funds to the
foreign-born, counting naturalized citizens and those
still on the

"path to citizenship."

Thanks to a

somnambulant press
and the silence of the opinion
elite, we missed a wake-up call when the GAO reported in
1995. Will there be a wake-up call in 2006?

Allen (
him) is a recovering refugee worker.