9/11 Families Get No Respect in Washington

In July, two members of

9/11 Families for a Secure America
—Bruce De Cell,
father-in-law of

Mark Petrocelli
  and Joan Molinaro, mother of New
York firefighter

Carl Molinaro
 both murdered at the World Trade
Center on 9/11 — lobbied 20 U.S. Senators about the
threats amnesty poses to national security.

De Cell and Molinaro came away from
Washington shaking their heads in dismay over the
shallow, callous behavior shown to them.

Senators seemed uninformed and generally not interested
in any specifics,"
De Cell told me. "The message
we got was that our concerns are off-point from what the
Senate wants to do. We wanted to focus on the loopholes
in pending legislation that terrorists can take advantage
of. They want to promote more illegal immigration."

De Cell and Molinaro specifically
argued against

S. 1645
, the
AgJOBS guest worker
amnesty and

S.1545, the DREAM Act,
a student amnesty.  And De
Cell and Molinaro wanted to encourage Senate support for
Senator Jeff Sessions` bill, S. 1906, the

Homeland Security Enhancement Act
1603563 which would
give state and local enforcement the

authority to detain criminal illegal aliens.

Bruce and Joan did not get very far.

Here are notes and observations made
by Molinaro regarding some of the low points of their

  • Senator John Kerry
    (D-MA.), co-sponsor of S.1645, "We
    met with Legislative Correspondent Kate Joyce who was
    rude and condescending. Joyce never took notes but
    simply said that the Senator knew what he was doing.
    She lost my vote for Kerry."

  • Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR),
    co-sponsor of S.1645, "Wyden told me, `you will
    never get me to change my mind. We grow wonderful

    and we need the workers. You should
    come to see our

    strawberry fields
    and then you will understand.` I
    shot back, `so it is more important to protect
    strawberries than human lives? You should come to New
    York to visit my son`s cemetery.` I couldn`t believe
    it. I am talking about my murdered son and he is
    talking about


  • Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR),
    co-sponsor of S.1645, "The Senator did not show up
    even though she had confirmed the appointment. Her
    Legislative Assistant, Todd Wooten, never even looked
    at us. He did not take notes and did not seem

  • Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA),
    co-sponsor, S.1645 and S.1545, "The Senator was very
    abrupt. She was on the run and said `you don`t have to
    tell me your stories. We lost a lot of Californians
    since the planes were coming to Los Angeles.` According
    to the Senator, she is tough on

    security and law enforcement
    . But she believes that
    illegal aliens should earn amnesty."

Among the few high points was a
visit with

Senator Trent Lott
(R-MS) – ironic, in view of
Lott`s lynching

alleged insensitivity
in 2002. Molinaro wrote in her

Senator really wanted to meet with us. He looked at the
pictures of Mark and John. And he asked us a lot of
questions that seemed to show he understood our point of
view. About immigration, Senator Lott said, `every time
we have a reform, we

make it worse.
` I felt this was the only meeting we
had where someone cared."

I asked Molinaro to summarize her
feelings about her time on the Hill. She replied:

"I kept
asking myself over and over, `why did they agree to meet
with us only to be rude? They knew what we wanted to talk
about.` But they just don`t seem to have a clue. They
want all these things for illegal aliens like


driver`s licenses
. I guess they don`t know or don`t
care that the 19 hijackers had

63 different licenses among them.
And they certainly
didn`t care about the losses Bruce and I suffered."

Molinaro continued,

"What do
these people in Washington DC care about? I asked them
repeatedly how they would feel if the
fourth plane
had hit the

Senate Building
and they had lost loved ones. Would
things be different then? I could not get a straight

Questioned about President Bush,
Molinaro said,

"I`m no
fan of his. I have written to him many times without an
answer. I have said, `Mr. President, I want to sit down
with you just like you sit down with the Saudi families
that you have invited to the White House. I want you to
treat me with the same decency and respect you treat the

Saudi princes.`
Of course, I get no reply."

As for her most private emotions,
Joan told me:

"Sometimes when I go to bed at night I ask the Lord not
to let me wake up. I just want to be with my son. But the
next day I go on anyway and not for myself.  I go on so
that others will never have to experience what my family
did. But I am sure it will happen again. At least when I
am finally with my son, I know he will say to me, `Mom,
you did all you could.`

"I have
a granddaughter Sabrina and a grandson Thomas who was not
even a month old when Carl was killed. I am keeping a
scrapbook of all the articles that will tell the truth
about how and why 9/11 happened. My grandchildren will
study this whole chapter in their history classes. But
they will never learn the true version in a classroom.
I`m keeping the clippings so that they will know how
America`s leaders betrayed the country."

Before I said good-bye to Bruce and
Joan, I reminded them that most Americans are squarely in
their corner. As

VDARE.COM reported last week
, S. 1645 and S.1545 are
stalled in Congress. This is a huge triumph for all

One day at a time, we`re moving
closer to true reform. 

Joe Guzzardi [email
him], an instructor in English at the Lodi
Adult School, has been writing a weekly newspaper column
since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.