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An imperious Federal judge has decided that his personal opinion about immigration enforcement policies is the same as the law.  In a lawless action, Kritarch Mark Wolf has personally attacked immigration officers and successfully intimidated U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into ending arresting illegal aliens when they show up to claim immigration benefits to which they do not quali...
By Rémi Tremblay on 2018-05-23 20:39:00 -0400

See also Peter Brimelow's CPAC presentation: Canadian Bilingualism & Multiculturalism as it Relates to America

Seen from Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec, the uproar surrounding New York lawyer Aaron Schlossberg’s demanding that two restaurant workers speak English rather than Spanish —to customers, note, not just among themselves—is particularly shocking and hard to understand.

Below is the original Facebook Video, with (as of this writing) nearly 7 million views.

By Ann Coulter on 2018-05-23 18:20:00 -0400

The New York Times seemed to think it was bitterly ironic that some of the students at Santa Fe High School, site of the recent mass shooting, had staged a walkout last month in support of the Parkland, Florida, students. But now, only a month later, one of the students who participated in the walkout is in the hospital from yet another school shooting.

I suppose we could revel in the irony, but, as a more results-oriented person, what I take from that vignette is that school walkouts are not effective deterrents to school shootings. I'm not sure the poems did much either.

These are hideous events that require serious proposals, not the self-indulgent mawkishness our media keep serving up.

Here are some news items that might help us figure out how to reduce the number of school shooting victims.

By Michelle Malkin on 2018-05-22 22:30:00 -0400
Educrat (ED-yoo-krat) noun, usually pejorative. A government school official or administrator whose primary function is to spend tax dollars telling other parents what to do with their children. Beltway education bureaucrats abhor families who choose to keep their kids out of public schools—unless it's to grandstand over gun control. Behold Arne Duncan, longtime pal of Barack Obama and former U.S...
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Right, John Podhoretz's reaction to Peter Brimelow's tweet, above--see A Reader Explains Why John Podhoretz Hates Us So Much 

foster1Lou Barletta, the heroic immigration patriot Mayor of Hazleton PA who was subsequently elected to Congress, has just won the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate. The conventional wisdom has incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey as the prohibitive favorite [Casey ahead in polls survey, but Republican party is not giving up without a fight, by Matt Heckel,, May 22, 2018]. But Pennsylvania is the kind of blue-collar, heavily-white northern-tier state that Trump must win again if he is to entrench his electoral coalition. My suggestion: like Corey Stewart in Virginia, Barletta should denounce Pittsburgh PA’s recent removal of its Stephen Foster statue—part of the growing attack upon the Historic American Nation and its symbols against which Trump’s election was a backlash.

Pittsburgh is just the latest city removing statues of white men. [Crews Remove Controversial Stephen Foster Statue From Schenley Park, CBS Pittsburgh, April 26, 2018] But Stephen Collins Foster was not Robert E. Lee—he was the all-American composer, born on the Fourth of July 1826, the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the same day that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died. He wrote some of the loveliest popular songs of all time.

foster2Critics of the statue apparently took offense at the depiction of a black banjo player at the base of the monument. One black blogger wrote that it was “the most racist statue in America.” But he admitted that, although he had “walked or driven past the statue at least 300 times,” he never noticed it until he read an article about it. [The Most Racist Statue in America Is in ... Pittsburgh, and It’s the Most Ridiculous Magical Negro You’ll Ever See, by Damon Young, VerySmartBrothas, August 17, 2018 ]Then, of course, he was incensed beyond all measure, as were other sensitive souls in the Steel City.