By Lance Welton on 2018-05-26 22:31:00 -0400

Atheists are genetic mutants who, for the most part, would never have been born if we hadn’t managed to break free of pre-industrial conditions of Darwinian selection. This was the conclusion of a paper published just before Christmas in the leading journal Evolutionary Psychological Science[The Mutant Says in His Heart, “There Is No God”: The Rejection of Collective Religiosity Centred Around the Worship of Moral Gods is Associated with High Mutational Load  Edward Dutton, Guy Madison & Curtis Dunkel. (PDF).] and it sent establishment psychologists into spasms of rage.

To be sophisticated, these days, means that you’re an atheist. Academia is overwhelmingly atheist and average intelligence weakly correlates with not believing in God [High IQ turns academics into atheists,’ Times Higher Education, byRebecca Atwood, June 12, 2008]. For SJWs, the religious are at best stupid and, at worst, racist bigots who vote for Donald Trump and Brexit. So it’s no surprise that the paper was greeted with disbelief by the SJWs who fill departments of psychology.

Reactions ranged from “Amazing!” to condemning it as the worst paper of the year and “one of the most egregious papers I’ve ever read.” Reported in newspapers worldwide [Atheists more likely to be left handed, study finds, by Olivia Rudgard,Daily Telegraph, December 21, 2017], its authors presumably delighted in the reaction.

By Federale Federale on 2018-05-25 20:35:00 -0400

In April 2016, I warned the then-frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, Donald J. Trump, would have foes in the immigration bureaucracy—but also but also friends. Among foes, I identified U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). And USCIS is now leading #TheResistence, at least in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Both sides are now fighting it out. Trump-appointed USCIS Director L. Francis Cissna should weigh in and start punishing Trump’s foes.

Why has this happened? Because top USCIS officials consider themselves customer service for immigrants and illegal aliens.  This is a legacy of the formation of DHS and the separation of the Immigration and Naturalization Service into separate benefits and enforcement components. USCIS handles benefits, while enforcement is handled by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Border Patrol, ICE SVU (as I call it because of its preference for non-immigration enforcement) and ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations.

No one more exemplified this resistance to enforcing immigration law than Irene Martin, Field Office Director, USCIS, San Bernardino, CA, who blocked DHS agents from arresting the man who supplied guns to the San Bernardino terrorists.

But USCIS has not disciplined Martin and the superiors who supported her obstruction of justice.

By Peter Brimelow on 2018-05-24 20:37:00 -0400

On Virginia Dare’s 430th birthday last August 18, I wrote #DareToCelebrate Virginia Dare’s Birthday! Will Her Statue Be Torn Down Next—Along With America? Right on cue, the Washington Post on Thursday morning carried How a child born more than 400 years ago became a symbol of white nationalism, subhead "Virginia Dare and the myth of American whiteness." [by Andrew Lawler, May 24, 2018 (alternative link)].

Lawler quotes me:

Even now, white supremacists and their allies claim Virginia Dare as their own. Peter Brimelow, a friend of former White House aide Stephen K. Bannon and current White House adviser Stephen Miller, founded the Vdare Foundation and in 1999 to warn Americans about the danger posed by African and Asian immigrants. [What! No Hispanics?]

“I picked the name because I wanted to focus attention on the very specific cultural origins of America, at a time when mass nontraditional immigration is threatening to swamp it,” he wrote me. Brimelow originally is from Britain. One of his website’s postings notes that the Lost Colonists “simply found themselves outvoted, which is going to happen to us if we are not careful.[There’s no hyperlink, and we can’t locate the quote using Google, but the idea was expressed here.]

No hyperlinks, of course, not that we care because MSM readers are notoriously incurious, but there is a link to Lawler’s forthcoming book The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke. I presume he will be sending a review copy to PO Box 211 Litchfield CT, 06759.

Pausing briefly to point out that I have repeatedly said on that I’ve only met Bannon and Miller  one time each, and that Lawler’s “white supremacist” smear occurs in the very same paragraph that quotes me saying that Virginia Dare exemplifies America’s (Anglo) cultural origins, I urge readers to note that Lawler does not really blame us for Virginia Dare emerging as “a symbol of white nationalism” at all—he blames the entire sweep of American history.

To do this, of course, he has to suppress the fact that progressive demigod President Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt enthusiastically gave a speech commemorating the 350th anniversary of her birth, and actually suggested the commemorative stamp.

But Lawler is easily able to do this because of what now drives the American Left: a determination to extirpate every vestige of white America from the land they carved out of the wilderness. Neither Washington  nor Jefferson nor Robert E. Lee nor Steven Foster or even Virginia Dare will be left standing. “White supremacism” is equated with “white nationalism” and, ultimately with “whiteness” itself.

Their messianic nihilism is that of France’s Jacobins or China’s Red Guards. As Lawler puts it:

The infant of Roanoke offers us two very different futures. We can be martyred for some imagined race, or we can recognize that to be American is, in its essence, to be willing to redefine our beliefs, goals and even our ethnicity. Only by getting lost can we become something new.

Guess who will get to “redefine” America.

By Patrick J. Buchanan on 2018-05-24 15:04:00 -0400
U.S. threats to crush Iran and North Korea may yet work, but as of now neither Tehran nor Pyongyang appears to be intimidated. Repeated references by NSC adviser John Bolton and Vice President Mike Pence to the "Libya model" for denuclearization of North Korea just helped sink the Singapore summit of President Trump and Kim Jong Un. To North Korea, the Libya model means the overthrow and murder of...
By Federale Federale on 2018-05-24 00:57:00 -0400
An imperious Federal judge has decided that his personal opinion about immigration enforcement policies is the same as the law.  In a lawless action, Kritarch Mark Wolf has personally attacked immigration officers and successfully intimidated U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into ending arresting illegal aliens when they show up to claim immigration benefits to which they do not quali...