Yes, Virginia, (Dare) People Are Opposing Obama-Rubio Amnesty

NumbersUSA: Call 877-229-8493 At 7 P.M. To Hear From Sens. Cruz, Sessions, And Vitter On National Tele-Townhall Meeting Against Amnesty

From NumbersUSA, Via email

Call 877-229-8493 At 7 P.M. To Hear From Sens. Cruz, Sessions, And Vitter On National Tele-Townhall Meeting Against Amnesty


7 P.M. EDT

Speakers: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)

To participate, call 877-229-8493

Once you have connected, you will be prompted to input ID code 111833 then PIN# 79.

"Right Rips Rubio As Republican Immigration Votes Slip Away"

It looks like the Steve King/ Tea Party anti-Amnesty/ Immigration Surge demonstration worked despite Washington Watcher's fears:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is feeling the heat as potential GOP allies are now turning against his immigration reform bill.

Ann Coulter To Hannity: GOP Deserves Extinction if It Pulls the Trigger on America-Destroying Amnesty

Dumb-as-a-rock amnesty huckster Sean Hannity welcomed Ann Coulter on the occasion of her new, cleverly titled column, “If the GOP is this stupid, it deserves to die”. The stupidity to which she refers is the party suicide Republicans are contemplating by the passage into law of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, which is a thousand pages of lies and treason against the American people.

imageHannity remains a defender of amnesty-pusher Marco Rubio, accepting the Senator’s BS explanation that the “temporary legal status” won’t become citizenship until the little border detail is fixed. Of course, the so-called “temporary” legal status is locked in stone and IS the amnesty because legalization confers the all-important work permit immediately, a fact which Coulter tried in vain to explain to Hannity.

As the bumper sticker says, “You can’t fix stupid!”

If the GOP is this stupid, it deserves to die, By Ann Coulter, Daily Caller, June 12, 2013

Democrats terrify Hispanics into thinking they’ll be lynched if they vote for Republicans, and then turn around and taunt Republicans for not winning a majority of the Hispanic vote.

New Jersey's New Senator Jeff Chiesa "Passes" Treason Lobby Test

Jeff Chiesa, the nominally Republican Senator appointed by the nominally Republican Chris Christie to replace Frank Lautenberg, [Dead-New Jersey]has voted reliably with the Treason Lobby:

Immigration is Jeff Chiesa’s first test
By: Jose DelReal
June 11, 2013 04:58 PM EDT

Welcome to Washington, Jeff Chiesa.

NATIONAL JOURNAL On Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill: "Signs of GOP Rebellion"—Finally!

A grassroots GOP rebellion is long overdue, so we can hope. 

The National Journal reports Mounting Signs of GOP Rebellion Against Immigration Reform, (By Beth Reinhard, July 7, 2013).

It's about the House’s resistance to Obama’s unconstitutional Administrative Amnesty:

The Eight Banditos and Obamacare

Mickey Kaus points to veteran liberal analyst John Judis's article in The New Republic on the Eight Banditos' bill:

Just look at the tortuous way the bill deals with immigrants’ access to the Affordable Care Act. The bill denies health insurance coverage to the eleven million undocumented workers, who will become “registered provisional immigrants” (RPIs), and to over 100,000 guest agricultural workers (who will get “blue cards” rather than “green cards”). Only after immigrants become permanent residents, which in the case of the eleven million undocumented will take a minimum of ten years and as long as 15 years, will they become eligible for Obamacare. ...

But it’s also bad economics. It creates an incentive for employers to hire the new immigrants over citizens or green-card holders and to provide neither with health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, employers with fewer than 50 workers do not have to buy health insurance for their employees, but businesses with 50 or more workers—which employ about three-quarters of American workers—either have to provide insurance or pay a fine for those workers who buy insurance through the exchanges the act creates. The fine is ordinarily $2,000 but can run as high as $3,000. 

Businesses with 50 or more employees that choose to pay a fine rather than provide insurance will not have to pay fines

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