War On Christmas

"Mommy, Why Does The School Hate Jesus?"--Plano Candy Cane Case To Be Reheard By Fifth Circuit <I>En Banc</I>

Yes, Virginia, there is still a War On Christmas--from the Liberty Institute in Plano, TX, a report, (see video below) of a school board in Plano, Texas, that has been litigating for eight years to maintain the right to suppress Christian speech.

War On Easter: Seattle School Steers Students to Spring Spheres

Kids these days may have fancy digital gizmos, but they miss out on a lot of great experiences from traditional America, because the loony liberal educational establishment wants to stamp out customs with any Christian content. The goal is to make America safe for diversity, where no one believes in anything. Christmas has been a big target because it is such a meaningful holiday with so many customs attached.

Marilyn Henry RIP: Live By The Sword...

It is never pleasant to learn of a premature death, this time of Marilyn Henry, at the depressingly early age of 57. Notwithstanding her name, Henry was the wife of Teaneck, N.J. Rabbi. Marilyn Henry, journalist and reparations authority, dies JTA.org March 2 2011:

War On Christmas Leads To Diversity Rethink in Ames, Iowa

There was a War On Christmas incident in Ames, Iowa, of which I wrote

It was a Winter Tree, meant for a Winter Dance, but someone complained to the school board and the tree had to go.[Tear Down The “Winter Tree” Because Someone Complained]

As a result, a woman has a letter to the Ames Tribune saying she used to think diversity was a good idea.

War On Christmas: Don't Forget the Malls!

Last year in War Against Christmas: Why not carry it to the Mall Owners? I noted the depressing experience of Christmas shopping in a shopping center from which all signs of the season had been relentlessly eradicated:

We Didn't Start The War On Christmas

One thing that's annoying is that while Peter Brimelow and VDARE.com can take some credit for resistance to the War On Christmas, we're often accused of starting the  "war on Christmas". In An Open Letter To Christians: Merry Christmas From An Atheist, Ray Garton writes

Announcing VDARE.com's War Against Christmas 2010 Competition!


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  • War Against Christmas, Banking Edition

    The Federal Reserve sends bank inspectors out to see that the banks are behaving themselves. In a small town in Oklahoma, they discovered...Christmas. And even worse, Christianity:

    Wish ACLU-TN's Christmas-wrecking Hedy Weinberg Happy...Something

    Resurfacing, I find a vintage War Against Christmas season is in full swing. Senator Jim Inhofe’s principled stand against the stripping of “Christmas” from the Tulsa Christmas parade name obviously alarmed the other side. No doubt they feared other Congresscritters would break the taboo and get involved in the controversy.

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