Race differences in behavior

Raped And Murdered Teacher Might Have Benefited From “The Talk”

On October 22, in a pleasant suburb north of Boston, Danvers High School math teacher Colleen Ritzer asked one of her students, 14 year old Philip Chism, to stay after school for extra help.  But just before that afternoon meeting took place, Chism confronted Ritzer in the women’s bathroom, slashed her to death with a box cutter, and raped her.

Black Fraternity Hazing Turns Lethal, Again—DAILY CALLER Removes Value From Story

When you see in a headline that someone has died in a fraternity hazing incident, it's almost always a black fraternity. This is a fact unlikely to appear in a headline, but the Daily Caller seems to have removed it altogether:

Police charged four men in a hazing catastrophe that led to the deaths of two Virginia State University freshmen who drowned in the Appomattox River while completing an initiation ritual.

The students were attempting to become members of “Men of Honor,” a group with no official relationship to the university, officials said.Two students drown in hazing incident, By Robby Soave, [Email him]The Daily Caller, April 24, 2013

There's no mention of race, and this is the only graphic:

VSU Trojans

They do say that

Earlier this month, three students, including the student government president, were also charged with hazing pledges at the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Alpha Phi Alpha is a black fraternity. (There are, officially, no white fraternities, because of the Civil Rights act of 1964. There are sill black fraternities, as there are black colleges. ΑΦΑ claims that it's been open to "men of all races" since 1940.) But Alpha Phi Alpha was not the group involved in this drowning incident.

A university spokesperson described the group as “an underground,

Secession In Atlanta: We Had The Story First!

A story on WorldNetDaily covered the problem of the mostly white Atlanta suburbs, whose taxes go to support the mostly black Atlanta inner-city:

WND reported yesterday some are wondering whether Atlanta is in danger of becoming “the Detroit of the South.”

It's Not Always Sunny In Philadelphia: White Journalist Talks About "Being White In Philly"

Here's a massively controversial article in Philadelphia Magazine where a white journalist talks about the subject of race in Philadelphia with less misdirection than is the norm:

Where Crime Stats Come From

Some listeners to the Alan Colmes radio show on Friday want to know where I get my figures on interracial crime.

From the Department of Justice website, that's where. For purposes of argumentation, the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is best, as it is compiled only from victim reports, whether or not the police and courts got involved.  Some of the crimes here weren't even reported to the police.  Unfortunately the NCVS excludes homicide. Homicide victims aren't very good at filling out DoJ questionnaires.  

Pro-Prohibitionism In Indian Country

We all know that Prohibition was the worst idea of all time, but some Indian tribes disagree, and with good reason. Like most aboriginal peoples who weren't exposed to alcohol until the last few hundred years, they haven't had time yet for evolution to develop genetic defenses against the effects of firewater. (Along those line, in the Book of Genesis, you can read about early scandals caused by the Patriarchs Noah and Lot getting falling down drunk, but alcoholism seems to have become less of a problem as the Bible goes on.)

So, some American Indian tribes try to keep alcohol off their reservations. For example, in 2001 I played golf on the lovely Barona Creek course on Barona Nation land northwest of San Diego. When we were done, our foursome stopped to get a beer in the clubhouse, but only non-alcoholic beers were for sale. Then I wandered through the adjoining casino, which also was Dry. That's impressive: keeping gamblers sloshed is standard operating procedure in most casinos, but the Barona Indians apparently were so averse to having liquor on their reservation that they passed up this sizable revenue source. The other Indian casino I've been to, San Miguel in San Bernardino, had small bars inside the casino, but the casino didn't seem to push drinking much. I bought a beer and the bartender talked my ear off for five minutes because he was bored and I had been his only customer for about a half hour.

The huge Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota is officially Dry, I believe, but right over the reservation / state border in Nebraska a few yards away are giant white-owned liquor stores with inebriated Indians from the reservation lying around all over the place dead drunk. From the AP:

LINCOLN, Nebraska — An American Indian tribe sued some of the world's largest beer makers Thursday, claiming they knowingly contributed to devastating alcohol-related problems on South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 

Women And Children First? Not On Sinking Italian Cruise Ships

Costa ConcordiaSteve Sailer asks if the failure of the of the Captain  (and passengers)  on the Costa Concordia to behave like the those on the RMS Titanic in a much more dangerous situation is the product "change in the cultural atmosphere in recent generati

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