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No Amnesty

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On Monday afternoon One Old Vet posted a compendium of 26 stories on Amnesty.

Of these unquestionably the most dramatic was New poll suggests Obama may have difficult time pushing for immigration reforms by Wendy Zachary Feb 21, 2013

According to a newly conducted poll by Reuters/Ipsos, the majority of American citizens believe that all or most illegal immigrants should be deported.

Monday's One Old Vet Amnesty News Collection: 19. Drudge 1 (Kind Of.)

King O

H/T One Old Vet

Today, One Old Vet, recovering I understand from sickness, has posted a compendium of 19 Amnesty related stories.

Of these perhaps the most unusual and interesting was the link to Raul Labrador debuts as immigration contrarian by Victoria DeFrancesco Soto 02/15/2013.

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