Not Reporting Race

What They're Not Saying About The Harvard "Ethics In Government" Cheating Scandal

Since Harvard announced that it had some students cheating in an "Introduction to Congress" class, there's been a lot of snickering, along the lines of "If you cheat in "Introduction To Congress", doesn't that mean you pass?"

$200 Million Immigrant Credit Card Ring: New Jersey Addresses, And Indian Names

Linda Thom forwarded this story with the suggestion that I check out the ringleaders' names:Babar Qureshi and Muhammad Shafiq.

'Massive' $200M Credit Card Fraud

By AARON KATERSKY | ABC News – 4 hrs ago

Jamaican Immigrant Double Murder in Englewood NJ

The New York Daily News reports today that Michael Brady, a Jamaican immigrant, was arrested for brutally stabbing his girlfriend and suffocating her 5 year old daughter.(Man arrested for killing Englewood woman and her 5 year old daughter, by Shane Dixon Kavanaugh New York Daily News, January 30, 2013.)

"Do They Ever Catch Nigerian Con Men?" No, They Catch "Greenwich" Men

The Deceptology blog has amusing optical illusions, magic tricks, and tales of fraud. This one, about a Nigerian con man, is about his deception, but there's another one embedded in it:

The 7 Year Old Boy Who Brought A Gun To School Attends A School That Is 2 Percent White

imageI looked into the story of the 7-year old boy who brought a gun to school, and the Greatschools demographic profile showed that the school was only 2 percent white. 

Most students are black or Hispanic. Now the little boy's mother has been arrested. Her picture isn't shown here. Instead, CBS has chosen to picture a .22 caliber pistol (which is black) and a flare gun (which is orange.)

The “Salt and Pepper Crew” In The Washington Post

"Salt-and-Pepper team" is a somewhat dated slang term meaning one a team of either  criminals, or of police with one black and one white member. 

"Black and Whitey" And The Headlines You DON'T See

Civil liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate (a civil liberties lawyer is not the same thing as a civil rights lawyer) has an article called Black and Whitey: How the Feds Disable Criminal Defense.

It's about the prosecutions of newspaper magnate Conrad Black and Boston Irish gangster Whitey Bulger, and notes that when Federal prosecutors really want to get someone, they disable his defense by seizing all his money.

"Swedes", Somalis, And Universal Jurisdiction

Law Professor Eugene Kontorovich has a Volokh Conspiracy post on the Obama Administration's latest foray into anti-terrorism—the prosecution of some Somalis for terrorism that has no connection to American: didn't happen in America, didn't target America, not committed by people like Al Qaeda or the Taliban who target America at other times.

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