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Tampa Bay Times And "Not Mentioning Race" Unless The Perpetrator Is White

The Tampa Bay Times, which a reader of ours described as "compulsively liberal," has on its website a comprehensive list of local violent crimes in their website:

Tampa Bay area has a long history of violent, heinous crimes

A comprehensive list of some of the most notorious crimes around Tampa Bay since 1980

Rape, Bombing Supects "Mount Kisco Man" And "Jersey City Man" Actually "Oaxaca Man" And "Kiev Man"

Pictured is Rigoberto Gutierrez, accused of rape in Mount Kisco. He's referred to by as a "Mount Kisco Man", but he appears to be from Oaxaca, or someplace. Is he illegal? Uninquiring minds at don't want to know:

Cops: Mount Kisco man, 41, raped 11-year-old girl

Apr. 25, 2013

Written by Shawn Cohen

Rigoberto Gutierrez of 104 Grove St. was arrested by Mount Kisco police Tuesday and charged with two counts of first-degree rapeMOUNT KISCO — A 41-year-old village man was in court Thursday on charges of raping a girl under the age of 11, police said.

Rigoberto Gutierrez of 104 Grove St. was arrested by Mount Kisco police Tuesday and charged with two counts of first-degree rape, a felony. He had intercourse with the girl on two occasions at a residence in the village in April, police said.[More]

In a separate case, a man named Mykyta Panasenko was charged with possessing explosives on a train. He's referred to as NJ man (New York Daily News), "Jersey City man" (, "Man" ( and  27-year-old man (News 12 New Jersey) but his Facebook page says he's from Kiev, so he's actually, of course, "Ukrainian man".

Who is reporting that? (Besides bloggers?)

Black Fraternity Hazing Turns Lethal, Again—DAILY CALLER Removes Value From Story

When you see in a headline that someone has died in a fraternity hazing incident, it's almost always a black fraternity. This is a fact unlikely to appear in a headline, but the Daily Caller seems to have removed it altogether:

Police charged four men in a hazing catastrophe that led to the deaths of two Virginia State University freshmen who drowned in the Appomattox River while completing an initiation ritual.

The students were attempting to become members of “Men of Honor,” a group with no official relationship to the university, officials said.Two students drown in hazing incident, By Robby Soave, [Email him]The Daily Caller, April 24, 2013

There's no mention of race, and this is the only graphic:

VSU Trojans

They do say that

Earlier this month, three students, including the student government president, were also charged with hazing pledges at the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Alpha Phi Alpha is a black fraternity. (There are, officially, no white fraternities, because of the Civil Rights act of 1964. There are sill black fraternities, as there are black colleges. ΑΦΑ claims that it's been open to "men of all races" since 1940.) But Alpha Phi Alpha was not the group involved in this drowning incident.

A university spokesperson described the group as “an underground,

OK, Will Tell You: Two MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS!!! Arrested In Canadian Terror Plot

You may have heard reports of Canada's arrest of two Muslim immigrants in Canada on charges of conspiring to blow up a train.

What you have not read but just assumed from their names, was that they were Muslim immigrants. The official Royal Canadian Mounted Police announcement gives their names ["two accused, Chiheb ESSEGHAIER and Raed JASER"] but has nothing on either their religion or their citizenship. Toronto's Globe And Mail reported, based on a press conference, that

In "Bronx Idiots" Hate Crime, Victim's Race Is In Headline, Hispanic Criminals Appear Lower Down

Four Hispanics in the Bronx randomly beat a Bangladeshi man who hadn't even heard of the bombing.

As usual in hate crimes that don't involve white people, the victim's race is mentioned in the headline, the attackers' race mentioned only in the third paragraph.

An alternate headline would be "Four Hispanics Beat Man". That headline you won't see soon.

Bx. idiots beat up ‘Arab’ in revenge


Last Updated: 9:12 AM, April 18, 2013

Posted: 2:13 AM, April 18, 2013

A Bangladeshi man out for dinner at a Bronx restaurant was viciously beaten hours after the Boston Marathon bombing by thugs who called him “a f--king Arab” before pummeling him to the ground, sources said.

Abdullah Faruque, 30 — a native of the South Asian country who grew up in The Bronx — was at Applebee’s on Exterior Avenue in Melrose at about 11:30 p.m. Monday when he went outside for a smoke.

Three or four Hispanic males he’d noticed drinking at the bar followed him and angrily got in his face, he recalled yesterday.

“One of the guys asked if I was Arab.

Boston Marathon Saudi Suspect Coverage

The bombing of the Boston Marathon was said by the NY Post  to have resulted the arrest of a Saudi suspect.[Authorities ID suspect as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospitalLast Updated: 5:24 PM, April 15, 2013]

The Case Of The "Conservative" Judge In The Bloomberg Soda Case. (He's Black)

Milton A. Tingling is the Judge who ruled against Bloomberg's stupid soda ban. Emily Bazelon, shocked that any nanny state regulation should be struck down, accused Tingling of being a "conservative" judicial activist in Nanny Mayor, Meet the Nanny Judge | How conservative judicial activism took down Bloomberg’s big-soda ban., By Emily Bazelon,, March 13, 2013

Hispanic National Guardsman Charged With Selling Guns, Body Armor, Grenades, And A Machinegun To Cartels

Here's a story from pro-gun site The Truth About Guns. The words "Not Shown" in brackets mean that what you are seeing is a stock photo of a good-guy National Guardsman—who happens to be white.

U.S National Guardsman [Not Shown] Sold Drug Gangs Rifles, Vests, Grenades 

Black Football Player Breaks White Tennis Player's Jaw In Jealous Rage Over Black Female Volleyball Player

Robert Stacy McCain issued the following headline about the Menendez scandal: If You Don’t Think ‘Jailbait Hookers’ Is Headline News, You Don’t Know News [January 31, 2013]

That's true, and it's equally true that if you think that a story about a black football player breaking a  white tennis player's jaw in a jealous rage over a black female volleyball player is a story that should be reported without any reference to race, then you really aren't in the news business, you're in the news hiding business.

Texas football player fractures men’s tennis player’s jaw over women’s volleyball player

Daily Caller, 4:05 PM 03/13/2013

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas sophomore wide receiver Cayleb Jones was charged Tuesday with felony aggravated assault of a Longhorns tennis player, with police saying he fractured the victim’s jaw with a punch outside a downtown nightclub.

A warrant was issued for Jones’ arrest and an Austin police spokeswoman said Jones was expected to turn himself in later Tuesday. Coach Mack Brown suspended Jones until the case is resolved.

According to police, Jones punched Joseph Swaysland after Jones confronted Swaysland and Texas volleyball player Katherine Bell on Feb. 22. She told police she had been in a relationship with Jones that ended badly and that Jones had previously threatened to fight Swaysland.

Bell said Jones told her he didn’t want to see her speaking to any men, notably the victim, according to a police affidavit in support of the arrest warrant. The charge is a second degree felony with a punishment range up to 20 years in prison.[More]

The alleged puncher:

Alleged Puncher

Cayleb Jones, 6'3, 200 pounds

The punchee:

Australian who got his jaw broken

Joseph Swaysland, 6' 4", from Wagga  Wagga, Australia, weight unknown

The lady in the case:

Tried to break up with Cayleb Jones

Katherine "Khat"  Bell, 6' 1"

The picture chosen by the Daily Caller,

A Reader Complains Of MSM Reticence Over Chinatown Cleaver Attack

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

I just had to send this into you guys. Not entirely sure what the significance is, but I found it kind of hypocritical.

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