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Breaking News: Richard Cohen Has Normal Opinions On Profiling! Should He Be Derbyshired?

I knew Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen must have said something sensible when I saw this (note gracious Weigel compliment to John Derbyshire):

Commenters On The Turlock Flag Vandalism

"Teens" At It Again In Greensboro, NC

Fox News tells us that "400 teens" were in a street fight in Greensboro, N.C.

Jose Martinez, Serial Killer—The Gang Of Eight Amnesty Will Give Us A Thousand More Like Him



Jose Martinez has confessed to murdering over 30 people on American soil alone—

The three following sets of mug shots depict some of Jose Martinez’ known accomplices.

imageSen. Charles E. "Chico" Schumer, New York Democrat, and present gangleader


Nation-rapist Patrick "Loco" Leahy



The Gang of Eight

Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” who remarked wryly, “Another ‘white’ serial killer.”

Note that while the article below reports that Martinez confessed to traveling back and forth, between Mexico and America, and within America, murdering people for Mexican cartels, it never mentions his immigration or citizenship status.

Almost 50 years of virtually non-existent immigration enforcement (both before and after the 1986 amnesty) has given us not just textbook serial killers like Angel Maturino Resendiz (“The Railroad Killer”), but now armies of professional cartel killers, as well, on American soil.

A sober analysis of the illegal alien amnesty/immigration surge bill from any angle—economics, law, culture, education, public health, etc.—will give strong men heart palpitations, the sweats (cold or hot), and make them break down in tears.


Suspect in 2006 Ocala murder says he's killed 30 across U.S.

By Dave D'Marko

Dr. Hector Castro Charged By DEA Over Oxycodone: "Manhattan Doctor" Or Mexican Doctor?

Dr. Hector Castro, a Latino health care advocate, head of the Itzamna Medical Center in Manhattan, was charged by the DEA in March with running a $10 million dollar Oxycodone ring with some people in Pennsylvania.

Oxford Sex Atrocities: AP Guilty Of Abuse, Exploitation Of American Public


BBC: "The court heard how the men drugged the girls and took them to towns and cities to be raped"

I thought the headline strangely bland - UK: 7 men convicted of sex crimes against girls

LONDON (AP) — A London court has convicted seven men of committing sex crimes against underage girls, some as young as 11.

The guilty verdict Tuesday followed five months of testimony indicating the gang exploited girls between 2004 and last year in the Oxford area.

The case follows several other high-profile cases of sex rings that took advantage of underage girls who were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced to commit sex acts.
Charges in the latest case include rape, trafficking and child prostitution.
Two men were cleared of the charges Tuesday. Those found guilty will be kept in custody until they are sentenced next month.

That's the story in its entirety. This is international news?

So I went over to the BBC where I find the above picture and the news

Kamar Jamil, 27, and brothers Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31, and were convicted of rape, facilitating child prostitution and trafficking.

The DAILY CALLER And IQ: Not Getting It.

Matt Lewis [Email him] of the Daily Caller makes a semi-defense of Jason Richwine but then qualifies that he has some “problems with the IQ thing.” [Some thoughts on Heritage, Jason Richwine, and the IQ scandal, Daily Caller, May 13, 2013] He expresses his problems with a number of rhetorical questions, which have pretty simple non-rhetorical answers, which shows just how hopeless even most conservatives are in understanding

Amanda Berry Kidnapping Accused Ariel Castro Is Puerto Rican

The man accused of kidnapping Amanda Berry and two other white  girls and holding them prisoner for ten  years is a Puerto Rican who lived in a Puerto Rican neighborhood and had a Puerto Rican flag on his porch.

His name is Ariel Castro, although two other Puerto Ricans are also charged.

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