Not Reporting Race

Baltimore Mall Shooting: Black Shooter Kills Two White People, Wounds Five, Possibly After Being Rejected By A White Girl

In the recent Mall Of Columbia shooting,  a black teenager walked into a mall with a shotgun, killed two white people his own age, possibly because he'd been rejected by a white girl in favor of a white man.

Here's Darion Marcus Aguilar:

Pakistani Immigrant Doctor Kills, THEN Rapes Pregnant Blonde Woman In Ohio; "Ohio Doctor" In Headlines

The Daily Mail deserves some credit for mentioning Dr. Ali Salim's place of birth as high as a subhead. Normally we'd have to go to to find out that he had graduated from King Edward Medical School in Lahore, Pakistan and spoke Punjabi and conclude from that that he's Pakistani.

Immigrant Bomb-Threat Syndrome: A New Category?

Eldo Kim, Korean Immigrant Eldo Kim, a  Harvard University sophomore who apparently felt unprepared for the final exam in his GOVERNMENT 1368: "The Politics of

WASHINGTON POST Book Review About Yoga Store Killer Brittany Norwood: "The Norwoods Are Black, And The Victim Was White"

Victim Jayna MurrayNovelist Daniel Stashower reviews a book about the killing of Jayna Murray, right, by Brittany Norwood, below left.

Carjacking In The Lower Hudson Valley: "Cousins From Spring Valley" Actually Indians From Guatemala

A fairly typical "not reporting race" headline. The story does actually say "originally from Guatemala," which is something. "Originally from" is another way of not saying the word "immigrant" in connection with the commission of a crime.

A Reader Notes An MSM Coverup That Wouldn't Fool A Blind Man

From: Carlos Rodriguez [Email him]

Yet another case of not mentioning the description of a minority thug.

In this article, there is no mention of any description:

Police say they are seeking a 29-year-old Philadelphia man and are asking the public for help finding him.

“Brewster Man” [Hispanic Illegal Alien] Charged With Attempted Rape In Westchester County

Brewster and North Salem are in Westchester County, New York

Brewster man charged with attempted rape in North Salem

Aug. 14, 2013 

Written by Terence Corcoran

NORTH SALEM — A Brewster man was charged with the attempted rape of a woman he knew at an undisclosed location in town, state police said Wednesday.

Francisco Borja Guerra, 44, of 52 Marvin Ave. was charged about 9 p.m. Tuesday with attempted first-degree rape, a felony, police said.

The alleged incident took place Saturday. The victim was a 21-year-old woman who Guerra knew, police said. Police began investigating Monday.

Guerra was arraigned before Town Justice Ralph Mackin, who sent him to the Westchester County jail without bail. Once Guerra arrived at jail, a federal immigration detainer warrant was

Matthew Yglesias Comes Clean—"100 Percent Of The People Who Randomly Assaulted Me On The Street Were African-American"

Some background to Steve Sailer's post below  "Matthew Yglesias On His Being Randomly Beaten By Blacks".

Two years ago, in a blog post at, Matthew Yglesias described an incident in which he was beaten up:

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