Instapundit: "For Fear Of Rioting By Noncitizen Immigrants"

Scandal: Pomona College Stops Using Illegal Labor!

There's more to this story, which is about the success of interior enforcement via paperwork, but I just thought it was funny that they posed the illegal ex-employee next to the Pomona college gate inscription that says "Let only the eager, thoughtful, and reverent enter here."It doesn't matter how eager, thoughtful, and reverent you are if you're an illegal alien.


NYT Starting To Get It?

The Washington Post has an article on a Pew Hispanic Center poll that gives the usual Rolodex Spin garnered from talking to self-proclaimed Hispanic Leaders about What Hispanics Want (More Hispanics!):

Holey Moley—Mexico Requires PAPERS To Work There?

Mexico requires documents to work! WTF! I thought that requiring documents to work was racist. That makes Mexico a racist government.

In an otherwise unremarkable and commonplace diatribe by the legions of communists in the MSM against immigration enforcement in the United States, we learn that Mexicans have to present documents, including a birth certificate to work:

USA Today December 4, 2011 by William Welch

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