Baltimore Mall Shooting: Black Shooter Kills Two White People, Wounds Five, Possibly After Being Rejected By A White Girl

In the recent Mall Of Columbia shooting,  a black teenager walked into a mall with a shotgun, killed two white people his own age, possibly because he'd been rejected by a white girl in favor of a white man.

Here's Darion Marcus Aguilar:

Carjacking In The Lower Hudson Valley: "Cousins From Spring Valley" Actually Indians From Guatemala

A fairly typical "not reporting race" headline. The story does actually say "originally from Guatemala," which is something. "Originally from" is another way of not saying the word "immigrant" in connection with the commission of a crime.

Ted Cruz: Not A "Brown Guy"

When I saw this Tweet from the Daily Caller's Jim Treacher, I couldn't see the name Cruz, so when I clicked through, I said "Really?"

I mean, there are racist "brown guys" (Treacher's term) which, when used to refer to Hispanics means Mexicans of Indian or partial Indian descent. They shoot black people and take over their neighborhoods, and use racist language in Spanish and English.

Ted Cruz is certainly not a racist. He's also certainly not brown, or even Mexican. Steve Sailer used this headshot

Joel Kotkin On California In The DAILY BEAST: Increasing Inequality (No Mention Of Immigration) Displaced "Yeomanry" (No Mention Of Whites)

Joel Kotkin On California In The DAILY BEASTJoel Kotkin [Email him] has a piece in the Daily Beast titled California’s New Feudalism Benefits a Few at the Expense of the Multitude, October 5, 2013, which lays out the woes of the once-Golden State:

As late as the 80s, California was democratic in a fundamental sense, a place for outsiders and, increasingly, immigrants—roughly 60 percent of the population was considered middle class. Now, instead of a land of opportunity, California has become increasingly feudal. According to recent census estimates,  the state suffers some of the highest levels of inequality in the country. By some estimates, the state’s level of inequality compares with that of such global models as  the Dominican Republic, Gambia, and the Republic of the Congo.

At the same time, the Golden State now suffers the highest level of poverty in the country—23.5 percent compared to 16 percent nationally—worse than long-term hard luck cases like Mississippi. It is also now home to roughly one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients, almost three times its proportion of the nation’s population.

Like medieval serfs, increasing numbers of Californians are downwardly mobile, and doing worse than their parents: native born Latinos actually have shorter lifespans than their parents, according to one recent report. Nor are things expected to get better any time soon. According to a recent Hoover Institution survey, most Californians expect their incomes to stagnate in the coming six months, a sense widely shared among the young, whites, Latinos, females, and the less educated. [ emphases added to quotes throughout]

What has changed since the 80s? Mass immigration, of course, displacing native whites and (in California, especially) native Hispanics,  i. e. Chicanos, Cesar Chavez's people.  Kotkin doesn't mention this.

Former Border Patrol Officers: Nearly TWENTY Million Illegals In US—We've Been Saying This For Years

In the Washington Times, the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers is quoted as saying that are are nearer twenty million illegals than 11 or 12 million, a popular estimate when people are talking about amnesty.Former Border Patrol Officers: Nearly TWENTY Million Illegals In US—We've Been Saying This For Years

Nearly 20 million illegal immigrants in U.S., former Border Patrol agents say

By Stephen Dinan

The Washington Times

Monday, September 9, 2013

The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is actually closer to 20 million, according to former Border Patrol agents who issued a letter this weekend disputing the count of 11 million that the government and most top private demographers use.

Commenters On The Turlock Flag Vandalism

Mark Krikorian "Shunned" By Catholic Charities

As head of the Center For Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian is one of the best-qualified people in America to teach civics classes for green card-holders, and that's something he's been doing, as a volunteer. Naturally, Catholic Charities "fired" him. Is the Washington Post blogger gloating about it here?

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