Israel And Immigration

Israel Shows Benefits Of Having A Pro-Majority Government

Here's an NYT article that makes a number of points about 21st Century Israel that I've been stressing. Israel is becoming a secure, wealthy, happy, hedonistic, successful, unintellectual, nationalistic, ethnocentric Middle Eastern country.

A Triumph Of Feminism: Girls With Big Guns Keep Illegal Infiltrators Out Of Israel

From the Israeli magazine Y-Net News, January 13, 2013:

'We make a real contribution to protecting the country,' says commander of all-female spotter unit on Israel's fenced-off border with Egypt. Retired general claims women better suited for patient vigilance required of surveillance 


Breaking cover from a lookout point disguised as a dune,

Adelson's Israel HaYom Downplays Stunning Success Of Sinai Fence: Inconvenient For Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Marketing Campaign?

Border f

Israel's Egyptian border fence. NB armed IDF man.

Yesterday Israel HaYom, the free Israeli newspaper with which owner Sheldon Adelson is distorting the Israeli media market as much as he is the operations of the GOP, came out with a peculiar headline: Infiltrators sneak into Israel despite completion of security fence by Lilach Shoval April 28 2013. This announces-

For the first time since the recent construction of the security fence along Israel's border with Egypt, four African infiltrators and five other individuals managed to breach the barrier and enter Israel during April

but also reports

The African infiltrators, who scaled the 5-meter (16-foot) fence to enter Israel illegally, were apprehended by Israel Defense Forces patrols in the area and transferred to the Saharonim detention center near the border, where by law they will be held for at least three years

(My emphasis. No ‘Catch and Release’ for Israel!).

The IDF response was

How Israel Deals With Past Mistakes In Immigration Policy

From my Taki's Magazine column:

With the Washington establishment agreeing that what America needs right now is to double down on guest workers and amnesty for illegal aliens, it’s worthwhile to notice how a serious country such as Israel deals with past mistakes in immigration policy. 

Examiner: Israel Fence News Highlights Obama's US Fence Malfeasance

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Obama: The Problem of Illegal Immigration "Has been Solved”

At an annual event discussing ways to end human trafficking, President Barack Obama declared that the problem of illegal immigration into the U.S. "has been solved.” With no more than a few dozen illegals managing to get into the U.S. in recent months, Obama said that for all intents and purposes, his government had managed to put an end to illegal immigration, and with it, the problem of human trafficking.

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